Your Ford Transit radio isn’t working properly.

Now, you’re thinking about resetting the system to try and restore its normal functions, but how do you do this?

We researched this concern for your convenience and here’s the answer we found.

Step #1:

Secure The Vehicle

Start by disengaging the van’s engine and engaging its hand, parking, or emergency brake. At this point, you may also want to open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from its terminal.

Step #2:

Remove The Radio Display

Pull out the top cover from the radio assembly with your hands, which should also expose two screws. Loosen and remove those screws afterward.

Step #3:

Remove And Replace The Front Panel

Loose and remove the screws securing the radio’s front panel. Then, use the panel remover to pry the cover on top of the front panel. Loosen and remove any additional screws on the radio assembly afterward.

Step #4:

Replace The Main Radio

Loosen and remove the screws on the main ACM radio module. Disconnect the wires attached to that assembly afterward.

Step #5:

Return The Parts And Test

Return the parts you removed from the previous steps to their original locations. You can also swap out the old front panel with a new unit if your radio installation kit has it.