What Is The Weight Of A GMC Savana?

Familiarity with vehicle weights used to rate vehicles is important for several reasons. This knowledge will help keep you from overloading passenger weight or cargo loads. It also comes in handy if you are considering towing something behind your vehicle. Knowing how much your vehicle weighs is the first step in towing or stowing safety. And if you have a GMC Savana and need to know how much it weighs, we've researched this popular passenger van so that you will have a definitive answer.

The weight of a GMC Savana will depend on the trim level and the wheelbase. This weight can range from 5,884 pounds to 6,200 pounds. These numbers refer to the curb weight of the Savana. The gross weight of the Savana is the curb weight plus the weight of the cargo and passengers on board. The total gross weight, not to be exceeded with any vehicle, is its payload capacity, which will also vary by trim level and wheelbase.

Now that we know what the curb weight range of a GMC Savana is, we'll break the numbers down further. We'll also look at what is meant exactly by the term curb weight. You might also be wondering how many passengers a GMC Savana can seat or how much weight this van can safely carry. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

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Curb weight and GMC Savana trim levels

You might have heard mention of curb weight before. This is the weight of any vehicle that is empty of all cargo and passengers. This is not to be confused with dry weight, which is the curb weight minus the weight of fuel.

We mentioned earlier in this post the curb weight range of the GMC Savana. Here, we'll dissect this range by trim level.

GMC Savana Curb Weight

  • The LS 2500 regular wheelbase - 5,884 pounds
  • The LS 3500 regular wheelbase - 5,894 pounds
  • The LS 3500 extended wheelbase - 6,176 pounds
  • The LT 2500 regular wheelbase - 5,916 pounds
  • The LT 3500 regular wheelbase - 5,926 pounds
  • The LT 3500 extended wheelbase - 6,200 pounds

For a complete list of specs for the GMC Savana, you can visit the official GMC webpage.

Where do I find my vehicle's gross weight?

Any vehicle's gross weight, or GVW, is calculated by adding the curb weight to the combined weight of all passengers and cargo that is aboard.

The maximum amount you can safely have onboard is known as the vehicle's payload capacity. We'll discuss this later in this post.

Your GMC Savana's owner's manual will specify what you should not exceed for GVW. If you anticipate a full load of passengers and their gear, you can calculate your GVW with a simple formula.

Take the curb weight, and add to it the weight of all riders. Then add to that the total weight of the cargo that will be on board. The resulting number is the GVW.

So long as this number is below the manufacturer's recommendations, you are safe to load up.

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What happens if you overload a van?

Being completely aware of your GMC Savana's payload capacity is crucial. As mentioned above in this post, payload capacity refers to the cargo weight a vehicle can safely carry on board.

Exceeding the payload capacity will lead to structural damage to your Savana and greatly increases safety risks. So it's important to know the maximum payload before you fill your van and head out on the road.

Too much weight on board will potentially damage the axels, struts/shocks, and suspension systems. Excess weight will also greatly increase the risk of tire damage, possibly causing a blowout.

Going over payload capacity will also place an undue amount of strain on your engine, transmission, and cooling system. This can lead to mechanical failures over time, resulting in costly repairs and replacements.

Being on the road with too much weight will make any vehicle harder to control. Steering becomes more difficult, especially concerning the turning radius.

Braking becomes increasingly difficult, adding just one more reason to always know and abide by your manufacturer's recommendations. 

How many passengers does GMC Savana seat?

The GMC Savana will hold 12 passengers, including the driver. This is standard with the LS and LT 2500. However, you can upgrade your trim level and choose the extended wheelbase option with the 3500.

The Savana LS and LT 3500 extended wheelbase will give you the option of having an additional row of seating, making it possible to carry 15 total riders.

Seating configurations in some passenger vans are seemingly endless. The GMC Savana doesn't have the multiple seating arrangements as others in its class. With the regular wheelbase and a 12 rider capacity, both the LS and LT trim levels have similar seating setups.

Each trim level has two captain's chairs in the front row for the driver and a single passenger. The second and third rows are bench seats that hold three passengers each, while the fourth row is a long bench seat that will hold four passengers.

Should you opt for a GMC Savana with the extended wheelbase, you will then be able to have a fifth row of seats. This fifth row will hold three passengers.

How long is GMC 15 passenger van?

Should you select the GMC Savana 3500 and opt for the extended wheelbase, the length will be substantially longer. The specs for this model include an overall length of 243.95 inches.

By comparison, the 2500 LS and LT are only 223.95 inches long.

How much weight can GMC Savana 2500 hold?

Earlier in this post, we discussed what payload capacity means and why it's really important never to exceed it. So you might be wondering what the payload capacity of this popular passenger van will be. 

Knowing what trim level and wheelbase configuration your GMC Savana has is important here. If you don't know it already, this information will be available to you in your owner's manual. Let's take a look at how much weight your Savana 2500 can have safely on board.

GMC Savana Payload Capacity

  • The Savana LS 2500 regular wheelbase - 2,770 pounds
  • The Savana LS 3500 regular wheelbase - 3,760 pounds
  • The Savana LS 3500 extended wheelbase - 3,431 pounds
  • The Savana LT 2500 regular wheelbase - 2,684 pounds
  • The Savana LT 3500 regular wheelbase  - 3,674 pounds
  • The Savana LT 3500 extended wheelbase - 3,400 pounds

In closing

Passenger vans are capable of carrying more passengers and cargo than their mini-van counterparts. While this is certainly true of the GMC Savana, it's still important to be aware of its limitations.

So if you're planning on a trip with a full van of passengers and their luggage, first make yourself informed as to how much your Savana can carry, then determine if you'll be overloading it.

Following this rule will not only save your vehicle from a lot of needless damage, but it might also save the life of you, your passengers, and the other drivers that you share the road with. Drive safe!

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