What Are The Trim Levels For A Chevy Suburban?

The Suburban is one of Chevy's most popular vehicles. If you are considering one, you may be wondering about the lettering on each one and what it means to the owner. The lettering identifies the trim level package, which specifies what comes equipped on every vehicle and what features are added as upgrades.  

The 2021 Suburban has six trim level packages that vary in standard equipment and upgrade options. The following is the list of available trim levels in order from the most basic to the highest level of luxury. 

  • LS
  • LT
  • RST
  • Z71
  • Premiere
  • High Country

Keep reading to find out more details about each trim level available for the Chevy Suburban.  We will also look at common questions that readers have about the vehicle so that you are more informed about the features. 

A gray colored Chevy Suburban photographed in the parking lot, What Are The Trim Levels For A Chevy Suburban?

Trim Levels Explained

Comfort, technology, and safety are paramount in all trim packages offered on the Chevy Suburban, but some offer features that take the driving experience to the next level.  

Standard Equipment

A black Chevy Suburban parked near the shoreline

According to the catalog, the Chevy Suburban offers many features as standard equipment. Many are features you would expect in most late-model vehicles, such as climate control, airbags, high-tech braking, and cooling systems, power seats, locks, and windows, rear HD camera, etc. but others are a pleasant surprise.

Some other features worth mentioning are 17" tires with a full-size spare, Stabilitrak, trailering equipment, remote start, and tire monitoring system. 

Standard safety features include forward collision alert, following distance indicator, front pedestrian braking, rear park assist, and teen driver technology.

Convenience features include power outlets, built-in USB charging ports, and Wireless Apple Car Play, as well as Android Auto capability. 

While 4WD is not standard on every trim level of the Chevy Suburban, it is available as an option.  A diesel engine is also an option on every trim level except the Z71.


The LS is the most basic trim level offered on the Chevy Suburban. However, it is not at all lacking in features. Below is a list of the options provided on the LS above standard equipment features. 

Starting price for the LS is $54,545.


  • 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management
  • single system exhuast
  • Four-wheel independent suspension


  • Assist steps
  • Black mesh grille
  • Manual liftgate
  • 18" tires with the option to upgrade to 20" wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Six speaker audio
  • 10.2" color display driver information system
  • Eight passenger seating (optional bench for front row)


The next level of trim package available on the Chevy Suburban is the LT. The features below are added to the offerings above standard equipment. 

Starting price for the LT is $59945.


  • Upgraded towing capacity with specific configurations


  • Power liftgate
  • Bose nine-speaker sound system
  • Interior memory settings
  • Eight-way adjustable power front seats with two way lumbar control
  • heated front seats 
  • Wireless charging
  • Universal home remote
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Wifi-hot spot connectivity


The RST takes the LT and adds unique upgrades that set it apart from the other trim levels available on the Chevy Suburban. 

Starting price for the RST is $63,145.


  • Distinct RST trim, grille, decals, and interior seats
  • 22" high gloss aluminum wheels and tires
  • Roof rails
  • Contrasting front seat stitching


The Z71 is the trim package for the driver that lives to drive off the beaten path. The Z71 is specifically designed with features and options that heighten the off-road driving experience. This trim level is also the optimal choice for hauling trailers or RVs. 

Starting price for the Z71 is $65,145.


  • Heavy-duty air filter
  • Autotrac transfer case
  • Skid plate
  • Hill descent control
  • Standard 4WD
  • Increased towing capacity


  • Recovery hooks
  • 20" aluminum wheels with all-terrain tires
  • Unique Z71 badging, appliques, and grille


The Premier trim level earns its name. This level includes the Luxury package as a standard offering, so comfort and amenities are not lacking on this vehicle.

Starting price for the Premier is $67,870.


