Does Turtle Wax Remove Scratches?

It's terrible to see a scratch on any surface. However, it's especially horrifying to see it on your car. What was once a sleek, smooth surface now has a problem that needs a fix. Can Turtle Wax do that for you? If that's your concern, let's discuss the details. 

It depends on the product you buy from this brand. Turtle Wax offers products that can remove minor scratches. However, Turtle Wax won't be enough to fix the problem if it is deep. Car compounding will be more appropriate for those situations.

You might be wondering how Turtle Wax works. Is it like your typical wax? It can't be if it fixes scratches. We'll address these concerns and more. For more information, keep reading.

Turtle Wax automotive polish on a red cloth on a car bonnet, Does Turtle Wax Remove Scratches?

How Does Turtle Wax Remove Scratches?

So, how exactly does Turtle Wax remove scratches? If we want to remove a blemish, we have two solutions. Sanding is one way to fix the problem. Otherwise, you would need a filler to fill in the scratch. 

Turtle Wax removes scratches by sanding the car's protective coating. For this reason, you can consider some of their products abrasive. Their car cleaners are not in that category. 

small scratche on a car

However, some of Turtle Wax's wax and sealant product line is. They offer carnauba cleaner wax, ceramic coating, and a mix. In other words, it's a hybrid formula that includes carnauba wax, ceramic, and polish. 

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Turtle Wax also offers a scratch repair and renew product. It functions the same as their cleaner waxes. So, it polishes scratches and leaves a protective coating behind. However, it leaves a resin coating instead of wax.

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The name of the brand is why some car owners can become confused. It's not solely a car wax manufacturer.

How Does Turtle Wax Differ From Other Brands?

Instead, Turtle Wax offers a line of hybrid products. Their car wash products are cleaners and wax in one package. On the other hand, their wax and sealant line is a polish and wax combination. 

Therefore, you can consider Turtle Wax's sealants as a cleaner wax. It's abrasive enough to remove minor scratches. And, you don't have to wipe it away. Let it set in to apply a wax coating to your car's surface. 

How To Use Turtle Wax Scratch Repair and Renew

Now we have an idea of what Turtle Wax's products can do. One concern that comes to mind is its application. Is it any different than other products?

It should follow the same procedure. However, Turtle Wax offers hybrid products. Therefore, you can skip a few steps. 

You can use their scratch repair and renew like any other polish and wax. Let's go over the steps. 

Locate the Scratches

The first step you want to do is locate the scratches. If it's more than one, you'll want to section off each one. Use tape to create an outline around the area. 

Determine the Severity of the Scratch

As mentioned, Turtle Wax's hybrid products function like a cleaner wax. More specifically, it's a polish and sealant in one product. As we know, polish isn't able to eliminate all kinds of scratches. 

So, you want to test the area to determine if this product will work to eliminate it. Do this by rubbing your fingernail over the scratch. If it catches your nail, it may be too deep. 

However, if you can rub your fingernail over the scratch smoothly, that's a good sign. Still, you may need more than one application of the product.

Apply the Turtle Wax Scratch Repair

Take a microfiber cloth and apply some Turtle Wax Scratch Repair on it. Rub it over the scratch in a back-and-forth motion. Use firm finger pressure as you are doing this. 

Wipe the area dry with a clean microfiber towel. Of course, inspect the area. If there are still scratch marks, repeat the process until it disappears. 

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating the process for visual learners: 

How To Use Turtle Wax Carnauba Wax

There are a few additional steps if you want to use the cleaner wax to remove scratches. Before you start the process, wash your car. This way, the wax you apply won't trap any contaminants underneath the surface. 

Of course, dry the surface before you apply the wax. Once ready to start, you can put the cleaner wax on a microfiber towel. Spread the wax over the car's surface in an overlapping circular motion.

Allow it to dry to a haze. Finally, buff off lightly using a clean microfiber towel. If the scratches are minor, the cleaner wax should be enough to remove them. Turtle Wax recommends using a dedicated polish to remove deeper ones. 

Here's a YouTube video from the manufacturer demonstrating the process:

How To Use Turtle Wax Ceramic Polish and Wax

As mentioned, Turtle Wax recommends using their polish to remove deeper scratches. The application is nearly the same as the other products. However, you might want to think about the tools you use. 

Use A Machine and Pad

hand with pink gloves holding green duster microfiber cloth for cleaning

You can use a microfiber cloth, a foam applicator, or a machine and pad to remove the scratches. The machine and pad will do better than the rest. Use a firm cutting pad for deep defects. Otherwise, a medium one will do good for more shine and protection.

Consider Cleaning the Car's Surface

Start by removing any dirt and debris on the car's surface. Dry it and apply the polish to the pad. You should also consider claying the surface to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

This way, it won't clog your buffing pad. And, you won't accidentally create more scratches by dragging the dirt along.

Applying the Polish

Apply the polish to your pad of choice. Then, start the machine on a slow setting.

Work in 2x2 foot sections. Guide the machine in a back-and-forth motion. In addition, use semi-firm pressure as you are doing this.

Once satisfied with the results, wipe the surface with a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Then, use a dry microfiber cloth to finish the process. If you need a visual demonstration, here's a YouTube video to help:

Is A Turtle Wax Cleaner Wax Better Than a Wax?

Variety is typically a blessing. You get to choose the best product for your situation. However, sometimes it produces confusion. What separates cleaner wax from standard car wax? Is one better than the other?

That depends on your priorities. Some people do not like using hybrid products. Additionally, cleaner waxes don't last long enough. They will last around 3-4 weeks. Standard sealant waxes last about 3-4 months.

Cleaner waxes excel at cutting down on how long it takes to maintain your car. It removes the need for a dedicated polish and wax product. And, since it applies both at once, it won't take long to finish the job.

Is the reduced time you spend on a car worth giving up a few months of protection? That's up to you to decide. Regardless, cleaner waxes have their place in the market. Turtle Wax is one brand that offers the best in this area.

Does Wax Remove Scratches?

Gloved hands applying liquid wax on foam sponge

Some people don't like using an abrasive to remove scratches. So, can you skip the polish and use wax instead? Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

Wax is only a surface protectant. So, it will fill in the scratch. It may even hide minor ones. However, the scratch will still be there. Polish and compound will remove them. They provide a permanent solution.

Consider visiting an auto body shop if the scratches remain after compounding and polishing. At this point, only a professional will know how to fix the problem.

Will An Auto Detailer Fix Deep Scratches?

Ceramic glass coating

There are cases where cleaner wax and polish aren't enough to fix the problem. In this situation, you'll have to look for professional help. Car detailing services are known to restore the looks of cars.

However, can they fix deep scratches? That depends on the detailer. In most cases, they won't be able to do it. Auto detailers focus on cleaning services.

Other auto body shops offer auto reconditioning. It's similar to detailing, but they go further. If you had to compare, think of detailing as a touch-up.

On the other hand, auto conditioning provides repair services. Therefore, they'll work to repair the paint and clear coat of the car's surface. Of course, it can get expensive. It all depends on the severity of the scratch.

Final Takeaway

Turtle Wax automotive polish on a red cloth on a car bonnet

Hopefully, the scratches on the car are minor enough that Turtle Wax is enough to fix them. We also hope you have some clarity regarding how these products work. Good luck in fixing the problem.

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