Why Do Motorcycle Suits Have A Hump?

As a rider enthusiast or professional, have you ever wondered why motorcycle suits have a hump? The presence of this feature has elicited various responses for some time now. While some have suggested that safety is the primary design feature, others claim it’s meant to boost the aerodynamic performance. We've researched the purpose of a hump in a motorcycle suit to determine the primary benefits for riders.

The hump in a motorcycle suit is beneficial to the rider for both safety and performance because it:

  • facilitates proper airflow around the rider for aerodynamics, 
  • can be used to host fluids meant for hydration, and 
  • can be used to store safety LEDs and electronic gadgets.

Please keep reading because we will reveal more about the motorcycle suit hump, such as how it works. We'll also recommend some of the best suits with the hump on the market. So, let’s get going!

Motorcycle racing suits display, Why Do Motorcycle Suits Have A Hump?

The Hump as an Aerodynamic Element

It’s no secret that aerodynamic drag determines the winners and losers of speed racing by almost 90%. Drag is a force that tries to prevent the quick movement of a bike through the air. This force is created due to the pressure difference between the rear and the front of the bike.

So, with the hump occupying the space between your helmet and your suit, air flows smoothly over your suit to reduce turbulence. Turbulence leads to aerodynamic resistance, which then leads to loss of the much-needed maximum velocity. Simply put, it reduces the speed of your bike. Apart from enhanced airflow, your tucked position, coupled with an integrated helmet, benefits greatly from the aerodynamics provided by the hump. Once this is in place, you won’t struggle to keep your entire body and head in position while racing.

The Hump as a Store for Hydrating Fluids

As the design progressed, the hump found more uses, including to house a hydration bag. The hump's interior has witnessed major modifications to incorporate a camel bag, which is expertly connected to the helmet using a built-in hydration system. The rider can directly drink while on track.

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Whether you’re an amateur or professional rider, your body needs constant hydration to give it energy, keep it alert, and increase motivation. You will find hydrating is mandatory, especially when participating in races hosted in hot climates. A convenient hydration store with an accessible, no-hands nozzle means you don’t struggle to quench that thirst. 

The Hump as a Store for safety LEDs and electronic gadgets

In addition to hydration storage, humps in motorcycle suits also provide essential storage areas for safety lights and electronics. For instance, the Mugello R motorbike suit has been designed to incorporate a safety LED that blinks upon the rider’s fall. This blinking light makes the victim visible to other riders to avoid injuring the victim more, especially during low-light and dark conditions. Important gadgets such as the USB chargers and noise-canceling earplugs can also be housed in the hump.

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How Tight Should a Motorcycle Race Suit Be?

Beautiful motorcyclist in full gear and helmet with a red and black motorcycle, Does Jeep Renegade Come With A Spare Tire?

If there’s one thing you should consider when purchasing the race suit, then it’s comfort. Your motorbike race suit should snugly fit you, without being loose or too tight. Motorbike race suits come with extra inside padding that works optimally if close to the body. This is ideal for protecting your shoulders, elbows, and the back.

Check that the suit fits you comfortably in the riding position, not the standing position. This is because a comfortable suit in the standing position may be too loose or too tight in the riding position. To be precise, make sure that the motorbike suit:

  • Can breathe properly
  • Can retain circulation in your extremities (without tingling in the hands or feet)
  • Does not restrict movement to get on and off the bike

How to Put On a New Motorcycle Race Suit?

It might be a tight squeeze initially, but following these steps, you should be able to suit-up in a flash: 

  • Unzip the suit.
  • Sit on a couch.
  • From the suit center, with the zip in front, enter your legs, one after the other.
  • Straighten up and pull the suit upwards up to the torso area.
  • Enter your first arm from the back.
  • Stretch tightly and enter the second arm from the back.
  • Adjust the suit to fit.
  • Put on the boots.

How to Break-In Motorcycle Leathers?

Sometimes, new motorcycle leathers can be a bit stiff and uncomfortable. Believe it or not, your gear isn’t broken in just yet. To break-in, a new motorcycle jacket, employ these techniques, and you’ll be good to go:

Use Your Hands

Gently roll your motorbike jacket into a ball; repeat this for about 10 minutes to crate as many wrinkles and creases as possible. Now, the jacket should be softer for your comfort. 

Wearing It

This is the easiest way to break-in your new motorcycle jacket. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes. Each time you wear it, it stretches a bit, creating more room for comfort. Simply wear it daily for your speed races, and you’ll eventually have a soft and comfortable suit.

To break-in a new motorcycle suit, rather than ball it up, you'll have to wear it. Put on your motorcycle suit, wearing it will simultaneously warm the suit, making it easier to stretch. Do several, slow stretches and motions as demonstrated in the video below:

Who Makes Fireproof Motorcycle Race Suits?

Located in California, Profox racing is reputed for its quality and SFI Approved products. They are well known for the fireproof racing suits which guarantee extra safety in case of fire. Their commitment to quality is unflinching, producing racing equipment that stands the test of time. All this is evidenced in their over 15 years of producing fireproof racing suits in all racing categories. 

What Is the Best Motorcycle Racing Suit? 

While some riders may not be looking for a motorbike race suit that offers protection from head to toe, others may be interested in pushing their limits further. In this case, such riders may consider a full leather suit, which could be a mandatory track requirement as it offers maximum impact protection and armor.

Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Venom Race Suit

Designed and manufactured by Alpinestars, a renowned company based in Italy, the GP Plus V2 Venom race suit is crafted from bovine leather that is durable and comfortable. It comes with curved sleeves and legs that guarantee mobility and comfort. The crotch, chest, and sleeve areas have stretch fabric panels that make the suit more comfortable. An ergonomic hump enhances aerodynamic performance.

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Apart from comfort and durability, this suit doesn’t feature a zipper. The leather panels are more flexible than two-piece suits, which feature a zipper to separate the torso area from the pants.

Cortech Adrenaline RR

Cortech is a well-known company when it comes to the design and manufacture of motorcycle apparel. Woven from cowhide leather, the Cortech Adrenaline PR suit lasts long, giving you value for your money. Its panels come in two designs: perforated and non-perforated. To add comfort and mobility, the suit has curved legs and rotated sleeves that are expertly done, leaving no doubts of high-performance. It's seamless bottom panels are an assurance of durability and safety against abrasion.

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And it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to aerodynamics performance. The hump is well-designed to allow smooth airflow, reducing the turbulence that reduces the bike’s velocity. 

3.Dainese D-Air

If safety is your main concern as a rider, this suit is your best option. Dianese has taken safety features a notch higher by incorporating the Intelligent Protection System, a wireless airbag. This system has a GPS, 4GB internal memory, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

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Safety features aside, the D-Air suit is a suite of comfort. It has double calf zippers that ensure the suit is securely tied on your body and has pre-curved legs for added comfort. Even as you marvel at the durability of this suit, don’t forget that its leather panels are perforated and have a full mesh liner that allows breathability for ventilation purposes.

In Conclusion

For a long time, the hump's existence on the motorbike race suit has generated many debates. While several myths are strewn around, the facts are that the hump is used for personal safety, aerodynamics, hydration, and safety gadgets.

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