Can a Dodge Charger Tow a Trailer?

With its sporty design, powerful engine, and smooth handling, the Dodge Charger calls for the open road. But does this classic muscle car have muscle enough to tow a trailer? We've researched this topic and have the answers you're looking for and more.

The most recent model years of Dodge Charger have a maximum towing capacity of 1,000 lbs. However, some model years and configurations have a 2,000-lb towing capacity.

While many travel trailers exceed the Charger's weight limit, there are some great ultra-lightweight options the Charger can safely tow.

In this article, we'll see which Chargers have the most towing power and how to get your Charger tow-ready. We'll also take a look at some amazing campers and boats for your Charger, whatever its towing limit. Read on to get the whole story.

First generation Dodge Charger LX parked in a parking lot, Can a Dodge Charger Tow a Trailer?

Dodge Charger Towing Capacity by Year

The Dodge Charger came back to the scene in 2006 after a nearly 20-year hiatus. The sixth generation of the Charger lasted from 2006 to 2010, and the seventh from 2011 to the present.

These are the Chargers you'll most often find on the road today, but not all have the same towing capacity. Here is a breakdown of the towing capacity for sixth- and seventh-generation Chargers by year, engine size, and drivetrain.

  • 2006 - 2007
    • 2.7L - 1,000 lbs
    • 3.5L and 5.7L - 2,000 lbs
  • 2008 - 2010
    • 2.7L and 3.5L RWD - 1,000 lbs
    • 3.5L AWD and 5.7L - 2,000 lbs
  • 2011 - 2012
    • 3.6L - 1,000 lbs
    • 5.7L - 2,000 lbs
  • 2013 - 2022
    • 3.6L and 5.7L - 1,000 lbs

For vintage Chargers, you will want to consult your owner's manual. It may be difficult to find the necessary towing parts for vintage Chargers.

Best Travel Trailers for the Charger

The Charger doesn't offer the towing power of an SUV or pickup truck, but that doesn't mean it can't tow a trailer.

Before towing, be sure to consider the weight of your trailer as well as any cargo or accessories you add to it. We recommend following the 80% rule, meaning you keep your towing weight under 80% of your maximum towing capacity.

We've put together some of the best travel trailers that make it easy to follow the 80% rule, whether your Charger maxes out at 1,000 or 2,000 lbs.

You can also learn more about choosing the best trailer for your towing capacity in our article, "Towing Capacity and Trailer Weight."

Best Travel Trailers Under 1,000 lbs

Caravan on a camping site

While a 1,000-lb towing capacity does limit your options, there are still some amazing, ultra-lightweight trailers you can tow safely.

The T300 and T250LX by Earth Traveler

New Mexico-based Earth Traveler makes the two lightest trailers on our list. The T300 and the T250LX weigh 300 lbs and 250 lbs respectively. The T250LX owes its lighter weight to the carbon fiber construction, which makes it not only lightweight but also impressively strong.

Both are designed to sleep two adults and two children comfortably. They both feature a skylight with blackout covers, so you can enjoy watching drifting clouds and starry skies, but also have peace and privacy when you want it.

They also use two pop-up roofs and canvas weatherproof tents for more space and comfort.

You can see the T300 in action in this video from the manufacturer.

The Suite by ProLite

Canada-based ProLite, also known as Roulotte Prolite, makes a variety of lightweight campers. At just 590 lbs, the Suite is their lightest.

The Suite sleeps two people comfortably in the 76" x 52" sofa bed. It includes a shelf that can be converted into a table for an indoor dinette or working space.

See the Suite yourself in the video below.

The Buzz by So-Cal Teardrops

The Buzz comes from California, where it's the lightest trailer in So-Cal Teardrops' lineup. It weighs in at 670 lbs and sleeps two with its 4"-thick 46" x 78" mattress.

The design includes a 12v outlet, flip-down shelves, and a cabin light.

Best Trailers under 2,000 lbs

For Chargers with a 2,000-lb towing capacity, you'll find an even greater selection of awesome campers. Here are just a few of the best.

The MeerKat by MeerKat Trailers

At just 900 lbs, the MeerKat manages to maximize space in this lightweight camper. There's even a pop-up top to allow more light, circulation, and headroom in the MeerKat.

Inside you'll find a kitchen counter with a pump sink. A camp stove fits into the kitchen drawer, so you can take it out to cook on the counter or outside when the weather is nice. The MeerKat includes an icebox that fits under the counter, but you can also upgrade to a refrigerator.

The sleeping area converts into a surprisingly spacious dinette, so you can relax or work in comfort.

See the MeerKat for yourself in the video below.

