9 Best RV Freezers [Inc. FAQs for choosing the best one for your needs]

RV freezers allow you to keep your food and drinks fresh for days. This useful feature comes in handy, especially if you go for trips or outings often.

Today’s RV residential fridges are silent, stylish, and durable. In terms of volume, RV refrigerators measure approximately four, six, or eight cubic feet. Freezer capacities vary from 50 liters 300+ liters, depending on the size you need for your RV (read more about freezer sizes here). 

Frozen foods can retain their nutritional value for long periods. Freezing just enough can save you the money you’d have spent to buy more food in the next couple of days.  Freezing fresh produce is way better than packing canned food or purchasing food along the way. This is ideal if you plan to camp far from town for an extended time. 

Are you shopping for an RV freezer for the first time? We’ve looked up some of the best RV freezers in the market today to help narrow down your selection.

Collage of RV freezers with modern RV with refrigerator on the background, 9 Best RV Freezers [Inc. FAQs for choosing the best one for your needs]

1. Whynter Portable Freezer 

The FM-45G is one among many products by Whynter that has plenty of impressive features we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

For one, it’s a lot bigger than the average portable freezer. It has an easy-to-use control panel with plenty of space for up to 12 packs of soda and a variety of other foods. The metal latch on the door keeps your items secure as you carry the freezer from one point to the next.  

You can power this 45-pound freezing compartment via AC or DC power. 

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2. Alpicool C15 Outdoor Freezer

The space in the Alpicool freezer is sufficient enough to fit six bottles of wine, ten water bottles, and twenty soda cans. Despite being made of durable plastic material, this product is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. 

The top part of the freezer has an interactive surface that allows you to adjust the compartment’s temperature easily. Temperatures in this product can fall as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Alpicool freezer uses power from your RV’s battery. When your battery is almost up, it will automatically sense it and automatically switch itself off.

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3. Ausranvik 54-Quart Portable Freezer

The 12-volt Ausranvik refrigerator has a sleek and shockproof design that keeps its contents safe when driving through rough paths. It features 1.4-inch thick insulation that keeps foodstuff cold at all times. 

Temperatures can be adjusted to between -4 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with 110-volt AC and 12/24-volt DV power adapters that power the device using the RV battery.

Its impressive 52-liter capacity allows you to store lots of food and beverages. It’s easy to clean and comes with a built-in drain plug. 

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4. Dometic CDF-11 Fridge Freezer

The CDF-11 is one of the smallest coolers on this list. This durable product can accommodate about 11 liters or 18 cans. It can fit just enough food to last a day. It’s also energy-efficient and consumes about one to two watts to keep the temperature inside cool and constant. They can fall from 90 degrees Fahrenheit down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 minutes or less. Pretty fast, isn’t it? However, when it’s not plugged into a viable power source, temperatures can rise just as fast.

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5. Dometic CFX28 Fridge Freezer

The CFX28, being more substantial than the CDF-11, consumes way more energy. It has a 26-liter storage capacity that holds up to 41 cans. Unlike the CDF-11, you can power this 12-volt cooler via either AC or DC. 

The food you store in this cooler can last a couple of days – three to four days at most. It has an impressive and interactive Wi-Fi app that helps you monitor and control the temperature remotely. 

The product weighs 29 pounds and measures 13.4 by 24.4 by 16.7 inches. The feather-light weight makes it a breeze to move from one point to the next. 

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6. ICECO JP40 Portable Freezer

ICECO is a high-quality, fast-cooling RV freezer that comes with a 5-year warranty. It weighs 34.2 pounds and measures 23 by 14 by 17.5 inches. It’s quite spacious too! It has a capacity of 40 liters, which makes it possible to store up to 50 cans. 

This practical and durable 12V refrigerator has a sturdy and robust exterior that boosts its performance on bumpy trails. It also has a removable basket that makes it easy to organize your food/drinks.

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The EdgeStar weighs 26.9 pounds and dimensions of 22.4 by 12.6 by 11.2 inches. Its small size allows it to fit snugly behind your car seat or in your RV bed. It has a capacity of 18 liters, which is 20 quarts. This cooler box is noiseless and has an excellent fast cooling feature.

It takes an impressive 15 minutes for this portable freezer to fall from 77 to 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. It consumes minimal energy and keeps your stuff frozen for hours on end even after you disconnect it from the power source.  

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7. Aspenora 54-Quart Freezer

The Costway 54-Quart freezer has an intuitive panel where you can switch between Eco or Max battery saving options. If you set the temperature at -4 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest it can go is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Tap on the responsive touch control buttons on the LCD to select your preferred temperature. 

