What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull?

When it comes to capable full-size pickup trucks, the Tundra certainly stands out. But just like any truck, it has its limits. You might be thinking about purchasing a travel trailer, but you need one suitable for your Toyota Tundra. We have done the research and put together some information to help you decide which travel trailer might be right for you. 

The Toyota Tundra is considered a half-ton truck with a towing capacity between 4,000-10,800 pounds depending on the year, model, and drivetrain. Therefore, a travel trailer between 2,000-7,000 pounds is considered safe.

This range leaves many options for travel trailers that the Tundra can haul without any problems. Let's break down trailer options into the following categories, and we'll take a closer look at:

  • Teardrop trailers
  • Pop-up trailers
  • Airstream
  • Ultra-lite
  • Standard

If you still have some questions about Tundras and travel trailers, don't worry. In this guide, we will talk more about the categories with current examples in each one. We will also cover more specific questions and information about the towing ability of the Toyota Tundra. Without further ado, let's get into it.


A blue teardrop camping trailer on the roadside along the Oregon Coast. What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull

Travel Trailer Categories

Travel trailer is a term that describes an RV that is pulled behind the vehicle by a hitch. Travel trailers average in length between 10-38 feet in and weigh between 1,000-10,000+ pounds.

Red 2023 Toyota Tundra on Gulf Freeway, What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull?

This weight range leaves room for a wide variety of options, and we will take a look at a few in more detail that fall within the Toyota Tundra's towing capacity. 


Teardrop Trailers

A modern version of a classic teardrop camping trailer.

A teardrop trailer is a compact camper designed for two people, although some can accommodate three people with fundamental amenities.

This type of camper is usually no more than 10 feet in length and 6 feet in width. They are very lightweight and easily hauled by vehicles with a lower towing capacity like some of the older model Tundras. 

Popular models include the following:

  • NuCamp TAB 400 is a luxury teardrop with many features not often found in compact travel trailers. 
    • Dry Weight = 2,840 pounds 
    • Tongue Weight = 318 pounds
  • Escapod Explore TOP02 is an off-road teardrop trailer for rugged adventurers. It is built to go wherever you want to go. 
    • Dry Weight = 1,500 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 135 pounds
  • Little Guy Max is another teardrop trailer with luxury in mind. It has everything you need in a deluxe compact space. 
    • Dry Weight = 3,010 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 310 pounds

Pop-Up Trailers

Meerkat tiny camper is setup with awning

Pop-up trailers are loved because of their ability to offer plenty of space while camping but with a collapsable design that allows for easy storage without taking up much space at home. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Forest River Rockwood Roo is a hard shell with pop-out extensions.    
    • Dry Weight = between 4,259 - 5,639 pounds
    • Tongue Weight  = between 434 - 738 pounds
  • TrailManor 3124  is another hardshell pop-up with all the extras, including a bathroom and quick two-minute set-up.  
    • Dry Weight = 3,200 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 490 pounds
  •  Coachmen Clipper is a practical but stunning pop-up full of features and conveniences. 
    • Dry Weight = between 1,418 - 2,840 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between 167 - 296 pounds


Camper trailer on the shore of bay

The Airstream is well known and easily recognized for its iconic silver bullet look. It is classic Americana RV.

Here are a few of the options offered by Airstream:

  • Classic is the Airstream that you know and love. 
    • Dry Weight = 7,900 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 850 pounds
  • BaseCamp is a basic compact Airstream that can go anywhere. 
    • Dry Weight = 2,650 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 410 pounds
  • Flying Cloud is the most versatile of the airstream family, with a floor plan for everyone. 
    • Dry Weight = 5,000 pounds
    • Tongue Weight =675 pounds

Lightweight & Ultra-Lite

Recreational Vehicle Camping. Vacation in a Travel Trailer

Lightweight campers are generally those that weigh less than 6,000 pounds. Ultra-Lite travel trailers are lightweight campers aerodynamically designed to help with fuel mileage.

This type of travel trailer is built with materials that allow the camper to weigh less without sacrificing space and comfort, even though they are more compact than standard travel trailers. 

Consider these options:

  • Lance Ultra Lites are a variety of Ultra-Lite models with many features and options.  
    • Dry Weight = between 2,800 - 5,875 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between 250 - 665  pounds
  • Venture Sonic offers floorplans with style, comfort, solid construction, and towing efficiency.  
    • Dry Weight = between 3,880 - 4770 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between 390 - 600 pounds
  • Forest River No Boundaries 19 Series is upscale, ergonomic, and ready for adventure. 
    • Dry Weight = between 1,570 - 4,284 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between 210 - 720 pounds


A fifth wheel trailer rv camping in front of a mountain range with the awning extended

Travel trailers come in a range of lengths and can easily weigh over 10,000 pounds. We've focused on a few options under 7,000 pounds suitable for a Toyota Tundra with a 10,000-pound towing capacity. 

