5 Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows

Cleaning car windows with paper towels isn't always preferable for vehicle owners. But some options do an excellent job keeping windows clean and streak-free. So what are these high-quality options? We did in-depth research into the topic, and here's what we've learned:

The best paper towels for cleaning car windows have to excel in preventing streaks and absorbing detergent, moisture, and water. Each of these paper towels managed to meet these qualities without breaking a sweat:

  • Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels 
  • Fresh Towel Ultra Strong Center Pull Shop Towels
  • Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels
  • Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels
  • Seventh Generation Paper Towels

 But listing the five best paper towels doesn't tell the whole story. The following sections will take a closer look at each one and answer a few other crucial questions. We'll ensure you have no issues choosing suitable paper towels to clean your car's windows.

Moist and water on the passenger window due to heavy rain, 5 Best Paper Towels For Cleaning Car Windows

What Are The 5 Best Paper Towels for Cleaning Car Windows in 2022?

The market has a large number of available paper towels. But after a while, it became clear five paper towels stood out for cleaning car windows. So let's dive into what makes these paper towels well-suited for keeping vehicles looking spiffy.

A paper towel and a purple cloth towel

1. Scott Essential Multifold Paper Towels 

Scott's Essential Multifold Paper Towels are an excellent way to start this list. They're known for their lightweight design and top-notch absorption rate. Users can expect them to absorb ten times their weight in water.

This absorption rate will make the car window cleaning process a breeze. Plus, these towels do a solid job removing stains quickly. They don't even leave behind residues or streaks after usage, either.

Using them is also a lot more comfortable than with other paper towels. These options are soft and tend to your hands for a comfy feel. It'll create a better user experience for whatever car owner ends up buying them.

We only wish these paper towels were a little more accessible. Unfortunately, finding them in smaller sizes or at brand-name stores can be challenging. So you'll likely need to buy them through Amazon and at a bulk rate.

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2. Fresh Towel Ultra Strong Center Pull Shop Towels

One of the more durable paper towels available is Fresh Towel's Ultra Strong Center Pull Shop Towels. Each was made for heavy-duty projects, such as cleaning car windows and parts. But it's crucial not to overlook the product's comfortable feel.

After all, these paper towels offer soft handling for comfortable use. Multiple other customers praise their design within their reviews. You won't often see buyers this happy about how a paper towel feels.

These towels are low-lint and don't leave behind streaks on a more critical note. It's another reason why these paper towels are a superior fit for car owners. Furthermore, they offer a great deal of versatility by being usable on floors, mirrors, and other similar surfaces.

But they do come in a smaller size, which isn't a fit for everyone. It might be a little hard to clean large windshields without using several of them.

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3. Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels

The Presto! Flex-a-Size Paper Towels is a unique option for car owners. Users can easily cut the right portion needed for a project because of their perforated shape. It makes them much more economical and cost-effective than we usually expect from paper towels.

Buyers will also benefit from their wavy surface design. It's a beneficial aspect because it allows the towel to collect dust or debris without much trouble. Due to this, it comes in handy when cleaning up older vehicles that haven't run much recently.

Presto was nice enough to include a one-year satisfaction guarantee with them, as well. You don't often find these policies on products like paper towels. But buyers would be fools not to take advantage when they're provided.

However, these options are a bit more costly than others. So you'll need to decide whether the higher performance quality and convenience are worth the increased cost.

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4. Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels

Car owners would be crazy to overlook Bounty's Quick-Size Paper Towels. These options have cylindrical-shaped rolls, which provide excellent storability and use. It makes them a perfect fit for people looking to buy paper towels in bulk quantities.

Bounty also did a solid job providing them with a high water-to-weight ratio. It'll help cut down on how many paper towels are wasted during a single product. We also love their ability to work with any detergent without any difference in performance.

Another crucial benefit is buyers don't have to expend much effort when using them. They're known for reducing the need for excessive wiping significantly. So it makes the tedious process of cleaning glass windows a lot less stressful.

But these paper towels do have ripping issues. So users will need to be a little more careful to avoid ripping them before the cleaning is complete.

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5. Seventh Generation Paper Towels

Our final product, Seventh Generation Paper Towels, is an eco-friendly option. So it provides the performance of a high-quality, traditional paper towel without hurting the planet. It's hard to see how anyone wouldn't see that combination as a winning one.

You can also expect them to provide long-lasting usage. Seventh Generation put significant effort into making them durable and super absorbent. Based on the customer reviews, they more than succeeded.

This option won't cost a significant amount of money, either. It's one of the more bargain-friendly choices on our list, even with its solid performance. Car owners could undoubtedly do much worse when choosing paper towels on today's market.

Of course, these paper towels aren't a perfect product. There have been a few complaints about their texture being less smooth than expected.

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Can you clean windows with newspaper? 

Newspaper is a helpful tool when cleaning windows. The newspaper doesn't separate or cause lint, making it practical to clean glass. But it's best used as a last resort rather than as the primary way of cleaning windows. 

Can you use household glass cleaner on car windows?

Foam on the window for car cleaning

Car owners can use household glass cleaner, such as Windex, or rubbing alcohol on car windows. You can even use them to clean the inside of your car's windshield. But we recommend not using them on tinted windows.

What do car detailers use to clean windows?

Car detailers aren't going to be using paper towels when cleaning windows. These experts are much more likely to prepare microfiber towels. In particular, waffle weave towels are common as they have a more abrasive surface than regular options. 

As a result, the design helps when dealing with water spots or bug splats. So if you've got a massive car window cleaning project, these towels are an ideal fit. 

If you're looking for more information about car detailers, check out our article "Do Car Dealerships Detail Cars? [With Other Pertinent Info!]."

How do you get rid of haze on the inside of the windshield? 

Washing window at a car wash

Getting rid of haze on a windshield's inside glass is a frustrating experience. But it doesn't have to be when taking the right approach. So without further ado, here's a look at a proven method to ensure this issue is dealt with effectively:

1. Create the Cleaning Solution

Start by mixing one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water within a spray bottle. But make sure the spray bottle is clean. Once mixed, the vinegar will cut through oily residue and dirt that other cleaners can't. 

2. Use Towels to Stop Drips

Next, you'll need to place towels on your dashboard. These towels will protect the dash from drips during the cleaning process. From there, shake up the spray bottle to mix your vinegar and water solution. 

3. Begin Spraying

Put on some safety goggles to protect your eyes. Once you've got them on, spray the windshield's interior with the vinegar-water solution liberally. 

4. Finish Up the Cleaning Process

You should then use microfiber cloths to wipe the windshield clean. If a cloth's side gets dirty, switch to the clean side or get a new one. Respray the windshield and repeat the process whenever necessary. 

Anyone looking for a more detailed dive into the windshield cleaning process needs to check out "How to Clean the Inside of Your Car's Windshield."

In Closing

Moist and water on the passenger window due to heavy rain

We hope our discussions about the best paper towels for cleaning car windows answered your questions. But if you still have a few more, don't hesitate to use our comment section. We'd love to help out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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