The TigerMoth by TAXA Outdoors

The heaviest camper on our list, the TigerMoth still leaves plenty of weight for cargo at just 1,310 lbs.

TigerMoth's unique design is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. The back and side doors swing up, blurring the lines between interior and exterior. It also features a slide-out, outdoor kitchen with a two-burner camp stove and plenty of counter space.

The TigerMoth sleeps two, but with the optional rooftop tent, you can sleep three more. The built-in electrical system and pre-wired solar inlet make this a great choice for off-grid adventures.

See the TigerMoth in action in the video below.

The TAG by nüCamp

The TAG, also written T@G, has a lot to offer in a small package. It only weighs 1,269 lbs, but it makes use of every pound.

The interior is surprisingly luxurious. The wooden cabinetry, Bluetooth stereo/radio, 12V outlets, USB ports, stargazer window, air conditioner, and heater will keep you comfortable and entertained on your journeys.

Outside, you'll find the clamshell galley kitchen. This impressive kitchen includes a sink with an 8-gallon tank, a two-burner stove, a yeti cooler that fits into the cabinetry, a built-in microwave, and an offset counter.

Learn more about the TAG in the video below.

Do Dodge Chargers have hitches?

Before you can hitch up your trailer, your Charger will need a trailer hitch receiver. The Charger doesn't come with a hitch standard, but in some cases, a dealership may install one for you. If you want the hitch directly from your Charger's manufacturer, you'll need one made by Mopar.

Mopar is the division of Stellantis that handles parts for Dodge as well as Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram. Mopar does produce a hitch receiver for the Dodge Charger, but it is only compatible with model years from 2011 to 2014.

For other model years, you can find trailer hitches from third-party manufacturers. Curt and Draw-Tite are two of the major brands for trailer hitches and other parts. Both produce hitches for the Charger.

The Class III hitch receiver below is made by Draw-Tite. It is compatible with Chargers from 2006 to 2021 and has a 2" receiver tube.

Click here to see this 2" hitch receiver from Draw-Tite on Amazon.

Below, we see another Class III hitch receiver with a 2" receiver tube. This one is produced by Curt and is compatible with Chargers from 2015 to 2021. They produce hitch receivers for other model years as well.

Click here to see this 2" Curt hitch receiver on Amazon.

Can you put a trailer hitch on a Dodge Charger?

If you are adding an aftermarket hitch receiver to your Charger, there will be some work involved. Your best bet is to go to a trusted shop to have it installed by a professional.

If you have the experience, tools, and know-how, it's also possible to install a hitch yourself. You can see how two hitch receivers from different manufacturers fit a 2015 Charger in the video below.

Can a Dodge Charger pull a boat?

Emerald green dodge charger on bridge

We've talked a lot about trailers, but campers aren't the only way to have amazing outdoor adventures. Whether you're heading to a river, lake, or sea, there's always fun to be had on the water.

Of course, towing watercraft requires considering the weight of the boat as well as the trailer. You might not be able to pull a yacht down the highway with your Charger, but you may be surprised by how many options there are.

Let's take a look at a few of the best boats and other watercraft for the Charger. Be sure to check out our article, "How to Trailer-Tow a Boat," for great advice on getting your rig to the water safely.

Fishing Boat: The WC-14 from Lund

The WC-14 is a 14' fishing boat from Lund that is remarkably light. It weighs a mere 295 lbs! Load it up on this 150-lb boat trailer from McClain, and you're looking at a total trailer weight of just 345 lbs.

Jet Ski: The Spark 2up from Sea-Doo

Beautiful girl riding her jet skis in the sea at sunset

It may come as no surprise that jet skis are among the lightest things on the water. The Sea-Doo Spark 2up only weighs 423 lbs. On this 170-lb Wave trailer from Triton, your load will just be 593 lbs.

Mini Pontoon: Aqua Cycle II by American Pleasure Products

Two senior men riding in a pontoon boat

When you think of lightweight boats, pontoons probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. There are actually a number of great mini pontoons on the market these days though.

The Aqua Cycle II is just such a boat. At just 286 lbs, it's lighter than a jet ski. It still has seating for four, so you can enjoy lounging or fishing with your friends and family.

This mini-pontoon trailer from Com-Fab trailers weighs 250 lbs, almost as much as the Aqua Cycle 2 itself! At a total weight of 536 lbs, your Charger will be happy to tow this setup to your favorite destination.

Final Thoughts

The Charger's towing capacity might not compete with a heavy-duty pickup, but we've seen that, from campers to boats, it can handle more than you might expect. We've also seen how to get the right hitch for your Charger so you'll be ready for your next outdoor adventure.

All that's left to do is hitch up, haul out, and hit the road. Safe driving and happy hauling!

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