What Size Tool Box Fits A Ford Ranger?

One of the best add-ons you can get for your Ford Ranger is a toolbox. Whether it's a toolbox for maintaining your vehicle or one for work, you'll need to know what size to get. With our thorough research, we will help you determine the right toolbox size for your Ford Ranger.

When choosing a toolbox for your Ford Ranger, ensure it is between 60 inches in length and 61.4 inches in width. You'll have to measure the width of the end of the truck to the wheel housing since it will be different per year model.

A toolbox larger than the given dimensions may cause fitting issues when installing it. Some Ford Rangers have preset holes where you can attach the toolbox. That's why finding the right toolbox size is essential.

One thing to remember when looking for toolboxes for the Ford Ranger is that you need to find one specifically made for your year and model. For more information about a vehicle's toolbox, keep reading below.

Rear view of a Ford Raptor with open truck bed, What Size Tool Box Fits A Ford Ranger?

Toolbox For Your Ford Ranger

A toolbox is essential to have in any car since this will give you the ability to repair or maintain your vehicle when on the road. There are a lot of different toolbox styles for the Ford Ranger, from ones that sit at the end of your truck bed to ones that swing out from the side.

Since there are many toolboxes available for the Ford Ranger, it's best that you thoroughly check if that toolbox will fit your specific trim and year model. Not all Ford Rangers have the exact bed dimensions and will differ per generation.

Below are some of the available toolboxes for the Ford Ranger.

Open trunk of pick up car with tool box

UnderCover SwingCase

The UnderCover SwingCase is a toolbox installed on your truck bed's side and is compatible with the 2019 to 2020 Ford Rangers.

This toolbox can stay in place or swivel out for ease of use. It can fit various small to medium tools such as wrenches, pliers, hammers, adhesive items, and many more.

The Undercover SwingCase has a small divider that can hold smaller items, while items with medium length can stay at the bottom. With the SwingCase's low profile, you can still use a cover over the truck bed.

For extra protection, the SwingCase also comes with a lock. You can get this toolbox for both the driver and passenger sides.

Check out the SwingCase on Amazon.

Lund Toolbox

The Lund is an excellent universal toolbox that can fit different trucks, including the Ford Ranger. The Lund toolbox has an aluminum construction with a diamond-plated finish in black. It is also rust-resistant and can take quite a beating.

With a large toolbox like the Lund, you have a lot of space to store big tools such as power tools, saws, wrenches, tire irons, and more. This toolbox also comes with a lock to keep your tools safe.

Note that you may need toolbox mounts to hold this toolbox in place. Also, some covers may not fit when this toolbox is in place.

Check out the Lund toolbox on Amazon.

Kobalt Toolbox

The Kobalt toolbox is a toolbox that fits mid-sized trucks perfectly. This toolbox looks like it hangs from the side of your truck bed, but it is held in place by mounts.

Since this toolbox does not reach the bottom of the truck bed, you can still utilize the entire length of the bed. The Kobalt toolbox is made out of aluminum and is black powder coated.

A downside of this toolbox is that it does not have a clean welded look. Even though that's the case, it is a very sturdy and durable toolbox. Like most toolboxes, the Kobalt toolbox has a lock. You also won't be able to place a bed cover unless you modify it a bit.

Overall the Kobalt toolbox is an excellent option for storing a lot of tools, whether small or large. There are also different toolbox variants so that you can research the perfect fit for your Ford Ranger Model.

What Tools Should You Keep In A Toolbox

It would be best to have the right tools in your toolbox to prepare for an emergency. The essential tools will help you replace a flat tire, patch leaks, tighten bolts, and more.

Below are the essential tools to have in any vehicle toolbox.


Man choosing tools for repair

Wrenches are one of the must-have tools for your toolbox. A breaker bar, torque, and ratcheting wrench will help remove nuts and bolts. There are many available wrenches. Getting a few with different lengths, torque, and types will give you more options.


Work gloves are a great addition to your toolbox since they can help you stay clean if you have to fix your car on the way somewhere. You can get work gloves in hardware and auto supply stores. If you don't want to worry about cleaning them, you can get disposable work gloves.

Reflective Triangle

A reflective triangle is an excellent item if you have a large toolbox. The triangle will provide extra protection if you have to work on your vehicle, alerting people that an incident has happened and they need to take caution.

Place the triangle a few feet away if you are working on your car at the side of the road to give other drivers a heads-up.

Socket Set

A socket set is an essential tool to have in your toolbox. With this set, you'll have sockets and their accompanying ratchets. This set is necessary to remove bolts. A socket set will typically come with sockets in different sizes to accommodate different bolt sizes.

Rubber Mallet

A rubber mallet is excellent since you can hammer things in or out without scratching or breaking the part completely. If you use a typical metal hammer, you may bend, dent, or scratch a specific part you are hitting.

Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Floor jack lift vehicle inside auto service center

The floor jack and jack stand are great if your toolbox can accommodate them. These tools will help you raise the vehicle so that you can either change a tire or fix something underneath the car that is hard to reach.


A screwdriver is another standard tool that you should always have in your car's toolbox. The screwdriver will help you unlatch any parts for your vehicle held in place by screws.

Alternatively, you can also use this to pry open components that are stuck together. Note that there are many available types of screwdrivers, and it's best to get a few for your toolbox.


Tape is an excellent item since you can quickly stick or patch things together. You can use electrical tape to hold or tie wires. You can use masking or duct tape as a temporary fix for loose bumpers, patch leaks on windows, and more.


A flashlight is a great tool to use either day or night. It can help when you're trying to spot something in your engine bay or inside your vehicle. Extra batteries are also good to have so that you can use your flashlight for extended periods if needed.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are most commonly used to help start a vehicle up when it has a dead battery. Using the jumper cables, you'll need another vehicle to help you start your car or vice versa.


You can use pliers to grab hold of things. Some pliers can peel rubber off wire or completely cut wire if needed. You may want to get a few different types of pliers when buying tools for your toolbox to accommodate different needs.

In Closing

Truck bed tool box

There are a lot of different toolboxes for the Ford Ranger. They can either come specifically for the Ranger or as a universal toolbox that can fit other trucks.

Measuring the length and width of your Ford Ranger's bed is essential because not all Ranger models are the same size, and you'll need to make a few modifications if the box you get is too big.

Also, having the right tools in your toolbox is essential to have to in case of an emergency.

With the right tools, you can quickly fix problems you may encounter while driving, such as a flat tire, a leak, and more. Not only can you fix your car, but you can also help other motorists who may have vehicle problems.

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