2021 Ford Explorer Color Options

Color options have come a long way in the automotive world. One of the newest and growing vehicles on the road is the 2021 Ford Explorer. Offering more colors than ever, Ford has a large selection for 2021 models. We've researched the Ford Explorers color features to start your car search off right. 

Offered in five trim levels and nine different color choices throughout, there are plenty of colors to choose from for your 2021 Ford Explorer:

  • Agate Black
  • Iconic Silver
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Oxford White
  • Stone Gray
  • Atlas Blue
  • Rapid Red
  • Star White
  • Infinite Blue

Not all of these color choices are available for each trim level. Three of the colors are considered upgrades and will cost extra in the end. The base models start at $33k and can run up to $55k for the luxury model. In addition to color, keep reading to learn about paint codes, interior choices, and more!

Ford Explorer V6 Plug-in Hybrid stopped on a road in mountain scenery. Rapid Red, 2021 Ford Explorer Color Options

Ford Explorer Available Colors

The 2021 Ford Explorer offers a wide variety of colors depending on the trim level you choose. Certain color codes are only available for certain trim levels and may cost extra. Below is a break down of each color and which Ford Explorer model they're available with.

Agate Black

Available across the board, Agate Black has a metallic finish. The Explorer, XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum all come in Agate Black. Since it is a metallic finish, this black paint will give your vehicle a glassy look without seeming dull.

Ford Explorer, side view

Iconic Silver

Just as the color says, this is the most well-known exterior vehicle color. Iconic Silver is offered in all five trims: the Explorer, XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum.  This silvery finish will give your Explorer a glossy and sleek demeanor. Silver cars are often seen as elegant with a reserved atmosphere about them.

Carbonized Gray

In addition to the Explorer, XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum, Carbonized Gray is the third base color for all trims. A polished and rocklike grey, this gray gives the appearance of slate rock. It is a happy medium between the Agate Black and Iconic Silver. 

Oxford White

Next is the Oxford White paint code. Ready for use in 3 trims: Explorer, XLT, and Limited. While it is not as stark as the traditional plain white, it still conveys a soft and elegant look. A remarkable aspect of white paint is that it is best for hiding scratches.

Ford Explorer Oxford White

Stone Gray

After that comes the Stone Gray color option for the XLT, Limited, and Platinum trims. This gray isn't quite as smoky as the carbonized gray and has more of a concrete undertone. Since it still comes in a metallic finish, it will still give off a lustrous quality. 

Atlas Blue

Time to get into extra colors! Only being produced for the XLT, Limited, and ST models, Atlas Blue is a subdued peacock blue. Appearing to have more of a low luster finish, Atlas will still give you a bright color without being flashy. 

New model Ford Explorer suv at a dealership. Atlas Blue

Rapid Red

The first color offered for an extra cost is Rapid Red and is produced for the higher trim levels on the XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum models. Rapid Red will give off an impression of a red rose. It has a fiery base and a fashionable final look.

Ford Explorer V6 Plug-in Hybrid stopped on a road in mountain scenery. Rapid Red

Star White

The second color offered for an extra cost is Star White and is dedicated to the XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum models. Star White isn't your typical iridescent bright white. Instead, it will have more of a light cream cast overall. 

Star White Ford Explorer

Infinite Blue

The final color offered for an extra cost is Infinite Blue, made for the XLT, Limited, ST, and Platinum Ford Explorers. When you're looking for a vehicle to stand out ever so slightly, this is the color for you. Infinite Blue is a color fusion between grey and blue. It still allows you to have some color

Infinite Blue Ford Explorer

What are Ford Explorer interior colors?

Moving to the inside of the Ford Explorer, interior colors will be about the seat surfaces. In this case, there are two material finishes: cloth and leather. Just like with the paint colors, each model will have different specs. Therefore, each material can be available for all models, for one model, or have a standalone color. 


Cloth interiors are soft and porous. The model, the Explorer, only has one cloth option, which is sandstone. The XLT  has two cloth fabrics to pick from, which are sandstone and ebony. Since these are the two lower models, the cloth is going to be a less expensive feature. The XLT, however, does have a leather upgrade which will be discussed below. Since fabric can hold water so easily, it may be worth the upgrade to leather if you have a busy lifestyle.


Leather seats are considered more luxurious and are therefore more pricey. The XLT upgrades include Ford Active X, a synthetic leather, in sandstone, ebony, and light slate. Next is the Limited model, which has sandstone or ebony leather. Surprisingly the ST only comes with ebony leather. Platinum, considered to be the top model, has perforated leather. Perforated leather has small openings throughout to help with breathability and comes in ebony or light sandstone.

Where is the paint code on Ford Explorer?

Visible scratches can be a pain, and paint codes will be needed to order touch-up paint. To find your code, look at the inside driver's side doorjamb for a sticker. You will find a white sticker with a barcode, letters, and numbers. Then to the bottom left will be "EXT PT," the letters next to it are your paint code. On the other hand, older models will have a black sticker, and the second to last box is your code.

Can you get chrome accessories for a Ford Explorer?

Yes, you can! Chrome accessories usually don't come stock on the ford explorer, but there are ways to add them afterward. First, always check with your local dealership to see if they add chrome modifications. In the case that they don't, a specialty vehicle shop will be your best bet. There are also multiple wholesale parts websites that you can purchase the accessories from to install at home. The most popular parts include door handles, window trim, pillar posts, and mirror covers.

When did Ford start offering colors?

The first Ford color was red! In the early 1900s, almost all Model T vehicles were produced with a red finish. It wasn't until around 1914 that a black finish was introduced. Finally, in the late 1920s through the late 1960s, brown and maroon vehicles were released, then green and blue. This was most likely in competition with colorful Cadillacs and bright muscle cars emerging in the 1970s.

Red Ford model parked outside

In Closing

The 2021 Ford Explorer comes in five different trims with nine different exterior colors. Each trim level comes with its own specs for interior and exterior options. Ford Explorers offer a selection of interior seats with cloth and leather in sandstone, ebony, light slate, and light sandstone. Although the brighter and perhaps more attractive colors could cost you extra at closing, you'll turn heads driving around town! 

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