Will Hummer EV Fit In Your Garage?

If you're looking to add a Hummer to your garage, you'll want to make sure you can fit it in. We've looked into the dimensions of a Hummer EV to give you an idea of whether it will fit or not.

Hummer EVs will fit in most garages, but a standard garage door might need modified if the Hummer has a rack or any extension on top of it. Not all garages are the same, so you may want to take a few measurements and compare that to the dimensions of a Hummer EV. 

If you’re ready to step into the future of pickups and SUVs, then it’s time to pick up a Hummer EV. A Hummer EV takes up a ton of space, and if your existing garage was designed for standard vehicles, it might not be able to hold one of these bad boys. Learn more about this type of vehicle and how you can get it into your garage!

Garage Size and Vehicle Dimensions

It is important to understand your vehicle's dimensions before looking at garage space. Three important factors determine the size of your garage:

  • The overall length of the vehicle.
  • The width of your vehicle.
  • The height of your vehicle.

Vehicle dimensions play an important role in determining the garage size needed for storing your vehicle. Knowing the right dimensions prevents you from squeezing your car into a space too small for it since you know the adjustments you need to make to get your vehicle into the garage.

In addition, you want to make sure that the vehicle not only fits the space but also you have enough leeway to maneuver it in and out of the garage. You also want to make sure the garage has enough space to accommodate you when you open the door.

Hummer EV Dimensions Relative to Garage Size

Interior of the empty garage in the residential house with a Hummer EV, Will Hummer EV Fit In Your Garage?

Generally, when shopping for a Hummer EV, the dealer will give you the vehicle's dimensions. The most important number here is height. Knowing your vehicle's height, you can determine how many feet of clearance you'll need in your garage.

Length and width are not a problem since a standard vehicle garage offers plenty of room for a Hummer EV, regardless of your chosen model. However, a Hummer EV's height is maxed at 6.58 feet.

This means that if you have a bike rack installed or anything on top of the roof that would interfere with the standard 7-foot garage clearance, it's either you're going to have to remove it or make some other accommodations.

If you combine all Hummer EV models, you should get the average max dimensions below. You can use these dimensions to figure out the amount of space you need to have to fit each of the three major models of Hummer EV (H1, H2, and H3).

  • Height - 79 inches (6.58 feet)
  • Width - 86.50 inches (7.20 feet)
  • Length - 212.70 inches (17.72 feet)

How Big and Heavy is a Hummer EV?

Electric vehicles are starting to grow in popularity, and with good reason. Not only do they save fuel, but they're also quieter and cleaner than gas-powered vehicles. However, one problem with EVs is that they weigh significantly more than gas-powered ones.

The Hummer EV, one of the worst examples of this weight issue, is a heavy electric vehicle that's not very efficient in terms of energy consumption. However, it's also one of the most interesting vehicles on the market because of its unique design concept.

As a general rule, heavier vehicles take more energy to move, whether it's a vehicle, truck, van, SUV, or minivan. This makes them less efficient in terms of how much power they generate per unit of weight.

You see, large and heavy vehicles need to have more powerful engines that consume more energy to achieve the same speed. You'll pay more for the energy you use to get from point A to point B. 

On the other hand, lighter vehicles are more efficient because their weight is distributed over a smaller surface area, thus making them less likely to produce drag. Vehicles with greater mass are more likely to produce drag because the force required to accelerate them is larger.

While a Hummer EV can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in three seconds by activating WTF mode, it still weighs about 9,000 pounds. In comparison, the average gas-powered vehicle weighs 4,156 pounds.

With this much weight and an engine that's likely not capable of producing the power needed to accelerate it quickly without the WTF booster, the Hummer EV is going to be a bad deal for consumers.

Dependency on this booster may also put a lot of stress on the vehicle's battery, which will shorten its lifespan. 

Are Hummer EVs High on Insurance Cost?

Aside from being a luxury and status symbol, the Hummer is one of those vehicles that was designed to be very tough. It was designed to withstand the elements and to have the ability to take on any kind of terrain.