  • Heartland Fuel F-250 is the rare toy hauler to make a list. Fully loaded, it's going to push the upper limits but, if done right, it will work.  
    • Dry Weight = 6,700 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = 820 pounds
  • KZ Connect SE is modern, spacious, and ready to connect with nature.   
    • Dry Weight = between 4,610 - 7,340 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between  630 - 930 pounds
  • Grand Design Imagine offers luxury that you don't have to imagine.   
    • Dry Weight = between 5,795 - 8,496 pounds
    • Tongue Weight = between  505 - 844 pounds

While many travel trailer options are suitable for towing by the Toyota Tundra, you should probably avoid heavier RVs such as toy haulers and fifth-wheels.

There are smaller options in these categories that might work, but overall these types of RVs are going to exceed the towing capacity for the Tundra. Remember, with a toy hauler, you also have to figure the weight of the toys. 

Can a Tundra pull a 30-foot trailer?

Red 2023 Toyota Tundra on Gulf Freeway

It is important to remember that weight is more important than length when referencing towing ability and capacity. While size and weight are often proportional, this is not always the case.

Construction materials make a difference. However, on average, a 30-foot travel trailer generally weighs between 4,300-4,900 pounds dry weight, so it should still be an easy pull for a Tundra with a 10,000 towing capacity, even fully loaded with tanks and cargo. 

Now, if you are talking about a 30-foot utility or flatbed trailer, this will be a different story. The trailer itself might weigh well under the towing capacity, but you have to figure in the weight of the cargo. 

The GVWR for many trailers this length can range up to 34,000 pounds. This weight far exceeds the towing capacity of the Toyota Tundra. It is vital to know the weight of your cargo as well as the weight of your trailer. 

Can a Toyota Tundra pull 10,000 pounds?

Depending on the year and model, most Toyota Tundra trucks are rated with a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. You should check the door panel or owner's manual for the rating for your specific truck. 

You also have to keep in mind the payload capacity is lower for the 2021 Toyota Tundra than some of its competitors. It comes in a little over 1,6oo pounds for payload. The payload has to include your passengers, luggage, and all cargo weight.

The hitch weight and payload capacity have to be compatible. If not, you may max out the payload capacity before the towing capacity when you start trying to tow larger trailer trailers.  

Do Tundras have good towing capacity?

Image of a modified Toyota Tundra for off road trail and towing. What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull

For a half-ton truck, the Toyota Tundra has an adequate towing capacity. Compared to others in its class, it's doesn't have the highest towing capacity, but there is still enough to handle most jobs.

Tundras are considered a real value based on the V8 engine and towing package being part of the standard equipment. While it may not have all the bells and whistles, it has everything needed to be a respectable towing truck. 

For more information about towing with a 2021 Toyota Tundra, check out this YouTube video:

Can a Tundra pull a car trailer?

The average car trailer weighs between 1,500-2,800 pounds and has a GVWR between 6,000-15,000 pounds.  This leaves the average load capacity for a car trailer at approximately 7,000 pounds. 

  • The average small car weighs just under 3,000 pounds, while the average large car weighs closer to 4,500 pounds.
  • The average small truck weighs just over 3,000 pounds, while the average large truck is over 6,500 pounds.

Based on these calculations, a Toyota Tundra with a 10,000-pound load capacity could pull a loaded car trailer with most cars and probably a small-to-medium truck. However, if you get an extremely heavy trailer and vehicle, you might be pushing the limits of the Tundra. 

How much will a Tundra tow?

A Tundra can tow up to the manufacturer's recommended towing capacity. The towing capacity of each model Tundra is different based on the year, model, and drivetrain options.

To find the towing capacity for your specific vehicle, consult the owner's manual or the sticker located inside the driver's side door. For a glance, click here for a chart from Toyota by year model with ranges. 

How much weight can a 2020 Tundra tow?

According to the owner's manual, the 2020 Toyota Tundra has a towing capacity of between 7,800 - 10,200 pounds.  The standard bed 2WD has the maximum towing capacity, while the extended bed 4WD has the least. 

In Closing

Blue teardrop camping trailer with doors open and view to interior, setup at a campsite surrounded by redwood trees. What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull, What Size Travel Trailer Can A Tundra Pull?

The Toyota Tundra is a good choice for a full-size truck. It has the towing capacity to handle many types of travels trailers and pretty much anything else that the average person would need to tow without any issues.

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