What Toy Haulers Have The Largest Garages?

Toy haulers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while bringing some fun on the road with you. If you just want to bring a single ATV with you, most toy haulers will do the job. But what if you're looking to bring multiple or larger toys along? Which toy haulers can fit the most in their garages? We've found the info you need!

One of the toy haulers with the largest garage is the Momentum 30G by Grand Design. Its garage comes in at a whopping 20'7" length. Any garage length longer than 13' is on the long side for a toy hauler. Travel trailers and 5th-wheels tend to have longer garages than motorhome toy haulers.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Momentum 30G as well as other toy haulers with impressive garage space. We'll cover both travel-trailer and 5th-wheel form, but also some surprising Type A and Type C toy-hauling motorhomes. On top of that, we'll also see which brands have achieved accolades and awards for their toy haulers. Read on to learn all about it!

A huge and luxurious Class A RV on the parking lot, What Toy Haulers Have The Largest Garages?

What sizes do toy haulers come in?

Toy haulers range from the smallest of pop-up trailers to massive motorhomes. While 30' is a typical length for a toy hauler trailer or 5th-wheel, many are shorter or longer.

The smallest toy hauler on the market today is the SylvanSport Go, a pop-up toy hauler just 11'11" long with a 7' garage. This toy hauler may remind you more of a large, comfortable tent than a luxury RV even when fully popped up. It's great for those who don't mind roughing it a bit or want to stay in campgrounds with smaller plots.

On the opposite of the spectrum are some of the larger and more luxurious 5th-wheel toy haulers. The Luxe Toy Hauler 48B is an astounding 43'2" long, but that extra space affords you a more luxurious living area plus a 16'4"-long garage. At this length, it's best to check ahead if the grounds you're staying at offers plots you'll be able to access.

How big is a toy hauler garage?

Much like toy haulers themselves, toy hauler garages come in a variety of sizes. While they can be as small as 7', most range between 9' and 13' in length. Anything longer than 13' would be considered a huge garage. A few toy haulers go well beyond the ordinary.

Momentum 30G by Grand Design

Which toy hauler garage is the biggest? The 20'7" garage in the Momentum 30G by Grand Design is definitely one of the largest on the market. It was also awarded one of the best toy hauler travel trailers of 2021 by RV News.

Grand Design achieves this remarkable length by including much of the living area in the garage. Because of this, the garage narrows from 6'7" width for the first 13'3" of length to 6'2.5" for the 7'4" of length remaining.

That is still plenty of space for most offroad vehicles that find their way into toy haulers. However, if you're planning on bringing a fleet of toys with you, you might want to make sure those dimensions work for you.

Take a tour of the Momentum 30G in the video below.

Torque T281 and T285

The Torque T281 and T285 from Heartland RVs both feature impressive 16' long garages. By changing the floorplans, Heartland was able to achieve this despite the fact that the T281 is a solid 3'3" shorter than the T285 in total length.

Much like the Momentum 30G, these dimensions are accomplished by including living area sections in the garage, typically partitioned out. Check out both floor plans to see how they work for you and your toys.

You can get a walkthrough of the Torque T281 in the video below.

Who makes the largest toy hauler travel trailer?

While the largest toy haulers tend to be 5th-wheels, travel trailers can still reach truly massive lengths. Some of the largest toy hauler travel trailers approach 40' in exterior length.

The Vengeance Rogue 32V by Forest River

The Vengeance Rogue by Forest River is one of the largest by far. While it comes in floorplans at more typical lengths, like the 30'6" 25V, the 32V is an impressive 39'3" long.

Take a quick tour of it in the video below.

The Puma XLE LITE 31BHSC by Palomino

The Puma XLE LITE 31BHSC from Palomino is another travel trailer with the length of a 5th-wheel. While not as long as the Vengeance Rogue 32V, it approaches it at 35'6" of exterior length.

You can get a feel for this toy hauler travel trailer in this video.

