Can I Tow A Twin Axle Trailer With A Car?

Using a trailer is a great way to move or haul many items and is usually towed by an SUV or truck. But is a car be able to tow a twin-axle trailer? With the help of automotive experts, we will help you determine that.

A car can tow a twin-axle trailer, but it must have the right amount of towing capacity. It is critical to know how large the twin-axle trailer you tow is, since your car most likely won't be able to pull the same amount of weight as an SUV or truck.

A car can be an alternative vehicle for towing, but you'll have to install the proper hinges to attach the trailer since it is not common for regular-sized cars to tow large trailers. For more information about vehicles, keep reading below.

Towing A Twin Axle Trailer With A Car

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Towing a twin axle with a car may be difficult since smaller vehicles don't have enough power to pull a loaded trailer. Though some cars can tow a twin-axle trailer, you shouldn't do so because of the larger nature of twin-axle trailers.

If you need to tow your trailer using your car, it should only be to transport it without anything in or on it. An empty trailer will help keep the overall weight as light as possible, ensuring your safety. 

Towing something heavy, especially for lighter or smaller cars, can be dangerous since you will have difficulty stopping. A heavy trailer may also cause wear on your engine, especially if your vehicle does not have a strong one.

Aside from the trailer's weight, you'll have to think about the height of the drawbar to your vehicle. Some cars may be too low for a drawbar, which may hinder you from attaching a trailer. Also, with most smaller vehicles, you may need the proper modification to hitch a two-axle trailer which may be troublesome.

Another thing to look out for before attempting to tow your twin-axle trailer with your car is your state regulation about towing. Though some states may allow you to tow a trailer without permits, others may require you to have your vehicle inspected to see if it is fit.

A vehicle towing limit will vary depending on the model of a car; for a more in-depth figure, consult your car's user manual. The user manual should have the specifics of how much your vehicle can tow, and it can also tell you if your car's model is already trailer compatible.

If you want a trailer for your car, consider looking at single-axle trailers since some come in smaller sizes for a small vehicle. In the end, it's best to use a large SUV or truck when towing a twin-axle trailer. 

Should I Get A Single Axle or Twin Axle Trailer

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Choosing to go for a single or twin-axle trailer should depend on what and how much you need to tow. Both trailers have advantages and disadvantages, but if it suits your needs, the right trailer will counteract the disadvantages. 

Below you can find the advantages and disadvantages of both a single and twin-axle trailer.

Single Axle Trailer

A single-axle trailer is typically smaller in size; this will be beneficial to vehicles that car smaller in size. It is also maneuverable; you'll have ease pulling out of your driveway or anywhere else with ease.

You also get excellent visibility with single-axle trailers since they are smaller, lessening the possibility of your trailer getting snagged on the curb or obstacles. A trailer that can easily follow or track the vehicle it is attached to can give a lot of drivers ease, especially if you are new to towing.

The disadvantages of the single-axle trailer are it may be hard to maneuver or position when reversing and not as stable as a twin-axle trailer. Though single-axle trailers are generally safe most people who want a more stable trailer will opt for the twin-axle.

Also, positioning or leading the single-axle trailer while going in reverse may be tricky since it is less stable and will quickly react even with the slightest movement of the steering wheel. For smaller vehicles or people who don't need a long or big trailer, single-axle trailers may be your best choice.

Twin Axle Trailer

A twin-axle trailer has four tires on the road, giving you more stability when driving. A stable trailer is excellent, especially if you want a smooth ride. Another benefit of a twin-axle trailer is its large size; because most twin-axle trailers are big, you can haul many items or have larger trailers [for transporting cars or have large cabins for camping].

Another advantage of a twin-axle trailer is the ease of backing up. Because the twin-axle trailer is more stable, slight movements will not affect the trailer, and you will be able to correct its direction easily.

People not used to trailers may find this an advantage, even if these trailers are larger.

The size of the twin-axle trailer can also be its downside because this type of trailer can be long and large; you may find it difficult to maneuver around, especially in tighter areas.

You'll always have to keep an eye on your trailer when pulling out onto the road to avoid hitting or getting snagged on something.

Do You Only Need Torque For Towing?

It is common to hear, "What is more important for towing torque or horsepower?" The simple answer is both. Your vehicle needs the power of the torque and speed of the horsepower.

Even if they are both needed for hauling and towing, your vehicle will mostly rely on your torque. The higher your vehicle's torque, the more significant the amount of weight you can pull.

That's why most utility vehicles use diesel engines because of their greater torque output than gasoline ones. But to further increase the ability of your car or truck to tow, you must not only have a vehicle with high torque and horsepower but have the proper hitches, tires, and suspension to handle whatever you are hauling.

Though torque is what your vehicle relies on when towing, this does not mean horsepower is not essential. Your car still needs to get to a decent amount of speed to drive on public roads, especially freeways, safely. 

What Types Of Vehicles Would Be Great At Towing Trailers

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Owning a particular vehicle type can give you an advantage when towing a trailer since it could have an engine or features meant to accommodate this task.

Though you can technically hook up a trailer to any vehicle [with the proper modifications], this does not mean the car can effectively pull the trailer.

Below are the best vehicle types you can use to tow your trailer.


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SUVs are generally great at towing trailers, especially full-sized ones. Their engine, accompanied by their transmission, suspension, and drivetrain, helps them easily exceed the towing limit of a regular car. 

Some SUVs have diesel engines which are ideal if you have to use them for towing because of their high torque output. Also, an added benefit of an SUV is they are very comfortable to ride in, which is excellent for long rides.

SUVs also have the option of AWD or 4WD giving them a lot more traction, which helps with towing, especially in rougher terrain. Just be sure to have the proper tires if you know the terrain you're going to drive in is much more rocky, muddy, sandy, or snowy.


Truck & RV trailer

Trucks are people's first choice when towing since most have a higher tow limit than other vehicles. A truck can also be a good choice since you still have some ability to haul around items using the bed of the truck.

Trucks are durable vehicles perfect for towing trailers. You may also find trucks with luxurious and comfortable interiors, which is excellent for long-distance traveling.

Another thing trucks excel at is off-roading. Most of the time, trucks will have an easier time traversing rugged terrain with ease compared to other vehicle types. 

The sizes of trucks vary, and you can have different cabs for them. The plenty variety of trucks is excellent since they most likely have the type of truck you're looking for, whether a regular single-cam truck or a huge utility truck.


An a suv for faster transportation

Vans are another great alternative to trucks and SUVs. Depending on the model, vans may come in FWD, RWD, AWD, and even 4WD.

Typically, vans are great family cars since they can fit many people, so having a trailer attached to them is excellent so that you have somewhere to store your belongings.

Since vans are not as powerful as SUVs or trucks, they can not tow heavy or oversized trailers. But having your family or daily vehicle capable of towing a trailer is great.


Caravan on the highway for holidays

A car can tow a twin-axle trailer, but this will ultimately depend on the size and weight of the trailer. You might also need to modify your vehicle to hitch a trailer since most regular cars don't have a trailer hitch.

It's best to look at trucks and SUVs if you plan to use your vehicle for towing. Your car may suffer if you force it to pull something too heavy, but an SUV or truck can handle more weight than a car.

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