What Does Your Car Say About You?

Just like what we wear, how we cut our hair, and the accessories we choose, our vehicles can say a lot about who we are. No matter our budget, we're going to be drawn to a car that speaks to our inner personality. Unless, of course, grandma left you her ancient 4-door sedan, but then doesn't that say that you're practical and pragmatic and willing to drive whatever in order to have money in the bank?

A collage of gorgeous cars that you will love, Jeep wrangler, Ford F-150, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, What Does Your Car Say About You?

We've gathered a list of popular and unique vehicles to parse out just who might be the typical driver. Of course, there are always outliers who don't fit any mold, but here are our interpretations of car and driver connections.

Your Car And What It Says About You

There are so many variations when purchasing a car. 2 doors or 4 doors. Front-wheel drive, AWD, or 4WD. SUV or Sedan. Coupe or convertible. All of these factors matter when you're thinking about what your car does for you and what it says about you.

The Outdoorsy Variations

Jeep Wrangler

Black Jeep Wrangler parked outside

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler, chances are high that you love the outdoors. Not only do you love the outdoors, but you live the outdoors. The Wrangler can go top-down for sunny climates or hard-topped for snow. Surfer or skier or off-roader, this brash and ballsy vehicle says that you are casual, cool, and committed to having fun.

Subaru Crosstrek

2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid on road

The Subaru Crosstrek is your jam. Why? Because you're both an outdoor adventurer and a practical driver. You need the car that's going to take you from the cubicle grind to 10k elevations on the weekend. Four-door comfort makes this baby not only perfect for date night at the local brewpub, but safety features let weekend warrior moms and pops feel safe about their burgeoning travel buddy in the backseat baby carrier.

Ford F-150

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Not any truck will do for you. It's why the Ford F-150 speaks to your work hard, play hard side. This half-ton truck has an amazing towing capability for your boat, your horse trailer, and your weekend-camper. It's comfortable enough to drive you to the office and luxurious enough inside to make you feel like royalty. This truck says you are uncompromising but want to get the job done.

The Fun Types

Mini Cooper

If you drive a Mini Cooper chances are that you're a whole lot of fun. You want a car that can zip around the city and fit in spaces quickly. Art gallery opening, check. A quick bite to eat after, check. Hop on out to the club, check. When the day is sunny, you can whip down a convertible top if you've chosen that option. And the part you might like best of all (besides how ultra-adorable your car is) is the excellent gas mileage. Fun and smart — that's you.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is your ride of choice because you need a car as magical as you are. Seats that disappear and move around and give you room to cart a carload of baby goats. Or maybe you need the space for an entire brass band. The Honda Fit is going to let you be the life of the traveling party with its compact size, great gas mileage, but ultra-versatile space to use all the magic ways you need.

Kia Soul

Lucky you with your Kia Soul. The name says it all — if you drive a Soul, you've got soul. Music fills your moods and the Kia Soul delivers with LED pulsing speakers. You're not afraid to be seen, and the Kia Soul's bright color options are as glass-half-full as you are. You're positive and optimistic and see life through Soul-colored glasses.

The Environmentalists

Toyota Prius

Exposition of four generations Toyota Prius vehicles

Though no longer the most efficient of the green cars, the Toyota Prius is the original. When you drive a Prius, you've got the calm mindset that goes along with knowing what you want from life. You are willing to sacrifice for the greater good, yet you still want your car to serve you well.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart Fortwo Drivers are individualistic, willing to step outside of the box and see transportation as a quirky necessity. You're also frugal and smart because when you drive this car, you'll not only pocket a lot of your own green, you'll keep it green too with over 100mpg. Plus, when everyone is late to the meeting because they can't find a parking spot, you've managed to get into a spot that regular cars just couldn't go.

Tesla X75d

You love the environment but you also love the raddest ride. Tesla drivers are innovators and experimental. They're willing to try new things and believe in the future. Driving a Tesla says that you're a believer and have the bucks to back it up.

The Practical Ones

Toyota Camry

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Camry drivers are smart and sensible and stylish. Anyone who drives a Camry knows they'll be able to drive it for years. It's going to hold its value and look great doing it. You can use it for a meeting with clients and pick up kids in the carpool line. But you also don't have to sacrifice a bit of sporty style.

Volvo V60

Chances are if you drive a Volvo V60, you're all about that family love. You want a car that's going to transport your loved ones safely and in comfort. You love the heavy-duty feeling of a solidly made vehicle, and you love things that aren't disposable. You make careful decisions and feel good about them when they're made.

Honda Accord

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If you drive an Accord, chances are you're a dreamer. It's your step-up vehicle. The one you know is going to take you from middle management to the CEO's chair. But you're also pragmatic. Maybe you'll move into a more luxury vehicle, or maybe you'll pass this Accord down to your son or daughter and just get yourself a new one. Because when something is good, you stick with it.

The Luxuriators

Audi TT

You are in your prime and feeling fine if you drive an Audi TT. This luxurious roadster is all about your suave and elegant self. Top-down, top-up, you can put on the coolest tunes and drive your special someone to a spa weekend or a run of the vineyards. You're about relaxation and allowing yourself the best moments in life.

BMW7 Series

If you drive a BMW7 you are the master of your own destiny. You want your car to reflect your own excellence, it's why not just any car will do. Your BMW has a lively engine and an elegant interior that reflects your own polished workday personality along with your nightlife joie de vivre. You like romance and setting the mood which is reflected in your car's quiet ride.

Mercedes Benz E Class

Your luxurious E Class Benz says it all. Nothing but the best for your exacting standards. You want the world to work hard and do their best. You want life to be about the beautiful things and you'd much rather true quality over quantity. It's why this car speaks to you, from its real wood trim to its turbocharged engine, it says perfection.

The Wild Rides

Dodge Charger Hellcat

Doesn't the name say it all? You want to feel the burn. You're willing to take risks and go the distance. Nothing scares you and you want the world to know it. Not only that, but you love cars and having the car of your dreams is important to you. When you pull up to the light and rev that engine, people know you're a true enthusiast.

Porsche 911

If you drive a Porsche 911, you're a bit of an understated daredevil. You want the sleek glamor and the speed of a sports car, but you want to keep it super classy, too. You're careful and bold which is reflected in your car's amazing road handling. Speed and elegance and the classic beauty of a sporty roadster reflect your savvy way of moving through the world.

Chevrolet Corvette

If you drive a Corvette, most likely you're old school with a slice of fresh pie. You love the classics and you love to follow tradition, but only if it doesn't constrain you. You want freedom and a piece of history. And you love a pretty package. It's why you've picked a sports car that makes people's head turns and inspires gatherings of other Corvette owners. You get to become a piece of history yourself when you drive a Corvette.

So there you have it. Cars and you. What you drive might reflect a bit of who you are. What is your car saying about you? What do you want your car to say about you?

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