What’s The Best Oil and Oil Filter for a GMC Acadia?

It's never a good idea to put the wrong kind of oil in your vehicle. If you are preparing to change the oil in your GMC Acadia, it's essential to know what acceptable types are best suited for your specific needs. For this reason, we searched through top sources to pinpoint the best oils for your GMC Acadia. Our findings are outlined below. 

GMC recommends using full synthetic motor oils that are Dexos1 certified. The best viscosity for all GMC Acadia models is SAE 5W-30. However, if you are driving in an area where the temperature falls below -20 degrees Fahrenheit, you should use SAE 0W-30 engine oil. 

Don't stop here. You still need to know about oil changes for the GMC Acadia. Stick around to discover the best brands for your Acadia, how many quarts of oil it takes, how often you should change the oil, the best filters, and more. 

GMC Acadia Denali at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, What's The Best Oil and Oil Filter for a GMC Acadia?

What is the Best Oil for GMC Acadia?

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Choosing the right oil for your Acadia is extremely important. Using the wrong viscosity can be detrimental, and different brands provide a wide array of benefits to your vehicle. For all models of the GMC Acadia, SAE 5W-30 is the best choice for engine oil. The only exception is when you are driving in temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. In those situations, you should use SAE 0W-30. 

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It is not enough to change your oil or mix new oil with the old. Instead, you must drain the old oil completely, replacing it with the new. Additionally, you must replace the dirty filter. Otherwise, it won't be able to trap grime and debris, causing harmful buildups of sludge and other particles.

If you plan to tackle this endeavor yourself or prefer to purchase your own oil and take it to the mechanic, keep in mind that you will need more than one bottle. Your GMC Acadia requires between 5 and 6 quarts of oil, depending on the size of your engine. 

Best Oils for GMC Acadia

According to GMC, all oils should be dexos1 approved. Using unapproved products could harm your engine and void your warranty. If you are unsure, check the bottle; the dexos1 emblem should be located on the front of the container. 

1. Castrol Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

For a synthetic motor oil compatible with your Acadia, try Castrol Edge 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic. Today's engines are under a lot of pressure, meaning your vehicle needs extra protection. Castrol offers fluid titanium technology that works hard even under the strongest pressure, protecting your vehicle throughout the entire drain interval. 

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2. Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you do a lot of driving and want to change your oil less, this product guarantees 20,000 miles between oil changes. Pair it with an extended mile filter for best results. If you do a significant amount of hauling and towing or live in a humid, dusty area, you need this oil. It will also protect your vehicle in extremely hot environments and during short trips and frequent idling. 

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3. Mobil 1 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 is the official motor oil of Nascar. Using this product can help extend your GMC Acadia's engine life and prevent dangerous sludge buildup. It comes with a 10,000-mile guarantee, allowing longer intervals between oil changes. Mobil 1 also provides protection against low-speed pre-ignition and timing chain wear. It also improves your gas mileage. 

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4. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil 

If your Acadia has more than 75,000 miles, you need an engine oil tailored to your vehicle's needs. Pennzoil Platinum High Mileage offers the extra care your car needs, keeping your pistons cleaner and your engine running smoothly. Unlike other oils, Pennzoil is made from natural gas, which causes less oil burn-off than crude oil products. You'll also benefit from faster low-temperature oil flow and decreased loss of horsepower. 

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5. Triax Synergy SRT 5W-30 Full Synthetic PAO and Ester Engine Oil

Triax Senergy SRT is a Moly enriched engine oil approved by General Motors. You'll enjoy three times extended drain intervals, allowing 15,000 miles between oil changes or up to two years. It keeps your engine clean with extreme oxidation stability and flow performance along with excellent friction optimization and extended engine life. 

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6. ACDelco GM Original Equipment dexos1 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil

ACDelco is recommended by General Motors and is part of its original equipment line. With this full synthetic motor oil, you'll enjoy reduced engine wear and extreme temperature protection. It fights against sludge buildup and offers longer change intervals than conventional motor oil. 

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7. Royal Purple High Performance Motor Oil 5W-30

If you want a dexos1 oil that protects your engine but costs less than other leading brands, you need Royal Purple High Performance. It is less expensive but has all the benefits of full synthetic motor oil. You'll benefit from longer intervals between oil changes, extended engine life, increased wear protection, and better fuel economy. Additionally, you'll get extra protection against low-speed pre-ignition and improved compatibility with ethanol-containing fuels. 

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Best Filters for GMC Acadia

When choosing an oil filter for your Acadia, it's important to check the specifications to make sure it will fit. You should also ensure that it is compatible with the type of oil you choose, synthetic or conventional. 

1. Castrol 20,000 Mile Premium Synthetic Oil Filter

This filter is the perfect pair for Castrol Edge Extended Performance Advanced Full Synthetic motor oil. These two products allow you to drive 20,000 miles between oil changes when paired. If you don't choose the corresponding oil, don't worry; it is compatible with all brands. The filter is compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils.

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2. Wix Engine Motor Oil Filter

Wix oil filters are compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils. You can pair it with your favorite brand; however, it does not provide extended miles between filter changes. 

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3. ACDelco GM Original Equipment Engine Oil Filter

ACDelco oil filters are approved by General Motors, making them one of the best choices for your Acadia. This filter works hard, catching particles 1/3 the width of a strand of hair before sending clean results to your engine. It also offers high burst strengths, making it more durable than other products. 

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4. VP Racing 20,000 Mile Premium Full Synthetic Oil Filter

Don't let the name fool you; this filter is not just for racing vehicles. It provides extra performance for vehicles used for the toughest purposes. It is compatible with conventional, semi-synthetic, or synthetic motor oils. Additionally, you can pair this filter with an extended life oil, giving you 20,000 miles between oil changes. 

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Additional Questions

What kind of oil does the GMC Acadia use?

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Your GMC Acadia requires synthetic motor oil. It is compatible with SAE 5W-30. However, if you are driving in temperatures less than -20 degrees Fahrenheit, you should use SAE 0W-30. 

How many quarts of oil does a GMC Acadia take? 

If your GMC Acadia is AWD, it holds six quarts of oil with the filter. However, if your Acadia is FWD, it will only hold five quarts of oil with the filter. 

How often should you change the oil on a GMC Acadia? 

Since the Acadia uses synthetic motor oil, you only need to change the oil every 7,000 - 10,000 miles. However, some types of oil allow you to go longer intervals between oil changes, guaranteeing anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 miles. If using an extended drain oil, make sure to pair it with an extended life oil filter. 

How do you reset the oil life on a GMC Acadia?

Place your key in the ignition to reset your oil life reminder on your GMC Acadia. Turn it to the "on" position, but do not start the engine. Scroll through the display until you find the oil life indicator. Next, hold down the button for approximately five seconds. You should hear a beeping sound, and the indicator will revert to 100% oil life. 


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Regular maintenance is essential to keep your GMC Acadia in good condition and running for a long time. One of the most important maintenance procedures is keeping your oil changed regularly. You must ensure that you are using the specified oil for your vehicle when doing so. In this case, you should be using SAE 5W-30 dexos1 full synthetic motor oil.

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