With that said, it is also very expensive to repair. Since there are only a few people who own a Hummer, parts availability can be an issue. These factors are what make it expensive to insure a Hummer.

Hummer EV GMC SUV .3d illustration.

Does a Hummer EV Hold Value Over Time?

Hummers are some of the most interesting and unique vehicles ever invented. However, they are not always the best for long-term ownership. They are heavy and require a lot of upkeep. While they are still worth purchasing, it is important to consider what you are getting into.

Depreciation is the loss in value of a vehicle over time. It is the difference between what you pay for a vehicle and what you can sell it for later. The cost of a new vehicle will depreciate exponentially every year when compared to the price you paid for it.

How is the rate of depreciation of a vehicle determined?

The rate of depreciation depends on the model year, age, type, and condition of the vehicle. A new vehicle will depreciate much slower than a used vehicle because a new vehicle will still have a factory warranty.

On the other hand, a used vehicle will depreciate faster because it has been in service for a long time and is not under warranty. The age of the vehicle affects depreciation as well.

Older vehicles will depreciate much more than newer vehicles because they tend to lose value quickly, especially if it has undergone a major repair.

The truth is that it really depends on how the vehicle is cared for. If it's been well taken care of and has been maintained properly, it might hold its value for a long time. If not, it won't.

The same can be said for all vehicles. If the owner takes good care of it, it will last much longer. 

While you may be able to sell it when you are done, it will likely have a lot of mileage on it and you may not be able to find buyers. You can expect to lose a significant amount of money on the sale, and possibly have to pay to get the vehicle fixed up before selling it.

NEW GMC HUMMER EV - electric pickup with power over 1000 horsepower adapted as Camper with a tent.3D illustration.

What is the most important factor in determining the rate of depreciation?

In addition, the condition of the vehicle supersedes other factors in determining its depreciation rate. For example, the H3 2006 model has been known to be the most defective of all Hummer models.

This particular Hummer model, even if acquired brand new, will depreciate much faster than any other model because it's been plagued with factory defects like engine overheating and leaking. 

If it's the manufacturer's fault, then there's nothing much to be done. Even if you dedicate yourself to keeping your H3 in good condition, it will still fail because the design was flawed to begin with.

This is especially true with the H3 2006. It has been reported that most H3 2006 units were rolled out with cracked radiators and should have been subjected to a product recall.

Check out this H3 radiator on Amazon.

Why Are Hummers Hated By People?

GMC Hummer EV on a seascape background.3D Illustration.

Aside from people hating things that are huge and clunky, they often have this impression of Hummer owners as attention-seekers: they feel the need to be bigger than others for their presence to be felt.

As time went on, Hummers became associated with people who were self-centered and obnoxious. As such, they are often looked upon with contempt. In addition, many people disliked them because of the way they looked, even though they were huge SUVs.

Are Hummers Bulletproof By Design?

New GMC Hummer EV - electric pickup with a capacity of more than 1,000 .3D illustration

Since Hummers are not intended to be used in combat, they are fairly vulnerable to bullets. Their windows and glass parts are relatively susceptible to gunshots.

Bullets can easily penetrate, and there are no protective metal layers inside. Most modern guns can penetrate even the strongest steel used in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

However, there are many companies that specialize in designing and building bulletproof vehicles. These companies are able to get the perfect combination of materials that will absorb the bullets and not damage the vehicle.

So regardless if you're driving a Hummer or a Toyota, your ride should be able to survive a few rounds from the most powerful guns if you choose the right company to design your armored vehicle.

In Closing

Depending on the garage size, there may be some minor changes you need to make to the Hummer EV to make it fit inside. But generally, a standard garage door should provide enough clearance for the Hummer EV as long as you don't have any additional mounted accessories on top of your Hummer's roof.

If you do, you'll either need to remove those accessories in order to get the Hummer EV in the garage or expand the garage to accommodate the Hummer EV. 

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