When Do Ice Cream Trucks Come? Here’s How To Find Out [in 2023]

As a kid, nothing was more exciting than hearing the sound of an ice cream truck coming through your neighborhood.

However, knowing when they would come was almost impossible to predict. So, is there a way to know when an ice cream truck will come into your area? And when exactly do ice cream trucks start making their rounds each year?

We've found the answer to this question for you!

Ice cream trucks start making their rounds on the first day of summer (June 21st). They typically hit the road around 10:00 AM and finish around 7:00 PM.

Luckily, with the creation of mobile apps and social media platforms, ice cream fanatics can now track the location of ice cream trucks in their area. If you or your children want to find the location of an ice cream truck, then check the following:

  • Local Facebook pages
  • Local Apps on Appstore
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Google Navigation Search
  • Ask the truck driver

While ice cream trucks may seem like a dying breed, there are still ways to find one to cure your sweet tooth.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the ways to locate an ice cream truck in your area. In addition, we will answer other frequently asked questions about locating an ice cream truck, so read on!

A brown colored ice cream truck parked on the side of a park, When Do Ice Cream Trucks Come? [Here's How To Find Out]

Is There a Way to Track Ice Cream Trucks?

Locating an ice cream before the internet was much more complicated.

Most people would have to wait until they heard the jingle of the truck's bells or saw the colorful truck driving down their street. However, nowadays, there are a few ways to find an ice cream truck in your area.

The best way to find an ice cream truck is by using a mobile app or social media platform.

Several apps and websites allow you to track the location of an ice cream truck in your area. For example, the "Ice Cream Truck Finder" app lets users see where the nearest ice cream truck is.

In addition, Facebook pages for local ice cream trucks are great resources for finding information about when and where the truck will be visiting your area.

You can join pages specializing in ice cream trucks by doing a quick Facebook search.

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A pink ice cream truck on the streets of New York City

In addition, you can follow local ice cream truck businesses in your area to get updates on their whereabouts.

If you're unfamiliar with using apps or social media, don't worry! You can also use Google navigation to track the location of an ice cream truck.

Simply type in "Ice Cream Truck Location," and the name of your city or town, and Google will give you a list of results.

Another way to locate an ice cream truck is by checking with your local Chamber of Commerce. Some Chambers keep track of when and where the nearest ice cream truck will visit.

How Do You Make an Ice Cream Truck Come to You?

stripes white and pink colored ice cream truck on the park

There is no surefire way to make an ice cream truck come to your house. However, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances.

One way to get the attention of an ice cream truck driver is by waving or clapping your hands. Drivers usually honk their horns when they see someone trying to get their attention.

In addition, you can try calling the ice cream truck company directly. Most companies have a business phone number that you can call to find out where their trucks are located. You can also hire one to cater parties and other events.

Finally, you can also go to your local ice cream truck stop. Most trucks visit popular areas at certain times of the day, so if you can't find one driving around, try going to a pre-determined spot.

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Do Ice Cream Trucks Come at Night?

people wants to buy ice cream on the street of downtown

The answer to this question largely depends on your area. Generally, ice cream trucks visit neighborhoods during the day, but there are some areas where trucks come later in the evening.

If you're having trouble finding an ice cream truck during the daytime, try checking later in the evening. However, please be aware that not all trucks operate at night.

A pink ice cream truck

As mentioned earlier, by joining a local Facebook page or downloading an ice cream truck app, you can get updates on the neighborhoods and what time the truck will be in your area.

How Do Ice Cream Trucks Keep Ice Cream Cold?

Most ice cream trucks use a refrigeration system such as chest freezers to keep their ice cream cold.

The system usually contains a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The compressor is the part of the system that compresses the refrigerant gas and sends it through the other parts of the system.

A pink ice cream truck on the streets of New York City

The condenser is where the heat from the refrigerant gas is released, and the evaporator is where the cold air is created. This cool air is then blown into the truck's freezer, which keeps the ice cream cold.

After all, it wouldn't be ice cream if it wasn't cold!

How Much Does it Cost to Convert a Van into an Ice Cream Truck?

colorful ice cream truck parked on the side of the road

The cost of converting a van into an ice cream truck can vary depending on how much work and equipment are needed.

For example, a new commercial chest freezer can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. However, most of the other equipment needed to convert a van into an ice cream truck is relatively affordable.

In addition, if you don't already own a van, you need to take that into the overall costs. Depending on the year, make, and model of the van and its current condition can range widely in costs.

Overall, converting a van into an ice cream truck ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. However, this price can go up if significant work needs to be done or new equipment is needed.

Are Ice Cream Trucks Profitable?

Whether or not an ice cream truck is profitable depends on a number of factors. For example, how often the truck is used, what type of products are sold, and the price point of those products.

A full-time ice cream truck working 20 days a month can make $5,000/month or more by selling $200-$300 of ice cream a day. 

If ice cream trucks have a good catering clientele, then they can be pretty profitable. The reason is that catering means bulk orders that can produce a large amount of revenue in a short period of time.

It is essential to have a good marketing strategy to get your ice cream truck business out to the community!

In addition, selling ice cream in areas with a lot of foot traffic can also be profitable. This is because people are more likely to buy multiple items at once than buying one item and walking away.

However, if an ice cream truck is only used sporadically or is in an area with lower foot traffic, then it may not be as profitable. Overall, ice cream trucks can be profitable if they're used in the right areas.

What Do You Do With an Ice Cream Truck in the Winter?

Most ice cream truck owners will winterize their truck or travel to a different region for events or festivals.

Winterizing an ice cream truck is the process of preparing it for winter weather. This includes ensuring all the equipment is in working order, filling up the propane tanks, and adding antifreeze to the water system.

Ice cream man giving ice cream trucks to his customers

In addition, many ice cream truck owners will cover their truck to protect it from the elements.

Traveling to a different region for events or festivals means that the ice cream truck will be in a warmer climate and can continue selling products. This is generally done between November and February.

Some ice cream truck owners also choose to rent out their trucks during the winter months.

This can be a profitable option as the truck will still be making money, but the owner doesn't have to worry about traveling or maintaining the truck.

Can You Track Mister Softee?

small pibk and white ice cream truck along the road

Mister Softee is a popular ice cream truck franchise that can be found in many areas around the United States.

Although their trucks may not be as common as some of the other brands, they are definitely out there.

Mister Softee now has an app that can be downloaded for iPhone and Android. This app allows users to track the trucks in their area and see when they will arrive.

In addition, there is a Mister Softee Facebook page that people can join. This page updates the trucks' whereabouts and information on special deals and promotions.

If you're looking for a specific truck, then Mr. Softee is an excellent option to try.

Final Thoughts

A brown colored ice cream truck parked on the side of a park, When Do Ice Cream Trucks Come? [Here's How To Find Out]

Ice cream trucks have been a summer staple for decades. They provide a fun and refreshing way for children (and adults) to cool down during the hot summer months.

However, it can be challenging to track down an ice cream truck in your area with the advent of technology. By checking out the resources in this article, you can find the location of the nearest truck and enjoy a delicious treat!

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