What Other Rims Will Fit A Ford F-150?

Wheels or rims are a great way to show your style; also, they can provide added performance. Choosing a new wheel or rim should depend on what you will use your vehicle for so that you don't waste money on something that looks good but could limit your car. With the help of experts, we will determine what new wheels or rims you can get for the Ford F-150.

The smallest rim size available for the Ford F-150 is 17 inches. As a general rule, don't use a rim below the stock size of your truck; though you can have a smaller rim with a larger tire, this will be very situational.

There are many rims available that fit the F-150. Only you can tell what specific rim you can get since that will match your desired design and driving style. Continue reading below for more information about the Ford F-150's wheels.

Huge blue Ford F150 at the parking lot, What Other Rims Will Fit A Ford F-150?

Choosing The Right Wheel Or Rim For Your F-150

You can do many things with a Ford F-150, and there are a lot of after-market options for this vehicle. The automotive world has grown a lot, and there are a lot of truck styles out there, all of them having different wheel setups.

Different kinds and types of car rims

You have owners that like to make their trucks look aggressive, and some like to make it look practical, while others want to keep their trucks sleek and clean. All of these setups have different tire styles and sizes.

What Are You Going To Use Your Truck For?

The first thing you want to do when looking for new rims is to consider how you will use your truck. You wouldn't want to use shiny chrome VIP rims when going off-roading since the terrain and other obstacles may scratch or dent your wheels.

You'll typically come across two different metals when choosing your rim; these are steel and aluminum. Steel wheels are great if you use your truck in rougher activities such as towing, hauling, or off-roading because steel is more durable and can withstand more abuse than aluminum.

Aluminum wheels have their advantages too. They come in more styles and are lighter, making them great for daily driving. You can still use them for rougher activities, but don't expect them to be as durable as steel ones.

Rim Size

Choosing the right wheel size is your next step; it is a good rule always to use your truck's stock wheel size as a reference. However, some builds have rims smaller than stock but have large tires to compensate. 

A small rim and large tire are excellent for off-roading since your tires absorb the hits and help grip rocks. However, that setup will not be great for daily use. Suppose you use your Ford F-150 daily; it's best to keep your rim size above 17 inches since this is the stock size of an F-150 rim. 

When you choose a small rim, you'll also notice that it may not fit properly. If your wheel is too small, it may have clearance issues with the truck's brake calipers or some other component. 

One thing to note is the larger the rim gets, the more expensive it is, and the same goes for the tires.

Another point to consider is that the rim size will affect the performance of your truck. Your truck could handle better or worse, and it can get lighter or heavier; the size of the wheel will determine all these factors.


Now there are a lot of brands to choose from. Even many generic brands could last you quite a while. But nothing will beat a wheel made by an established manufacturer since they have researched and tested the best ways to make an excellent rim.

But this does not mean you should only look at the larger rim companies. They are a great option if you want to get the best performance out of your rims. Generic brand rims are also good to use, especially if you're going to use them for daily driving since you won't be putting a lot of pressure on them that way.

It's best to research a brand before choosing a manufacturer. Some leading truck rim manufacturers are Fuel Off-Road, VENOMREX, Volk Racing, and VR Forged. They make excellent quality rims and are a safe bet if you are unsure about other brands.

Additional Parts

You don't want to replace other parts of your truck when installing new rims and tires since this will cost you more and require more work. That's why you should stick close to your truck's current size to ensure you don't have to purchase any additional components.

But if you want the best fit and performance or want a rim with a very different size, you'll need to get additional components. These components include lift kits, air suspension kits, spacers, rollers, and more.

If you want to install a huge wheel, you'll have to do a bit of body modification to fit the new rim properly.

A solution for this is rolling your fenders, getting a widebody kit, or flares. These will help keep your car looking flush with larger wheels. Also, you'll need adapters depending on the number of nuts your new rim may need since some of them will have a different amount of holes.

What To Do When You Get A New Set Of Rims

Changing car tires at the mechanic shop

When you get your new set of rims, you first want to ensure that the set has no cracks, scratches, or any damage.

Now the easiest way to install the new rims is by bringing them to a mechanic shop since you'll also have to get your wheel balanced after installation. But if you want to install them yourself, you'll have to jack your car up, replace the old rim set with the new, and then have your new rims and tires balanced.

Having your wheels balanced is essential since this can help keep you safe and extend the life of your tires. They can also check your suspension setup and whether it is the right one for your new wheel setup.

Do You Need To Change Your Rim Depending On The Season

Black Ford F150 trekking on the snow

No, you don't have to change your vehicle's rims for different seasons. Unlike tires, a vehicle's rims should work perfectly fine in any weather, although some rims are made explicitly for specific weather, primarily for snow.

One thing that could happen is the finish or color of your rims could fade, especially if the weather keeps changing and the rim is left uncleaned. Regularly cleaning your rims will help keep them good-looking, and you'll be able to spot any stains before they are entirely unremovable.

Should You Buy Replica Rims?

Brand new car rims at an auto shop

Replica rims, or reps, are plentiful in the automotive world. Most people buy replica rims because they are cheaper than the original ones. One thing to note about replica wheels is that not all are replicas; some have a similar design but different names.

Don't buy direct replicas of fake rims but purchase rims similar to the one you want. As much as possible, you want to get the original rims since your vehicle will benefit positively from them.

Note that replica rims will never be as strong as genuine rims since replicas are cast while real rims are forged. Saving up for a genuine rim is always better than getting a replica wheel.


Huge blue Ford F150 at the parking lot

You can choose any rim size. Just keep in mind that it's best to stay within the stock rim size of the Ford F-150, so that's 17 inches and above. Before choosing a rim, ensure you know what you are looking for since rims are not all the same; some may be lighter, while others may be stronger.

Once you have acquired the rim you want, you must have it installed and aligned. Bringing your car to the alignment shop after installing the new set of rims and tires will ensure that the wheels are balanced and you won't have any problems. Do extensive research about the rim you are interested in before buying.

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