How Much Weight Can A Lexus RX 350 Carry?

Family adventures and trips are far more comfortable when you are well-equipped. Lexus Rx 350 owners might be curious if they can join in the fun by carrying more equipment. We've researched how much weight the Lexus Rx 350 can carry and found weighty answers.

The 2022 Lexus Rx 350 can carry 1,050 to 1,235 pounds (luggage + passengers). The carrying capacity depends on the exact model and configuration of the vehicle. However, the towing capacity is 3,500 pounds or less.

Sounds interesting; read on to see which items, in particular, you can carry with a Lexus Rx 350 as you plan for your next trip. Additionally, we'll share more about its towing capacity.

Weight That A Lexus Rx 350 Can Carry

overloaded trunk of a car leaving for the travel

You might not have thought about how much your vehicle weighs or how much it carries. However, you should know the gross weight of the Lexus Rx 350 before loading in passengers and cargo.

Generally, a Lexus Rx 350 weight is categorized into two: 

  • A front-wheel drive ranges from 4,222 to 4,624 pounds
  • An all-wheel drive ranges from 4,387 to 4,619 pounds

Once you add cargo and passengers, the Lexus RX 350 weight limit is 5,666 pounds for front-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive can carry up to 5,864 pounds.

Amazingly, even the second row seating configuration impacts the allowable carry weight. Bench-type and separate-type second row seating have a difference of 95 pounds.

These are the maximum gross weight figures for your vehicle to function well. But with additional trims, the cargo and passenger capacity can be increased.

Increasing The Cargo Capacity Of A Lexus Rx 350 

Though the Lexus RX 350 isn't a workhorse, you can use its cargo capacity to the fullest with a few maneuvers. An upgrade from a front-wheel drive to an all-wheel drive increases the vehicle's stability, especially on long trips. Ensure your car has a tow package before you wreak havoc on fuel efficiency and traction.

Apart from the cargo in the vehicle, it would help if you handled the towed load properly. You can do a few things to ensure you don't damage your vehicle in the short run. Use a weight distribution hitch, high-performing brakes, better axles, and a bigger radiator.

Look at this weight distribution hitch on Amazon.

Overlooking these minor changes, coupled with harsh road and weather conditions, will significantly affect the longevity of your Lexus Rx 350.

How Is Cargo Space Calculated In A Lexus Rx 350?

Lexus RX-350, Rear view of a car with an open trunk

Lexus tries to be inclusive by ensuring their clients have luxurious and ample cargo space. But it might be tricky to know the cargo space if you didn't go through the vehicle's manual.

Manufacturers use the height, width, and length to calculate the cargo space in a Lexus Rx 350 to get the volume. They calculate the area behind the rear seats from the bottom of the cargo bed to the car's roof.

The calculation is done when the rear seats are raised and flat. The trunk isn't a perfect cube; therefore, the measurements aren't exact but approximate.

How Much Cargo Space Does A Lexus Rx 350 Have?

The Lexus Rx 350 has notable cargo space with the back seats raised and even more when laid flat. You can easily fit four to five suitcases with raised back seats and up to ten pieces of luggage when the seats are flat.

However, the luggage designs might affect the quantity that fits due to the low roofline. The average cargo coverage indicated in the specs is 30 cubic feet with raised back seats and about 46.2 when the seats are down.

Alternative Cargo Carriers For Lexus Rx 350

If you like to carry additional weight on your Lexus Rx 350, you can use rooftop cargo boxes. These boxes are ideal for long items such as skis or fishing rods and can be attached to the vehicle rooftop using crossbars.

A perfect-fit cargo box for the Lexus Rx 350 is usually around 16 cubic feet with a capacity of at least 110 pounds carrying capacity. It should be at least 32 inches to accommodate long items without damaging them. However, some are smaller in size, but this doesn't reduce their carrying capacity.

The best-suited cargo boxes for the Lexus Rx 350 are the Thule 634S Sonic and the Yakima Skybox. These carbon boxes are made of carbonite, a heavy-duty yet lightweight material. The cargo boxes also have locks to keep your items intact throughout your trips.

Check out at this video to see how they look when attached to the vehicle's rooftop—

If you need to store your items in the trunk without them being all over the place, you can get the trunk floor storage box. These trunk boxes are custom-made for Lexus vehicles. 

Popular Lexus Rx 350 Cargo Features

To fully enjoy the luxurious Lexus Rx 350 cargo features, you should know what they are. These features aren't exclusive to the Lexus Rx 350 but make loading and unloading easier:

  • Hands-free elbow door opening
  • A removable tonneau cover
  • Split rear folding seats to enable you to carry long items
  • A rubberized carpet in the cargo area can be used on both sides
  • Regulated opening door height

Watch this video showing these features in detail—

Can You Use A Lexus Rx 350 To Tow?

Absolutely, yes! You should create more room in your Lexus Rx 350 for your travels, and the safest way to do so is towing. There are weight limitations regarding how much the Lexus Rx 350 can haul, which is no more than 3,500 pounds. Note that this number includes the weight of the trailer you are towing. 

To achieve this, ensure you get a tow package with a reinforced transmission, an oil cooler, and a heavy-duty radiator. The engine power, the vehicle's configuration, and weight significantly affect the towing capacity of this SUV.

How To Calculate The Towing Capacity

Before you start getting in over your head and towing everything in sight, you should calculate the weight of an empty and fully loaded trailer. Different trailers have different weights and can only fit specific items without being overweight.

With a tow trailer of  200 to 500 pounds, you can tow a jet ski, motorcycle, or kayak. These can add the tow weight to 400 to 2,400 pounds. You can haul larger and heavier items with larger trailers. Remember, never overload your vehicle by overlooking the passengers and cargo in the vehicle.

Crossovers Similar To the Lexus Rx 350

New red Toyota C-HR crossover SUV park at beach side .

The Lexus Rx 350 isn't a lone wolf in its category. Other vehicles offer similar cargo and luxury options. However, this shouldn't intimidate Lexus owners into feeling inferior to other brand owners. 

Similar vehicles to the Lexus Rx 350 that you might want to look at are as follows:

BMW X5 xDrive30d presented at IAA International Motor Show , How Much Weight Can A Lexus Rx 350 Carry?

  • BMW X5, X3, X6 and X4
  • Audi Q5, SQ7, SQ5 and RS Q3
  • Acura MDX
  • Ford Everest
  • Cadillac XT5
  • Hyundai Palisade

The price ranges of these car models are similar to the Lexus Rx 350.

Common Issues Found In A Lexus 350

Lexus RX 350 III Restyling front view, three quarters view, headlight off

Although the Lexus Rx 350 is powerful, it encounters problems over time. Some of the issues are caused by overloading the car when towing or hauling. However, other factors may contribute to your Lexus Rx 350's breakdown.

Always be on the lookout for the following issues:

  • Faulty transmission
  • Engine failure
  • Damaged accumulators by shift lag
  • Suspension issues
  • Oil leaks

Ensure that you stay within your car's carrying and towing capacity. Upgrade it by adding a tow package, and always use the proper towing equipment.

Wrapping Up

The Lexus Rx 350 is a luxury family car that can carry almost 6,000 pounds, depending on the configuration. The front-wheel or all-wheel drive configuration dictates the cargo weight. To increase the cargo load, you can increase the towing capacity. However, ensure that your vehicle can handle this. 

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