Do Car Seats Fit In Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma has a rear row of seating, but does that mean that you will be able to put a car seat into it safely? If you are wondering if small children can be safely secured into these removable seats, we can help you find the answer. We researched the Toyota Tacoma and its specs from multiple professional sources so that you'll know if these seats will be accommodated on board.

Though larger car seats can take some effort to get secured in the back seat of a Toyota Tacoma, this pickup truck's rear row will accommodate car seats for all ages.

Now that we know that car seats will fit inside the back row of the Toyota Tacoma, we'll take a look at the logistics behind each type of car seat being safely secured in this pickup truck. You might also be curious if the Toyota Tacoma will make a good family vehicle or if this truck is an excellent daily driver. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

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Utilizing the rear seats of the Toyota Tacoma

For safety reasons, it is not legal to place a car seat in the front seat of a pickup truck if the truck has a rear row. In the case of the Toyota Tacoma, you will have to secure these critical safety seats in the rear seating area.

Critics point out that though it is possible to maneuver child seats into the Tacoma that they have to expend a bit more effort to do so safely. Smaller, rear-facing child seats aren't typically the problem, as they can be set in place and secured with minimal time and energy.

The three rear seats in the Tacoma have rear anchors. These anchors are what clip the child safety seat into place. The issue is that to reach these rear anchors, you must fold the seats downward. 

Once the car seats are secured in place, you have nothing to worry about. But if you are always switching the seats in and out of multiple vehicles, you will have to mess with securing the child seats every time you change them out.

Is the Toyota Tacoma a good daily driver?

Many drivers will think of Tacoma as a great off-road vehicle. What might surprise some is that this pickup is also a great option for daily use. Whether on the highway or a mountain road, this truck is a popular option among truck owners.

The Tacoma is a rugged, solid, and relatively powerful truck. But it is equipped with many of the latest onboard features, making it an enjoyable commuter truck. Comfortable seating, an intuitive infotainment system, climate control, and other creature comforts make daily driving enjoyable.

When you add in its Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, you'll feel right at home on your daily commute.

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How long will a Toyota Tacoma last?

Toyota vehicles have a long-standing reputation for being some of the most reliable on the passenger vehicle market. You might be one of many consumers who value a vehicle's longevity. Not all of us can afford to replace a truck every few years. So getting the right model that will last can be important.

Consumers will be glad to know that the Toyota Tacoma provides this longevity. If properly cared for, the Tacoma can last upwards of 300,000 miles. For those that drive an average of 15,000 miles a year, the Tacoma can last up to 20 years or more.

To reach these higher mileage milestones, you will need to take great care of your Tacoma. Be sure that you follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual to the letter. This will help keep your truck on the road for years to come.

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Can the Tacoma be a family car?

Some might not think of a truck as a family car. This is especially a concern with a truck like a Tacoma, which is much more compact than a Silverado 1500 or a Ford F-150. But that doesn't mean it's not a good option for a family.

The cabin inside a Tacoma is smaller, but it will fit up to five riders. Two can ride in the front, while up to three can ride in the rear seats. So long as your family is five people or less, the Tacoma will provide enough room in most cases.

But for families that have three older teenagers, you might want to reconsider. The rear seating area can be cramped for taller people. This can pose an issue when you try to seat three in the back.

Consider the Tacoma as a family vehicle if you only have younger children. But if you want a truck that's more comfortable for the entire family, you might want to consider a full-size truck instead of a compact one.

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What problems do a Toyota Tacoma have?

We know that the Toyota Tacoma can last upward of 300,000 miles. This model's storied reputation reflects how many miles its engine can rack up and its overall reliability. But that does not mean that Tacoma hasn't had a few issues along the way. No model vehicle is perfect, and Tacoma has had some hiccups over the years.

Shifting problems have been reported for some model years

There have been several model years that have had consumers complain about their Tacomas not shifting properly. The worst year for this in recent times is the 2017 model. The 2016 model had the most complaints overall, with consumers citing transmission and interior accessories among their chief complaints.

Car Complaints rates the 2005 model year as the one to most avoid. Though it has fewer complaints than some model years, the 2005 Tacoma had more expensive issues to remedy.

Overall, the Tacoma is still a reliable vehicle

But don't let the consumer complaints from past model years turn you off from considering a Toyota Tacoma. The most recent model years have had few, if any, complaints. Over the last five years, there have been only eight recalls. These recalls have been minor and only impacted a relatively small number of Tacoma owners.

What is the best model year for a used Toyota Tacoma?

You will find that most model years of the Toyota Tacoma will be a great bet with minimal exceptions. But experts point out that the 2015 Tacoma stands out from the herd. 

The small number of consumer complaints for this model year is noteworthy. It was the first year for the TRD PRO trim and was rated #1 in its class by U.S. News and World Report.

J.D. Power and Associates also gave the 2015 Tacoma a solid 5.0 out of 5.0 for overall reliability.

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Final thoughts

The Toyota Tacoma has enough room in its rear seating area to fully and safely accommodate child safety seats. Though they can be a little time-consuming to secure in place, once they are installed, your little rider will be able to enjoy the ride with the rest of the family. This popular pickup truck can make a good option for a family vehicle for those with smaller children but might be cramped for families with bigger kids or teenagers. Drive safe!

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