What is the highest-rated 5th wheel toy hauler?

There are a lot of great 5th-wheel toy haulers to choose from. Every toy hauler we've linked to here is a great choice, but some have achieved higher accolades.

One of the top-rated 5th-wheel toy haulers is Grand Design's Momentum. The Momentum by Grand Design also comes available as a 5th-wheel. Grand Design has been included in the Quality Circle Award by the National RV Dealers Association each year since 2013. RV Magazine's readers also gave them the gold in both the 5th -wheel and Toy Hauler categories in their 2020 Reader's Choice Awards, their most recent award season.

The silver in the toy hauler category went to Forest River, another notable brand with fantastic options. Like Grand Design, they have been included in the National RV Dealers Association Quality Circle Award for years. Their Rogue Armored 351 has been singled out as one of the best 5th-wheel toy haulers of 2021 by RV News.

Fifth-wheels tend to be larger and heavier than travel trailers, often requiring a large towing capacity. To learn more about towing a 5th-wheel, check out our article "Can You Tow a 5th Wheel in a Half-Ton Truck?"

What motorhomes have garages?

While most toy haulers on the market are travel trailers or 5th-wheels, there are some toy hauler motorhomes too. These motorhomes are typically Type A or C, as it's uncommon for a Type B to have sufficient space and hauling power.

The main difference between these motorhomes is the chassis on which they're built.

The garages in these motorhomes tend to be on the smaller side, typically from 8' to 10'. They also generally load higher than other toy haulers, meaning the ramp will be steeper, making loading some vehicles a little more challenging.

Now, let's look at some of the top toy hauler motorhomes.

Canyon Star 3927 by Newmar

While the Canyon Star comes in a variety of floorplans, only the Canyon Star 3927 features a garage. This garage is 10' deep and 8'11.5" wide, so you'll have room for plenty of toys. It also has an impressive estimated cargo capacity of 5,400 lbs, but keep in mind that includes your non-toy cargo too.

We're not the only ones who have taken notice of the Canyon Star. It was awarded 2021's best Type A Diesel Toy Hauler by RV News.

You can see a walkthrough of the Canyon Star 3927 from the North Trail RV Center in the video below:

Thor Outlaw

The Outlaw Class A and the Outlaw Class C are both great toy hauler motorhomes. The Class C features a smaller garage, just 8'by 8', but that is still enough space for most toys you might find yourself hauling.

If you are looking for more space, both Class A floorplans feature 8' by 10'2" garages. With that extra length, you'll have enough space to bring toys for the whole family. The garage door converts into a patio, so you can get the most out of your time in the great outdoors.

Get a peak at the 2022 Thor Outlaw Class A in this video from the makers themselves:

Showhauler Motorhome with Garage

Another Class C toy hauler option, the Showhauler Motorhome with Garage has five floor plans to choose from. They range from 9'6" to 12" in length, making it the motorhome with the largest garage options.

Showhauler also builds their motorhomes on a powerful truck chassis. Because of this, their vehicles are rated for higher weights than your typical motorhome.

See a walkthrough of a typical Showhauler setup in the video from Performance TX below:

How much weight can I load in my toy hauler?

Remember that size isn't everything. It may be tempting to pack whatever will fit into your toy hauler's garage, but you might regret it. Exceeding your toy hauler's cargo carrying capacity is dangerous and makes you liable for any accidents you may encounter. If you have a 5th-wheel or travel trailer toy hauler, make sure you're not exceeding your vehicle's towing capacity for the same reason.

You can learn more about this topic, typical toy weights, and other issues in our article "How Much Weight Can A Toy Hauler Carry?"

In Closing

Not everyone needs a massive garage in their toy hauler. If you have some sizeable side-by-sides or a full fleet of enduro bikes to take on your trips, the toy haulers we've looked at today should keep you covered. Not only do they offer ample area in their spacious garages, they'll keep you comfy and happy as you explore the great outdoors.

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