The handles on this cooling box can be detached to fit into tight spots. This feature can also save you a fair amount of space. The built-in battery-saver function is also customizable to protect your RV battery from an unwanted drain. 

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8. Engel Tri-Voltage Freezer

The Engel freezer is bigger than most freezers and still very manageable. One distinctive feature about this 12-volt portable freezer is its sturdy and highly durable cover. 

It’s resistance to corrosion lengthens its lifetime and makes it exceptionally travel-friendly. The 40-quart capacity can accommodate plenty of food/drink for at least three to four days. 

This compressor-based model has a power-efficient operation that utilizes a mere 1 to 2 amperes of power per hour. It can be powered using either AC or DC. This freezer is built using corrosion-resistant materials, thereby making it ideal for marine conditions. 

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9. Whynter CUF-110B Freezer

This freezer has a 1.1 Cubic Feet capacity, enough to accommodate food for at least two people. Whynter CUF-110B allows you to store and access your food/drinks through its slide-out wire shelf. You can easily slide the shelf in or out to see the items you’ve stored at the back.

The CUF-110B is designed with in-built temperature control and manual defrost features. These are super effective when it comes to maintaining cold temperatures inside the freezer. 

This freezer is Energy Star certified and runs on a voltage of 120 volts. 

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What Are The Best Brands Of RV Freezers?

Our top picks for the ideal RV freezers are Dometic and Whynter. Standard features about these two brands that make them stand out include:

  • Continuous innovation
  • Highly reliable – both offer global customer support
  • Extended warranty – up to three years
  • High-quality products

Dometic has been around since 1960. Today, the company is among the leading producers of RV freezers and other durable, high-quality products. Whynter has also made its mark in the refrigeration industry because of its excellent reputation and high customer ratings.

Other brands you should consider are Engel, Alpicool, and Edgestar.

How Do RV Freezers Work?

RV freezers use either propane or electricity to heat the components. Within the elements in your freezer, there’s a mix of hydrogen gas, ammonia, and water. As they heat up, they form an evaporation effect that essentially pulls out heat energy from the device’s interior.

The longer the evaporation effect progresses, the colder the inside of the RV freezer grows. This process goes on for as long as the freezers are plugged into a power source.

How Large Are RV Freezers?

Portable RV freezers typically start at 25 liters to 80 liters and up. Your ideal freezer size should be in line with your RV size, number of people in your group, and the number of days you’ll be out.

30 to 35-liter freezers, for instance, are ideal for quick solo excursions such as a one-day hunting or fishing trip. 40 to 45 liters are the standard sizes for three-day road trips. 

The biggest sizes – 80 liters and up – are perfect for large groups and families. These types of freezers can keep food/drinks fresh for seven days or more. 

How Much Electricity Do RV Freezers Take? (Do You need a Generator to Run Them?)

The exact electricity measurement will vary from one freezer to the next. To determine how many amps your RV freezer draws up, just check out the info on the manual that’s often attached inside. On average, however, electricity consumption values range between 0.15 and 7 amps. 

Generators are particularly useful for freezers that are powered by both AC and DC. Whenever your unit isn’t connected to your RV battery, a generator can step in and keep it running. 

Where To Place The Freezer In Your RV

Freezers should always lean against the sides of your RV cargo area for extra protection. Secure it next to the 120 Volt socket with a couple of fasteners. Two to three self-tapping metal screws should keep it steady enough. 

For older compression freezers, ensure to place them on level surfaces at all times. 

How To Best Pack Your RV Freezers?

Leave some space between the items. Doing so promotes free-air flow throughout your freezer and lessens the risk of food spoilage.

Also, always keep the heavy items towards the bottom and the lighter ones on top. In case of any rolling, rattling, or shaking throughout your trip, the dense foods won’t crush the more delicate items. 

Wrap all your fruits and vegetables in Ziploc bags and paper towels to maintain their freshness. 

What Should You Keep In Your RV Freezers?

You probably stocked your freezer with frozen veggies, ice cream, and a couple of different fruits. What you don’t know is that there are lots more foods you can keep in your RV freezer. Here’s a list of stuff you can freeze, prepare and gobble up later:

  • Cookie dough
  • Whole grain flour
  • Fresh herbs
  • Cooked grains
  • Broth (pour it into a tightly-sealed container first)
  • Bread 
  • Cheese

Consider investing in a quality sliding tray if there’s not enough space in your RV cargo area for your freezer. Shelves make your cargo space more manageable and keep the freezer safe when not in use. What’s more, you can install it in any location depending on your type of RV (see the various brands on our post: 7 Types of RVs you Simply Must Know)

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We sincerely hope you found every bit of this guide pretty helpful! If you recently bought a freezer for your RV, leave us a comment and let us know what you like about it! 

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