Will A Motorcycle Fit In A Nissan NV200?

The Nissan NV200 is a commercial vehicle with generous space for cargo or passengers. This makes the NV200 a very versatile and utilitarian vehicle. If you're wondering if you can fit a motorcycle inside one, then this post was made for you. We have researched this topic thoroughly, and this is what we found out.

Yes. You can fit a motorcycle on a Nissan NV200 and transport it to its designated destination. The design of the NV200 allows for an easy way for the motorbike to be loaded and unloaded on the panel van.

The suspension and payload capacity of the NV200 is rated to withstand such load and are purposely built to carry other heavy objects of up to 1,480 lbs. 

We have a lot to unpack here, so stick around and continue reading as we will discuss additional questions like what other things you can fit inside the van, its dimensions, other Nissan cars ideal for payload, and many more. You will also find other interesting and informative topics at the end of this post. So let's get into it immediately. 

Is it possible to fit a motorcycle inside a Nissan NV200?

Nissan e-NV200 2014 rear seat, Will A Motorcycle Fit In A Nissan NV200

Nissan has purposely created the NV200 to be a compact commercial vehicle capable of hauling an assortment of cargo. Motorcycles will have an average weight of around 700 lbs. The Nv200 is rated to tow at least 1,400 lbs, double the average of most motorbikes. 

For the space, the NV200 offers an ample area, plenty of room for passenger seating, and cargo carrying like a motorcycle. Most motorcycles will have a height of around 40-50 inches.

Against an interior height of 53 inches from the van floor to the van roof, the NV200 will be able to fit most motorbikes, especially if you will be removing the side mirrors and windshields. 

For ease of loading, the NV200 will allow you to load the motorcycle either from the side or from behind (which is a lot easier). Its advantage against pickup trucks is that the access to the cargo areas is shorter, especially that of full-size trucks. You will only need a small ramp to push the motorbike up the vehicle.

Motorbikes like track bikes and dedicated dirt bikes will require this transportation, as they are usually not street-legal. These bikes are naturally low profile and will have no protruding accessories, so they fit perfectly even inside an NV200. 

Dimensions Of An NV200

 Nissan e-NV200 electric van delivery white panel ev vehicle parked in street

For reference, below are the listed dimensions of an NV200.

  • 173.2 inches  long 
  • 66.7 inches wide no side mirrors; 79.2 inches with side mirrors
  • 73.2 inches from the ground to roof
  • sliding doors closed 38.8 inches at  widest and 57.1 inches tall
  • sliding doors opened are 28.7 inches  wide and 46.9 inches tall
  • closed rear doors are 55.1 inches  tall and 57.5 inches wide
  • open rear doors 50.8 inches tall and 49.6 inches wide
  • wheelbase is 107.3 inches
  • distance from van floor to ground is 18.1 inches 
  • interior height is 53.5 inches from floor to van ceiling
  • interior width between wheel arches is 59 inches and 48 inches
  • wheel arches are 9.8 inches 
  • front seats to the rear door are 80.3 inches 

It would be best if you make preparations to secure the motorcycle while inside the van. In some models, there will be hooking points inside the van where you can use ropes or belts specifically for locking down motorcycles while being transported.

You can also create your unique provisions inside the vehicle depending on the design of your motorbike and how you want to maximize the space of the Nv200 for other cargo and gears that you need. 

User experience

The NV200 is a familiar vehicle for motor enthusiasts who carry their motorcycles to the track or transport their dirt bikes from one trail to another. 

But with the size of an NV200, it will be more used with track bikes as dirt bikes will be more lifted and have a higher bike height. But there are high-profile motorbikes that you can still fit in your Nv200. There are dirt bike racers that specifically use Nv200 for motor transport to races. 

The bike is more secure inside the vehicle while being transported compared to being loaded on a truck bed, which is one of the main advantages of choosing this type of transport method. It is protected from the elements and other gears as well.

It is also more secure against theft and damage by being inside a van, especially if you will leave it for a while. 

How to load a motorcycle inside a Nissan NV200

Nissan NV200 VAN 2018 Trunk Aug 22 2018 in Hong Kong.

Loading a bike on the back of a van is very easy. The job will be easier if the van is dedicated to motorcycle hauling. Provisions should already be available in the van, such as hooks and straps to secure the motorbike inside the van.

To load the bike, you will need a ramp that will make you able to push the motorbike aboard the van. Having someone help you load the bike would be better. 

Once inside the van, make sure that there are no parts of the bike rubbing against the interior. You can use pillows, thick cloths, foam, etc., as stoppers.

Secure the straps on the fair rings and the wheels or at the bike of the motorbike, depending on your latching system. You can check by tugging and moving the bike. Also, ensure that the bike is not in neutral, so it does not move on its own. If the bike stays still after a few good tugs, then you are set. 

Here is a quick video on how to securely and properly load a motorcycle on the back of a Nissan NV200 van.

What are other Nissan vehicles ideal for transporting a motorcycle?

For a similar experience, you can choose Nissan trucks to transport your motorcycle. You can choose from the Frontier, Titan, and Titan XD. The Titan and Titan XD id Nissan's full-size truck offerings, while the frontier is Nissan's compact truck. 

Trucks and vans will usually be the ideal vehicle for this kind of transport due to their cargo space. But if you have a Nissan SUV like an Armada or a Pathfinder, you can use motorcycle trailers to bring your motorbikes with you.

Can you turn the interior of a Nissan NV200 into a camper style? (Other NV200 conversions)

 Grey passenger van Nissan NV200 in the city street.

The space available in an NV200 is ample enough to fit motorcycles in it and also convert one into a camper van with a bed and a plethora of storage cabinets. 

Auto custom shops and professional camper van converters can easily transform your NV200 into your desired adventure and lifestyle vehicle.

The lower price of the NV200 compared to its counterparts like a Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit also makes it an ideal choice for those starting with camper vans or on a budget. 

Passenger Vehicle Conversion

You may also convert the NV200 into a passenger vehicle. New York used Nissan NV200 vans as their official city cab fleet from 2013-2018. The generous cargo you can get, even with a five-seating capacity, is one of the main reasons for choosing the van.

This also makes the Nv200 an excellent family car, especially for those that have a lot of member in them. For work purposes, you can put diagonal seats for worker transport or work carpooling.

Nissan e-NV200 Production Zero Emission Car at Poznan International Motor Show, electric VAN manufactured by Nissan Motor Company

The sad truth is that Nissan has already halted its production of NV200 vans in the American and Canadian markets as the vehicle continues to fail projected marker performance and sales. Nissan released its last iteration of the NV200 in the said market back in 2021. The Ford Transit proves to be a more popular choice for these markets. 

But Nissan continues to produce and sell the NV200 in other markets, most notably in Europe. As the NV200 continues to be one of the more popular vans in the European market, an electric version, the e-NV200, was released by Nissan. 

Nissan did release a statement that it will empty its stocks of NV-200 in its dealerships. If you are lucky enough, you may still find a brand-new one sitting in your local dealership. 

It would be highly unlikely for you to still find one brand-new, but the second-hand market can be a great place to look at if you are looking for one. 

Here is a quick recap of what we've learned

The NV200 is one of the choices for motorcycle enthusiasts as a transporter for their bikes. This is more common for track or dirt bike racing where these types of motorcycles are not street legal, and therefore should be transported on a vehicle to reach a speedway or a trail. This proves that the NV200 is one of the best choices for the job. 

We hope we have answered your question about putting a motorcycle inside a Nissan NV200. Do you have any more Nissan-related queries that you want to be answered? You're in luck! Just check out some of our previously written articles below to learn more!
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