What Car Battery Charger Does AAA Use?

One of the benefits of having a AAA membership is that you'll always have someone to call to recharge a dead vehicle battery. You can be assured that the experienced technicians this company dispatches to assist you will use reliable battery charging equipment so that you will be able to quickly get back on the road. But is there a specific one that they use? We researched the company so you'll know for sure what to expect.

There is no specific battery charger that AAA requires. However, the company does issue the Lifeline First Aid AAA 400-amp car battery jump starter for its roadside emergency kits.

Now that we know that AAA doesn't have a specific battery charger for jump starts, we'll take a look at how this service works when you need a battery jump. You might also be wondering who makes AAA-brand batteries or how long a AAA battery will last. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post and see what our research has uncovered.

Getting battery service from AAA

When a person gets stranded with a stalled vehicle, it's a sense of relief to know that help is only a phone call away. Roadside assistance is one of the many perks that AAA club members receive with their annual membership.

So if you're in a parking lot or on the side of the road with a dead battery, expect AAA to dispatch a technician to help you.

When you put in a call for AAA, they'll send a member of their mobile battery service team out to you. That team member will assess the situation and determine if the battery can be charged. And if your dead battery cannot be jumped, they have other options.

AAA club members can have their batteries replaced on the spot. And if they need to replace your battery, they'll even take care of disposing of your old one for you.

What other services does AAA offer?

AAA (American Automobile Association) federation of motor clubs headquarters, What Car Battery Charger Does AAA Use?

We know that AAA will offer emergency roadside assistance and battery replacement services. But these are just a small part of the many benefits that club members are entitled to. Let's take a look at some of the additional perks you might enjoy as a AAA member.

The base-level plan of AAA will include the following:

Free towing

If you are a member that needs a tow, you can get AAA to haul your vehicle for free up to seven miles to a service center. A Plus member can get towed for free up to 100 miles.

This service is available for up to four tows per membership year.

Fuel delivery service

Run out of gas? AAA will get some to you. The delivery is free, but base-level members will have to pay for the fuel cost. Upgrade to a Plus membership and the fuel will also be free.

Locksmith service

If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, AAA will pay for the first $60 of locksmith service. This credit is for both parts and labor.

Flat tire service

We're not all comfortable changing a flat on our own. With AAA, members can have a team member dispatched to have their flat tires replaced with the spare. If the damaged tire can be repaired, they'll take care of that, too.

More discounts than you can imagine are available to AAA members

AAA members will receive big discounts on rental vehicles, travel lodging, and more. Additionally, AAA members receive discounts at select retailers. These include NAPA, Lenscrafters, Blue Apron, and dozens of others.

AAA also has its own line of auto insurance, loans, and a variety of banking services.

AAA Insurance office

Who manufactures AAA brand batteries?

The high-quality batteries that AAA has manufactured for them are produced by one company. Johnson Controls (now known as Clarios) has been making vehicle batteries for the auto club for years.

Johnson Controls has been in business for over a century and is globally renowned for its work in the automotive industry.

How long will a AAA brand battery last?

AAA sign on the building at their headquarters in Heathrow

A AAA brand battery will last anywhere from three to five years on average. Of course, this depends on how well you treat the battery. If you let yours die often, the overall life of the battery could be a lot less.

AAA guarantees that its branded batteries will last three years. The company has a replacement policy that will safeguard the consumer in case their batteries do not last this long.

What are the signs of a dying car battery?

Woman getting a boost for her car

While a vehicle battery will sometimes just die, there are typically some warning signs to look for before it stops turning over the engine. Knowing what they are can help save you from an inconvenience and certainly stop you from getting stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

Though the following is not an all-inclusive list of signs to look for, it does cover the items to look for when it comes to a vehicle battery nearing the end of its useful life. Get to know them and be prepared to replace the battery if any of these are noticed.

The electronics in the vehicle might not be fully functioning

Modern vehicles have so many things that run off the battery's power. Everything from the alarm system to the infotainment screen to the door locks depends on electricity. One sign that the battery is dying is if the electronics on board aren't running like they're supposed to.

Is there a battery warning light?

Many newer vehicles have a battery warning light that will illuminate in cases of battery trouble. While this glowing light on your dash can mean more than just a weak battery, it's worth looking at the battery when and if it appears.

As soon as you notice this light, have your battery tested by a professional. They will let you know if a dying battery is a culprit.

The vehicle might be acting a bit sluggish

It's hard to imagine that something as small as a car battery can provide all the electrical power a vehicle needs to keep moving. And when this part is beginning to weaken, it will certainly impact how the vehicle is operating.

If the battery is on a low charge or is on its last legs, it will make the car seem a bit sluggish after it has first been started. After the alternator recharges the battery, this will stop. 

Does the battery look swollen?

When a battery begins to fail, it can begin to have some chemical reactions inside of it that will alter its appearance. If the battery has been exposed to extreme heat or super low temperatures, these reactions can make the battery begin to swell, making its case bulge.

This is a sign that the battery is at or very near death. Any time you notice a vehicle battery that is swelling, it's important to get it replaced immediately.

Be mindful of the age of the battery

Mechanic changing car battery

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best manufactured or maintained vehicle batteries. Depending on how these important power sources are treated, you can usually expect them to last a minimum of three years, but most will go five years. But after the first two years, it's a great idea to begin to pay some attention to it.

As the battery ages, be sure to routinely inspect the terminals for buildup. Gunk can build around them, eventually getting to the point that it will interfere with the battery being able to deliver power. 

If your battery is four or more years old, consider getting it tested. This is a service that AAA offers its members for free.

Final thoughts

As an auto service, AAA offers a lot more than just basic roadside assistance. The many perks that members can take advantage of are well worth the annual membership fee and give you and your riders a piece of mind while traveling the highways. If you use AAA brand products in your vehicle, they will be backed by a long guarantee. Drive safe!

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