What Size Tire Can I Put On A 20 X 10 Wheel?

Tires wear out over time and need replacing. As you look over different tires, you may wonder what size you should use if you have 20 x 10 wheels. We have the answer to your question below, so keep reading.

You can use many compatible tires with a 20 x 10 wheel, but this doesn't mean you can use any size. A 20 x 10 tire is 20 inches high, with a diameter of 10 inches. You should use tires labeled R20 with this wheel. For the width, stay as close to 10 inches as possible.

Are you still curious about sizing new tires for your wheels? We've got more information for you, so read on. We've also included a list of the tires you can use for a 20 x 10 wheel.

Tire Sizes That Fit A 20 X 10 Wheel

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When replacing the tires on your 20 x 10 wheels, you have many options. Understandably, you may get confused about which tires will fit your wheels.

The answer is simple: Your tires should be about the same size as your wheels, with a height of 20 inches and a diameter of 10 inches.

The most important thing when sizing a tire is picking one that is the exact height of your wheel. For a 20 x 10 wheel, your tire should be 20 inches in height. It's easy to find a tire like this: look for one labeled R20.

You can choose one that's a bit wider for the diameter of your tire, as it will still fit. It should be fine if the width is still close to 10 inches. Typically, car owners prefer using a tire like this to protect the rim from impact.

Compatible Tires For 20 X 10 Wheels

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Do you need more specific tire sizes for your 20 x 10 wheels? There are many tires you can choose from.

Here are some tires that fit 20 x 10 wheels for passenger vehicles:

  • P 295/25 R20, P 295/50 R20, P 225/30 R20, P 285/25 R20
  • P 245/39 R20, P 245/30, P 295/25, P 265/30 R20
  • P 295/55 R20, P 275/25 R20, P 255/30 R20, P2 235/35 R20
  • P 215/35 R20, P 295/60 R20, P 235/30 R20, P 225/35 R20

Here are tires that fit 20 x 10 wheels for light trucks:

  • LT 35/12.5 R20, LT 33/12.5 R20, LT 27/12.5 R20, Lt 37 12.5 R20
  • LT 37/13.5 R20, LT 225/30 R20, LT 325/60, LT 345/60
  • LT 285/55 R20, LT 315/50 R20, LT 295/55 R20, LT 275/60 R20,
  • LT 305/55 R20, LT295/60 R20, LT 275/65 R20, LT 315/60 R20

How Do You Determine What Tire Size Your 20 X 10 Wheel Initially Had?

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If you're replacing all your car's tires, you may want to match all four of them. That's why it is essential to determine the tire size your vehicle had when you purchased it.

To find out about this, locate the sticker that contains your tire information. Usually, you can find it in the driver's door jam, so open this door and look for it. It may also be inside your glove box door or gas tank hatch.

You can also check your car's manual. If you can't find the tire size in the locations stated, check your vehicle's tires instead. There are letters and numbers on it, so check if all your tires have the same characters written on them. Write the information down and buy the same tires.

Guide To Reading Tire Sizes

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For future purposes, learning how to read tire sizes is essential, so you don't need to search the internet. Because many tire sizes are compatible with your wheel, only some compatible tires could be listed in this post.

Tires have letters and numbers written on them, as we mentioned above. These letters and numbers help classify tire sizes. To help you out, here's how to read them:

  • The first letter on the tire tells you the type of car it should be used with. These can P, which means P-metric, or tires used for passenger vehicles like cars, vans, SUVs, and the like. It might be LT or L-metric, which is suitable for light truck vehicles that carry cargo.
  • Next to the first letters on your tire before a slash (/) indicates the tire's width, usually in millimeters.
  • After the slash, you'll find another set of numbers. These numbers are the aspect ratio of the tire. Aspect ratios are the percentage of the tire height compared to width.
  • After the second set of numbers, you'll find another letter, either R for radial or D for diagonal or bias ply. Today, most cars only have radial tires.
  • Next to the second set of letters is another number. This number indicates the diameter of the tire in inches.

How Do You Install A Tire?

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If you already have your tires, you may be ready to replace them. Although you can have a mechanic do this for you, you can also do it yourself. Here's how:

1. Remove Your Old Tires

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To remove your old tires, raise your car using a front jack. Then, follow these steps:

  • Loosen the lug nuts of the wheels with a lug wrench.
  • If you're changing all your vehicle tires, remove them from the front left wheel and work in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Deflate your tire by loosening its valve stem core.
  • Take the old tire off the wheel rim and check for any damage or rough spots. It's essential to do this to ensure that they don't scratch your new tires. You will have to replace your wheels if there are any spots like this.

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2. Install Your New Tire

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To put a new tire on, do these:

  • Pull out the tire's valve stem core.
  • Apply some tire bead lubricant to the beads and rim. Remember that you shouldn't use soapy water or grease, as a bead lubricant is the most suitable for tires.
  • Put the new tire on the wheel and spray additional bead lubricant on the beads and rim.
  • Inflate your new tire while its valve stem core is still out. 
  • Put the valve stem core back into the tire and inflate the tire again.
  • Lower your vehicle to the ground.
  • Tighten the lug nuts of the tire with a wrench. 

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3. Align The Wheels

This step is an extra safety measure you should do after changing your tires to make sure your vehicle will steer in the right direction when driving. It will ensure that your wheels will not turn sideways while you're going straight and vice versa.

Only mechanics can perform a wheel alignment, so take your vehicle to a reliable garage.

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What Happens If You Put The Wrong Tire Size On 20 x 10 Wheel?

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Putting compatible tires on your car's wheels is imperative. Otherwise, your vehicle's performance capabilities will be lowered as you're driving.

Tires incompatible with wheels prevent the treads from fully coming into contact with the pavement, reducing its performance capability. Additionally, your dashboard readings will be unreliable.

This can damage your vehicle in the long run and put you in danger while driving.

In Conclusion

For a 20 x 10 wheel, you should consider the wheel's height and diameter when choosing a tire. A 20 x 10 wheel has a height of 20 inches and a diameter of 10 inches, so use these measurements as your basis.

You must ensure your tire's height is precisely 20 inches, like your wheel. Look for a tire labeled R20. The diameter of your tire doesn't have to be precisely 10 inches, so that you can buy a tire with a slightly bigger diameter.

You can use many different tires with the mentioned sizes, so all you have to do is choose one.

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