What’s The Best Oil For Kia Seltos?

The oil you use is the lifeblood of your vehicle and should be selected with care. If you are driving a Kia Seltos and are wanting to know what the best kind of oil to use is, we can help you. We researched this popular vehicle from multiple professional sources so that you will have a definitive answer.

The following brands are the most recommended for the Kia Seltos

  • Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Oil 0W-20
  • Amsoil Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Idemitsu Full Synthetic 5W-20
  • Red Line 0W-20

Now that we know the best oil for the Kia Seltos, we'll take a look at the best brands for the job. You might also be wondering if Kia recommends synthetic oil, or how often you should change the oil in this vehicle. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered. 

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Best brands of oil for the Kia Seltos

Here, we'll get into a bit more detail on each of the brands of motor oil we believe are best for your Kia Seltos.

Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic Oil 0W-20

This synthetic oil from Castrol is easy on the budget and is engineered to work best for vehicles that operate in extremely cold temperatures. 

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Amsoil Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

For those who might not be driving consistently in cold climates, this brand of synthetic motor oil offers maximum protection.

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Idemitsu Full Synthetic 5W-20

This brand is great for protecting the Seltos' engine from wear. It is also superior in reducing emissions.

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Red Line 0W-20

This brand works great for small SUVs and hybrid vehicles. If you are driving your Seltos in an area where temperatures are below freezing for extended periods, Red Line 0W-20 is a great fit. 

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Does Kia recommend synthetic oil?

The owner's manual for the Kia Seltos doesn't specify whether to use standard motor oil or a synthetic variety. But most auto experts will agree that synthetic motor oil is a better product for modern engines. They might be a bit more expensive, but they pack a lot of benefits.

Synthetic oil will allow for much longer periods in between oil and oil filter changes. They will also lubricate better, and have a lot less debris and gunk that will build up inside. 

Consult your dealership or a trusted local mechanic as to what oil is best for your vehicle. 

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How much oil does a Kia Seltos take?

The amount of oil that is required for a Kia Seltos will vary slightly from trim level to trim level. If you are driving the LS, S, or EX,  the crankcase will take 4.3 quarts. But if you have the S 1.6 T or the SX trim level, you'll need to have a bit more motor oil on hand. These models will hold 4.75 quarts of oil.

Having the proper amount of oil in your engine is important. If you fail to use enough, your engine will not be able to effectively lubricate itself, which will result in the engine getting too hot. When this happens, an excessive amount of heat will cause expensive damage.

If you pour too much oil into your crankcase, you will surely cause the excess oil to overflow. This can create a real mess. You'll most likely not be able to remove all of the spilled oil, the remaining amounts of which will burn off as the engine gets hot. While this won't cause any damage, it's sure to smell until it has evaporated.

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How often should you change the oil in a Kia Seltos?

Making certain that you always adhere to the maintenance schedule provided by the auto manufacturer is critical for several reasons. Having a car that is maintained well will make it last a lot longer, and will also keep it running smoothly. Doing so will also keep you from incurring costly repairs that could otherwise be avoided.

Changing the oil in your Kia is an important part of this maintenance schedule. How often this vital fluid is changed will depend upon what type of oil you are using. Should you be using the recommended synthetic motor oil, you can expect to have it (and the oil filter) changed every 7,500 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first. But if you are driving in adverse conditions consistently, you are encouraged to have it changed more frequently.

If you are using standard motor oil for your Kia Seltos, the Kia owner's manual states that you should change the oil every 3,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first.

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How do you change the oil in a Kia Seltos?

Having a mechanic or the dealership change out your oil and oil filter has a cost associated with it, but there are some major advantages to having someone else do this for you. It will be expertly done, and be done quickly. A professional also has a way to dispose of the used fluids, which is also a giant plus. 

For those of you that enjoy doing your own vehicle maintenance, you'll find that changing the oil on a Kia Seltos isn't overly complicated. You'll need a new oil filter, an appropriate amount of new oil, an oil filter wrench, and a socket set. A rag and an oil drip pan are also required.

You will also need to have either a car jack with jack stands or ramps. For the sake of these instructions, we'll recommend using ramps.

Elevate the vehicle

Before you get to the dirty work, you'll first need to raise the front end of your Seltos. This will allow you to safely crawl underneath it so that you will be able to drain the oil from the engine. With the help of a friend to guide you, carefully drive up car ramps that are placed in front of each front tire.

When your Seltos is in place at the top of the ramps, you'll want to make sure it's secured. Chock the rear tires, and be sure you have the vehicle in "park."

Remove the old oil

Now it's time to get a little dirty. Locate the oil plug on the bottom of the oil pan. This will be directly below the engine of the Seltos. Using a 17mm socket, loosen the oil plug.

The oil might be hot, so using gloves is advised. It will also pour out quickly, so be sure to have the oil pan ready to catch it. Otherwise, you'll have a mess on the ground to contend with.

As soon as the oil has slowed down to a few drips, you'll be ready to proceed to the next step.

Remove the old oil filter

Position the oil pan under the oil filter. Using the oil filter wrench, loosen the filter until you can slowly unscrew it from its position. Oil will run out of this spot too, so be prepared.

Set aside the old filter in a safe spot where it won't drip any oil out onto the ground.

Replace drain plug

This is a pretty important step. Not having your drain plug in place will make all the new oil you'll be pouring into the crankcase leak all over the ground. And if you don't realize that it's happening, your Seltos won't get enough oil pressure. This can cause some expensive and messy damage.

Carefully replace the drain plug using the same 17mm socket that you removed it with. It should be more than hand-tight so that no fluid will escape from the oil pan.

Install new filter

Using a few dabs of new oil from one of the quarts you just purchased, carefully lubricate the seal of the new filter. Then, slowly screw it into place by hand, securing it with the oil filter wrench. Like the oil drain plug, it needs to be more than just hand tightened. But don't overdo it here, or it will be difficult to remove when it's time to change it out in the future.

Fill the crankcase with new oil

Now that the new filter is secure and the drain plug is back in place, it's time to pour in the new oil. Depending on which trim level you have, you'll need anywhere from 4.3 to 4.75 quarts. These amounts are discussed earlier in this post.

After filling up the crankcase with the new oil, be sure to secure the oil cap. This should be hand-tightened.

Double-check your work

Before you drive off the ramps, make sure that your drain plug and new filter are in place. Look for any dripping that might indicate improperly securing either of these items. Make sure the oil cap is firmly in place. 

If all is well, you're just about finished here.

Drive off the ramps

Unchock the wheels, start up your engine, and slowly back down the ramps. Dispose of the old oil that was captured in the drain pan and the old filter in accordance with the laws in your area.

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In conclusion

While Kia can use standard oil, a synthetic motor oil works best for modern engines.  Changing the oil out can be easily done at home, so long as you have the right tools at hand. Having it changed at recommended intervals will make your Kia Seltos last a lot longer. Drive safe!

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