  • Dual twin exhaust system
  • Magnetic ride control


  • Chrome door handles and mirror caps
  • Power adjustable, headed-folding mirrors with memory
  • 20" polished aluminum wheels with all-season tires
  • Ten speaker Bose sound system with CenterPoint
  • Enhanced Driver information system
  • Safety seat alert
  • Automatic heated steering wheel
  • Power 60/40 third-row seating
  • Heated second-row seating
  • Power tilt and telescoping steering column


  • Front and rear park assist
  • Lane change alert with Blind Zone Alert
  • Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • Rear Cross safety alert

High Country

The High Country is the most luxurious trim package available on the Chevy Suburban. The features below are the offerings above those offered on the Premier. 

Starting price for the High Country is $76,295.


  • 6.2L Ecotec3 V8 engine


  • High Country Galvano trim and accents
  • 22" sterling silver-painted aluminum wheels with all-season tires
  • 15" multicolor display
  • rear camera mirror with washer
  • HD Surround Vision


  • Rear pedestrian alert

To watch a quick overview video showcasing the differences in each trim level for the 2021 Chevy Suburban, check out this ">YouTube video. 

Does 2022 Suburban have Cooled Seats?

Heated and ventilated seats are a common feature that buyers put on their list of wants in a vehicle. However, Chevy has announced that most 2022 models will be lacking the popular feature.  

The pandemic created a shortage of the chips that automobile manufacturers use in production to control the heat and ventilation functions. Rather than stalling production on the 2022 line-up, Chevy decided to move forward without the interior seat feature.  

A full-sized white Chevy Suburban parked near a building

The decision should only be temporary, and credits will be issued toward the purchase price to make up for the missing feature. 

If you can't live without the cooled seats in your 2022 Suburban, consider these cooling seat cushions by Zone Tech. 

Click here to find it on Amazon.

Do Suburbans have Bucket Seats?

The Chevy Suburban offers various seat configurations to meet the needs of buyers. There is the choice of bucket seats or captain's chairs in the first and second-row seating or folding split seats. The final selection depends on preference and how many passengers you need to accommodate.

Adding the bucket seats in both areas reduces the seating capacity from 9 passengers to 7 passengers. However, if cargo is more important than passengers, comfort may be the winner. 

Which is Bigger: Suburban or Tahoe?

When comparing the Chevy Suburban to the Chevy Tahoe, you will discover that the Suburban boasts more room for passengers and cargo. Both vehicles offer ample third-row seating with enough room for eight or nine passengers to travel comfortably. Still, the Suburban offers more head clearance and legroom, which is better if you have tall passengers. 

Overall, the Suburban and Tahoe focused on comfort when revising for the new version, adding passenger volume space. The Suburban increased to 181.0 cubic feet from 176.1 cubic feet. The Tahoe added 18.2 cubic feet of passenger space, giving it a total of 179.7 cubic feet.  

When it comes to cargo space, the Suburban is the clear winner. It boasts 41.1 cubic feet of rear cargo space. While the Tahoe made improvements in this area, increasing from 15.3 to 25.5, it still lags behind the much larger Suburban. 

Both vehicles increased in overall length in the 2021 model, but the Suburban remains longer, measuring in at 225.7 inches versus the Tahoe at 210.7 inches. Both SUVs gained additional length in the wheelbase in the newer versions. 

While the Suburban is longer and heavier, surprisingly, the Tahoe has a higher towing and payload capacity.  

The Suburban also has one additional feature that is bigger than the Tahoe. It features a larger fuel tank. More fuel capacity is a feature that attracts many buyers to the Suburban. While the vehicle's engines and fuel mileage are the same, the larger fuel capacity is a selling point that lands in the Suburban's favor. 

Do Suburbans Hold their Value?

According to Car Edge, a Chevy Suburban will lose almost half of its value within the first five years. Nearly 25 percent of the value is lost in the first year. For the next four years, the depreciation value slows.

If you are in the market for purchasing a Chevy Suburban, it might be worth considering a used one. You will save a substantial amount of money but still enjoy driving a modern vehicle.  

SummaryA gray colored Chevy Suburban photographed in the parking lot, What Are The Trim Levels For A Chevy Suburban?

Knowing the differences in trim level packages on the Chevy Suburban will help you know which one is right for you. This knowledge can save you time and money when you start the buying process.  

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