What To Wear As Motorcycle Passenger? [6 Items You Should Seriously Consider]

Riding as a motorcycle passenger is a prime example of a time when you might not know what to wear. Safety is the number one priority when considering motorcycle clothing. You're probably wondering if your sneakers and jeans are okay for the ride. And, how to protect your face from bugs? Don't worry because we've researched what to wear on a motorcycle to help get you covered from head to toe.

When deciding what to wear as a motorcycle passenger, you should primarily consider safety and weather; choose clothing that fully covers your body and provides adequate protection. To ride safely and comfortably, include these items in your passenger ensemble:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Long pants
  • Jacket
  • Boots
  • Gloves

Of course, you want to be comfortable and fashionable too, and not just fully armored while riding as a motorcycle passenger. Keep reading as we describe various pieces of motorcycle clothing and gear, discuss materials, and show you that that motorcycle wear offers the necessary protection with style. 

Side view of couple driving fast on highway on their supercharged motorcycle, What To Wear As Motorcycle Passenger? [6 Items You Should Seriously Consider]


Motorcycle Clothing


Long Pants

Long pants are essential when riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. You are seated near a hot exhaust pipe, which can leave a nasty burn on a bare leg. Motorcycle pants are typically made from materials like leather or Kevlar. Leather offers the best protection against abrasions in the unfortunate event of an accident. Click here to see leather motorcycle pants on Amazon.

However, if you need a protective layer over your street clothes, wear leather chaps. Full chaps buckle around the waist, with zip-legs to wrap around your pants. Click here to see full leather chaps on Amazon.

Half-chaps fasten around your calf to protect legs from hot components on the bike. These leather chaps are adjustable, so offer quick protection for passengers who might not otherwise be appropriately dressed. Click here to see half-chaps on Amazon.

What Kind of Jeans Do Bikers Wear?

Unfortunately, denim jeans are not the safest because this fabric provides little protection in an accident. Bikers wear jeans specifically made for motorcycle riding, made from Kevlar or fabric blends with reinforced inserts. You'll find that motorcycle jeans look similar to regular blue jeans. Click here to see this pair on Amazon.


You'll need a protective jacket to cover any tops you wear. Your comfort is important, but the level of protection provided by the jacket is crucial because your torso is vulnerable to any hazards that might fly into you, even with someone driving in front. Leather, specifically cowhide, is the most common choice among bikers because the material is pliable, breathable, and fends best against abrasion. Click here to see this leather motorcycle jacket on Amazon.

There are other motorcycle jacket materials as well, such as Cordura, as seen on the jacket featured below. Alternative materials to leather often feature water-resistant qualities to keep you warm and dry. Click here to see this Cordura ladies jacket on Amazon.

Motorcycle Footwear

Leather Boots

Leather boots, either tall or ankle-high, are the best option for motorcycle footwear. The high leather top protects your legs and ankles from burns and abrasions. Not only that, but the sturdiness of a boot sole versus a street shoe helps add protection to your feet in case of an accident. Motorcycle boots or similar come in various styles to pair with your outfit, whether riding casually or headed out on the town. Click here to see this pair of motorcycle dress boots on Amazon.

Can You Wear Trainers On a Motorcycle?

Trainers, sneakers, or tennis shoes shouldn't be worn on a motorcycle. Sneaker materials can melt, causing you injury or expense. Most likely, a melted shoe requires special cleaning to remove the remnants from your friend's motorcycle pipes. There are unique, comfortable motorcycle shoes available to give the appearance of regular sneakers. Click here to see this pair by MOTO-BOY on Amazon.

Head Protection & Comfort


A helmet can be the one thing that keeps you from permanent injury or death in case of an accident. Motorcycle helmets save an average of 2000 people a year. There are several different helmets, but a full-face or modular helmet offers the most protection. Click here to see this helmet on Amazon.

Now, you're wondering what to wear under the helmet. Don't worry; we've got that covered too! The first tip, do not wear a hat underneath a motorcycle helmet because it can cause the helmet to shift and not cushion your head adequately during an accident.

Check out our related article, How To Wear Your Hair When Riding A Motorcycle, for everything you need to know about appropriate headgear while riding a motorcycle. 

Glasses & Goggles

Your eyes have to be covered, most likely by a helmet shield. If your helmet does not feature a shield, there are many types of motorcycle glasses and goggles available. From clear to darkly tinted sunglasses, you are sure to find the best pair for your needs. Click here to see this pair of adjustable goggles on Amazon.


Should You Wear Gloves When Riding a Motorcycle?

You should wear gloves while riding a motorcycle because your hands are exposed to the apparent wind, weather conditions, and possible projectiles. A pair of leather gloves will suffice if you do not have motorcycle gloves. Of course, during inclement winter weather, you might prefer a glove that provides extra warmth. Click here to see this pair of touchscreen motorcycle gloves on Amazon.

Before you purchase a pair of motorcycle gloves, please read, 16 Types of Motorcycle Gloves You Need To Know.

Wallets & Purses

Vibrations from the bike can cause wallets and other items to fall out of your pockets. You may have seen bikers wearing chains on their wallets. That's not just for cosmetic value. The chain connects the wallet to the pants, so it does not get lost. Click here to see this wallet chain on Amazon.

A purse with a long strap can easily get torn from the wearer. Consider trading out your usual purse for a fanny-pack, leg-bag, or backpack if you plan to ride a motorcycle. Both of these accessories fit securely around your body and keep your belongings safely in a zippered pouch. Click here to see this thigh drop leg-bag on Amazon.

There are many fashionable options for wallets and purses, but we'd recommend securing your valuables in the seat (or storage compartment) of the motorcycle while you ride.  


If you are wearing jewelry while riding a motorcycle, it should be kept close to the skin and not dangling or hanging out anywhere. Consider the driver where jewelry is concerned because they might have long hair or jacket fringe that could get tangled.

How can I be a better motorcycle passenger?

In addition to what you wear, a passenger should be responsible for following the rules of the road, listening to the driver, and not goofing. Moreover, you can help the driver by staying alert and looking out for any hazards or problems.

In Conclusion

Side view of couple driving fast on highway on their supercharged motorcycle, What To Wear As Motorcycle Passenger? [6 Items You Should Seriously Consider]

Now you know that when you ride as a passenger, dressing for safety is the top priority. While motorcycle clothing, shoes, and accessories are designed with safety in mind, the materials also prove comfortable and fashionable for any riding conditions or social occasion. So, gear up and arrive at your destination in style!

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