How Much Weight Can A Ford Focus Carry?

If you're planning a trip in your Ford Focus, you might wonder just how much weight it can carry. How many people can ride, and when is it too much luggage? These are useful things to know, as you can damage your car by overloading it with too much weight. But it can be hard to find an answer. Gross weight, tow weight, payload weight, curb weight. What does it all mean, and just how much weight can a Ford Focus carry? We pulled together everything you need to know. 

A Ford Focus can support roughly 1000 pounds. This is the payload weight, or how much weight the car can support. This number includes passengers, luggage, or anything else you might load into the car. You can find the exact number for your car by checking the sticker on the driver's side door. The gross weight (maximum weight of the car) minus the curb weight (the weight from the car itself - the frame, gas tank, etc) will give you the payload weight. 

But what happens if you ignore the payload weight? Can you put too much weight in the car? And what happens then? We'll cover all this, plus some other useful travel tips. For example, do car seats fit in a Ford Focus? Do the rear seats fold, and how big is the trunk? Keep reading to find out!

A Ford Focus is parked on the side of Utah state route 128 scenic byway aka The River Road near Moab, Utah, USA on an overcast day,How Much Weight Can A Ford Focus Carry?

What Is The Payload Weight?

The payload weight, or payload capacity, is essentially how much "stuff" the car can carry. It's the weight of the luggage, passengers, and anything else that you put in the car. 

This payload weight can vary between different styles of the Ford Focus. This is primarily because of the changing curb weight. The curb weight is how much the empty car weighs. A hatchback Focus weighs a different amount than a sedan, for example.

Even some of the optional add-ons can change the curb weight. For example, a car with a sunroof has a higher curb weight. The higher the curb weight, the lower the payload weight. These numbers are directly inverse - as one goes up, the other goes down. And both numbers together add up to the maximum gross weight of the car.

Because every car is a little different, especially with the options that may or may not be installed, it's best to look at your specific car. Check the sticker on the driver's door. This sticker tells you everything you need to know about your car, and it's a wealth of information. In particular, it should list your car's gross weight, curb weight, and sometimes, even the payload weight. If it doesn't, just do the math yourself.

What Happens If You Put Too Much Weight In A Car?

In mild cases, overloading the vehicle strains the engine. It also reduces the overall fuel economy. And if you're pushing the maximum weight for your car, be sure to keep the tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires that are weighed down supporting cargo are more likely to burst. This failure can be hazardous or even deadly, so keep an eye on the tires.

The further you go over the car's limit, the more dangerous it becomes. The car is less stable and harder to stop. Steering is more difficult. If you hit a bump or pothole, there's a greater chance of doing serious damage to the already stressed-out shocks and frame. Safelite Auto Experts note that an overweight car hurts the braking, suspension, and even the exhaust systems.

Car full of suitcases and bags to return from summer holidays

Because an overweight car can be dangerous for other drivers, it can also be an issue for law enforcement. We've already noted that stressed tires and brakes be a hazard.

In addition, the driver may have impaired reaction or steering or limited vision, if there's too much "stuff" in the way. An overpacked car may have too many people and not enough seatbelts. For this reason, you can be fined in most states by the police if your car exceeds the maximum weight. In some states, the fine goes up  - the higher the weight, the higher the fee.

How Many Passengers Does Ford Focus Hold? 

The Ford Focus has room for 5 people in all. There are 2 front seats and 3 in the back. 

Do Car Seats Fit In Ford Focus?

The back seats of the Ford Focus offer 2 sets of lower anchors and 3 tether anchors. This allows you to put a car seat in any of the 3 seat positions in the back. While there are only 2 lower anchors, they can be used for either the middle or side seat.

If you really need to fit 3 car seats in the back row, the Car Crash Detective looked into this. In particular, the Graco Size4Me 65 and Graco Contender fit 3 across. They were tested to work in both the hatchback and sedan Ford Focus, years 2011 to 2017.

Car full of suitcases and bags to return from summer holidays

How Big Is The Trunk Of A Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus sedan is a bit small in the trunk, even for a compact. At only 13.2 cubic feet, finding enough room for all your stuff can be tricky. The hatchback version is a bit bigger. There are 23.3 cubic feet behind the rear seats, nearly doubling the trunk space of the sedan.

Do Ford Focus Rear Seats Fold Flat?

Check your owner's manual for details, but in most variations of the Ford Focus, the rear seats do fold. However, this is a fact that many people don't know. Even some reviews for the Focus complain that the seats should fold flat - humorous when you realize that the reviewer must have missed this as an available feature!

If you have had a Focus for a while, and never knew that the seats can fold, don't feel bad. You're clearly not alone. This video demonstrates it, and may help you figure out the process for your own car:

How Many Suitcases Can A Ford Focus Hold?

Obviously, the size of your suitcases will change just how many you can fit. But in the trunk of a Ford Focus, it's safe to assume that you can fit 3 large suitcases and a few smaller pieces. And now that we've covered how to fold the rear seats down for more room, you might be able to fit even more. That is, of course, if you don't need to use all the seats. 

In Closing

A Ford Focus is parked on the side of Utah state route 128 scenic byway aka The River Road near Moab, Utah, USA on an overcast day,How Much Weight Can A Ford Focus Carry?

The Ford Focus can carry about 1000 lbs. This includes passengers, luggage, and anything else that you might carry inside the car or trunk. This allows you to transport 5 people in the Focus, including room for 3 car seats in the back seats if needed. The sedan's trunk can hold at least 3 large suitcases and is 13 cubic feet. The hatchback is a bit roomier, at 23.3 cubic feet behind the back seats.

If needed, the seats can fold down in almost every version of the Focus. Just be sure you don't add more than the maximum payload weight. This can stress and damage your brake, exhaust, or suspension system. It can also cause tires to fail, is potentially dangerous, and can even lead to a fine by the police in most states.

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