Why Does My Nissan Say Key ID Is Incorrect?

Automotive technology is always improving, but this advanced technology certainly isn't problem-free. If you own a Nissan, you may have experienced an issue where your vehicle says that the key ID is incorrect. What's this all about? Well, we have researched this question and have answers for you. 

There are three main reasons a Nissan does not recognize the key ID on your keys:

  1. The batteries in the key fob may be dead. You can fix this by replacing the battery.
  2. There could be damage to the key fob. This may cause you to need to replace the key fob.
  3. The key fob might not be programmed into the car yet. You can program the key fob yourself if you need to.

If you still have some questions about troubleshooting this issue, don't worry. In this article, we will look into why your Nissan says the key ID is Incorrect and what you can do about it. We will also look into resetting a Nissan key fob and other related questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Woman unlocking a car by pressing on the remote control car alarm systems, Why Does My Nissan Say Key ID Is Incorrect?

Why Your Nissan Says Key ID Is Incorrect

There are three main reasons your Nissan may say that the key ID is incorrect. The first being the batteries are dead. Also, there could be damage to the key fob preventing proper function. Finally, the key may not have been programmed yet by the dealership. Let's discuss each of these.

1. Dead Batteries

If your key fob has dead batteries when you enter your Nissan, your vehicle will be sending a signal looking for your key fob, and the key fob won't have the strength to respond. So even though you have your key fob with you, the vehicle will say that the key ID is incorrect. 

You can fix this by simply replacing the battery. A Nissan key fob uses a 3V coin battery. Here is a product that will replace a dead key fob battery.

You can find this product here on Amazon.

2. Damaged Key Fob

 Damaged remote key fob on wooden table

If the key fob is damaged, then you may need to replace it. The internal parts of the key fob are delicate and are prone to break with too many drops. If an internal part has broken, then you will have to fit it or replace it.

Most key fob breaks are too small to fix without replacing the whole internal board. If you have to go through that much hassle, you may as well get a new one.

Most of the time, when a key fob breaks, you just have to buy a new one. Be sure to take care when handling the fob so that it doesn't drop often. We'll discuss new fob options below.

3. Unprogrammed Key Fob

If you have a new key fob and it doesn't recognize the key ID, then there is a chance that the new key fob hasn't been programmed yet. If you want your unprogrammed key fob to work on your vehicle, you need to program it. Here's how to program a Nissan key fob.

  1. Start by entering your vehicle and closing all the doors. Also, make sure that the doors are locked. 
  2. Now insert your key and remove it from the keyhole. Do this six to ten times until the hazards flash twice.
  3. After the hazards flashed twice, turn the key to the accessory position.
  4. Then, press any button on the remote. The hazard lights will flash to indicate that the key fob is now programmed.
  5. If you had multiple keys to program, you would want to do that just after programming the first key.

Once that is done, press "unlock" and then "lock "on the driver's door. Then press any button on the second key fob. This will cause the hazards to flash if programmed successfully. You can do this for up to four key fobs.

If you would like to see a video of someone programming a Nissan key fob, Program Your Remote has a great video on Youtube:


How Do I Reset My Nissan Key Fob?

If you need to reset your Nissan key fob, it is similar to programming a new key fob. Make sure all the doors are locked and insert the key into the keyhole. Pull it out and repeat six to ten times until the hazards flash twice.

Once they do, turn the car to accessory power and press any button on your key fob. The hazards should flash if it worked.

This should leave your key fob reset and connected. If it didn't work, you might need to repeat these steps to make it work.

How Do You Start A Nissan With Dead Key Fob?

If you need to start your Nissan with a dead key fob, there is a way you can still drive. There is a chip in the remote of the key fab, that if pressed to the "start/stop" button, will send a signal to the car and allow you to start the engine.

If you are locked out of the vehicle, an emergency key is inside the remote under a sliding panel. You can use that key to get back into your vehicle.

Why Is My Nissan Key Fob Not Working After A Battery Change?

Keys on keychain

Sometimes when you replace the battery on your Nissan Key Fob, it still doesn't work. This can be due to damage to the key itself. You sometimes damage small internal electrical parts when you drop a key fob.

The critical parts take too much damage, your key fob may stop working. Changing the battery won't fix this because it isn't a lack of power. It's broken electronics.

Most of the time, your key fob stops working but a battery change doesn't fix it; you need to replace it. If you take it somewhere to be repaired, it will likely cost as much as a new one to fix. It is one of those situations where you're best off buying a new one.

How Much Is A New Nissan Key Fob?

Car keys and remote with clipping path

Getting a new key for your car, let alone a key fob key is not cheap. If you needed to replace the key to your Nissan, it would likely cost $160. If you need a key fob key, it will be closer to $340.

This can be quite a bit of money for a key but is also typical for a key fob. There are also other third-party key fobs designed to work with a Nissan but, you should be careful about these third-party devices.

While they may seem tempting with prices ranging from only $20-$50, they are notorious for not working correctly or breaking quickly. This is a classic case of getting what you pay for.

What Is A Good Third-Party Key Fob For A Nissan?

Car key and remote central locking

There are many different third-party key fobs made for Nissans. We have researched lots of different ones and bring you a list of a few good ones.

Smart Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote

This key fob is designed to look like and replace the original key fob. It is built to be durable and has a strong signal to the vehicle. With high-quality components, this key fob may not be the cheapest but, you will feel that it is made of higher-quality materials.

This particular key fob fits Nissan Altima Maxima for the years, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The key comes uncut and needs to be cut to your specific car at your dealership.

You can find this product here on Amazon.

GP Power Smart Key Fob Replacement

This key fob works for Nissan Altimas built in the years 2007-2012. Also, Nissan Maximas built in the years 2009-2014. It works for Nissan Muranos from years 2009-2014, as well.

That makes this key fob a replacement for several models and years which can be very helpful. It is also made after the original syle to maintain that original feel that the car manufacturers intended.

The key fob replacement also needs to be cut to shape by the dealership. This is an essential step so that your key works with your vehicle. This particular product also has good reviews, so it may be worth checking this key fob replacement out.

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote

This key fob works with Nissan Frontier Armada Murano Pathfinder Quest, Sentra, Titan, and more. That makes it a very versatile key.

This particular product is a twin pack that comes with two remotes, so if one of your remotes is lost or breaks, you will have another. If you share your car with someone with the twin pack, they could have their key fob.

You can find this product here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you identify your key fob issue and equipped you with the information to properly troubleshoot it. If you follow the procedures outlined here, your key fob should be fully functional in no time.

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