Best 1000 Watts Inverters for RV

The basic task of an inverter converter is to supply clean, pure power to your RV. Put simply, it converts 12-volt direct current from batteries into 120 volt AC that can then be used to power many electrical appliances. All modern RVs have refrigerators, televisions, computers, and other devices. Bonus points if the RV inverter comes with a charging deck to power laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Best 1000 Watts Inverters for Rv

To help you find the best 1000 watt RV inverters, we’ve prepared a product list of the best models on Amazon right now.

1. RV Trailer 1000 Watt Sine Inverter by SAMLEX AMER

This inverter has a power output of 1000 watts of continuous power. It provides pure sine waves to create a cleaner, smoother power supply for your RV so it could handle the load of at least two major sensitive appliances at once. An ideal combination would be a television, gaming console, and laptop simultaneously without shorter things out.

On the flip side, the device’s power efficiently is only 85 percent, but that shouldn’t be a problem given that it is a pure sine inverter. Samlex Amer outfitted their device with a lot of safety features that include overloading, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit. It weighs only 24 pounds, which is ideal for transportation.

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2. RV 1000 Watt power Inverter by Maoten

This RV inverter comes with a lot of fancy tech built-in, which maximizes value for money. It is designed specifically for outdoor use and works like a charm during emergency situations such as storms, outages, and hurricanes. There are three AC outlets that make it convenient to install different appliances simultaneously. Just make sure the total power usage does not exceed 1000 watt and you’ll be fine.

The manufacturer prioritized safety without sacrificing user functionality. It has a full suite of protective features in place such as a built-in fuse, cooling fan, low voltage, over voltage, short load, and polarity reverse protection. This makes the device perfect for use in your RV.

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3. 1000 Watt RV Inverter by Yokshop

This unit is a great budget model that packs all the basic features you would expect from a modern RV inverter. It even has an LCD display that can be easily read. It has a power efficiency of 85 percent, which is good considering the price tag. Safety features such as overload, over current, and short circuit protection make this RV inverter a perfect product.

The device also scores very high in terms of durability, all thanks to its strong aluminum alloy case that is sturdy enough to withstand a lot of abuse.

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4. RV Trailer 1000 Watt Samlex Amer

This device is designed to output 1000 watts of pure sine wave power that converts 12 volt Dc to 115 volt Ac. It stands out for its exceptional efficiency, which is rated at 90 percent. One of its most convenient features is the ability to power it on and off using a remote control. Furthermore, it also features a lot of protective features such as overload, short circuit, and earth fault protection.

The inverter has a slightly more expensive price tag, but it also boasts more features. You won’t go wrong with this purchase

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5. 1000 Watt Power Inverter by Maoten

This 1000 watt power inverter by Maoten is one of the most affordable devices on this list. Yet you get most of the features that are only boasted by high-end devices, this includes an LED indicator, Digital Display, cooling fan to keep temperatures under control, loud alarm to alert the user in case of emergencies, and protecting from overload and overheating.

Furthermore, it is very easy to set up and as simple as plug and pay. The best part is that the device comes with an 18-month warranty to protect your investment.

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6. 1000 Watt Power Converter by IOOkME-H

This device is extremely affordable given the large number of features it boasts, including 4 USB ports that make it easy to charge on the go. The device can provide 1000 watts of continuous output power and can peak as much as 2000 watt. This means you can connect at least 2 large electrical appliances without worry about a short circuit.

The device’s settings can be tweaked using a remote controller, which has backlighting and an independent switch. It is extremely easy to switch between lithium battery and lead acid battery, at the touch of a button.

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7. 1000 Watt Power Inverter by Eastwood

This is another durable inverter charger with an affordable price tag. It can continuously provide 100 watts of pure sine wave power with very high efficiency. It is built using high-grade materials that are designed to last a lifetime. It can peak at 2000 watts, which makes it ideal for use with at least 2 major electrical devices

It comes with two electrical outlets and a single high powered USB plus, to make charging your devices easy.

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8. 1000 Watt Car Power inverter by Sededa

This is by far one of the most affordable 1000 watt inverters on this list and comes packed with tons of features. This includes an audible low battery alarm, high battery shut down, and lots of protective features that keep your electrical appliances in perfect functioning order.

The device makes use of durable equipment such as an aluminum alloy case that is designed to last a lifetime. One of its few downsides is that it contains only a single AC outlet, but that is a convenient sacrifice given the low price tag.

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9. Power Inverter by TOPmountain

This power inverter hits the sweet spot in terms of attractive features and an affordable price tag. It can provide 1000 watts of continuous power to most electrical appliances and comes with a single AC outlet.  The device should easily run a fridge without fear of short-circuiting. It emphasizes security above all else, including overvoltage and low voltage protection.

This should give most RV owners the peace of mind that their electrical appliances won’t get damaged any time soon.

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10. 1000 Watt Power Inverter by ACBungji

This power inverter is designed to put out 10900 watts of continuous power and it can handle peak powers of 2000 watt. The power is delivered with high efficiency of at least 90 percent, which is good for most electrical devices. There are plenty of standard features you would expect from most inverters such as low voltage, over voltage, and overheating protection.

The device it a modified sine wave power inverter, so we would recommend against using with sensitive electronic equipment. On the plus side, the device has a fairly compact design that will save plenty of onboard space. It is easy to plug in your electrical items thanks to the two conveniently located AC outlets.

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11. 1000 Watt White Inverter by Ocamo

This power inverter by Ocamo can convert 12 volt DC to 220-240 volt AC. The device is a modified sine wave power inverter, which means it can’t be used with sensitive electrical appliances but is perfect for DVD players, televise and other less sensitive household appliances.

A built-in fan cools the device and keeps it within acceptable temperature thresholds. There is only one AC outlet, which makes it a little ideal for users with multiple devices. Extension switches might come in handy.

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12. Pure Sine Wave 1000 Watt Inverter by Phocos

This high-end model has a fairly expensive price tag, but it more than delivers on its end with tons of features such as pure sine wave and an output monitor that can display up to three different colors. The device has an onboard alarm that starts ringing when the battery dips below a certain threshold.

This inverter pulls no punches when it comes to protective features such as under voltage, over voltage, and short circuit protection. The pure sine wave inverter is designed for use with expensive and sensitive electrical items.

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13. 1000 Watt Inverter by Ocamo

This RV inverter should be your top choices because it boasts stable performance under peak loads of 1000 watts. One of its most remarkable features is the built-in cooling fan that keeps temperatures under check, contributing to the durability of the inverter.

The durability and sturdiness of its design make it capable of taking quite a beating in extreme and harsh environments. All in all, this is definitely high on our list of recommended devices.

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