Does OnStar Cover Towing? Friendly Guide to Services

When it comes to needing a tow, having reliable roadside assistance is crucial.

One popular service provider is OnStar, which offers various assistance features to help drivers in need.

Onstar app

OnStar does indeed provide towing services as part of its roadside assistance package.

You can connect with an advisor to arrange a towing service by pressing the blue button on your mobile app.

However, it's important to note that additional charges may apply for tire changes when a spare tire is not provided.

Now that you have a general idea of OnStar's towing services, the rest of this article will delve deeper into the topic.

Let's get right into it!

So, Does Onstar Cover Towing?

Yes, OnStar does offer towing services as part of its roadside assistance coverage.

When you're in a situation where your vehicle is disabled, OnStar offers towing services to the nearest dealership with unlimited towing miles.

A truck towing a small SUV to the impounding area, Does OnStar Cover Towing? Friendly Guide to Services

With this, you can rest assured to get the help you need no matter how far away you are from the nearest dealer.

However, it is essential to note that this service is often reviewed case-by-case.

As with OnStar preferred, you'll only be covered up to 10 miles from the breakdown point.

What is OnStar Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is a convenient service of OnStar to assist with common vehicle issues, including running out of gas, fixing a flat tire, or towing.

When you're in a bind, this feature can come to your rescue, providing you with the help you need to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

How Do You Request OnStar Roadside Assistance for Towing?

To reach OnStar Roadside Assistance, there are four simple ways to make a request tailored to your particular needs and situation. 

Use Your Vehicle's Mobile App

You can request assistance with a few taps on your smartphone. However, this can vary on the device and the plan you are enrolled in.

Use Your Vehicle's Center Display

You can also request help from your dashboard. This option will require Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility and a USB connection.

Push the Blue OnStar Button

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can simply push the blue OnStar button inside your vehicle to speak with an Advisor.

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What Are the Steps to Requesting OnStar Roadside Assistance For Towing?

Car being towed

Now let's get to the main part. Here are the steps you need to follow when requesting towing assistance:

Step 1: Press the Blue OnStar Button

As mentioned, you can request assistance using your mobile app, the vehicle's infotainment system, or the button inside your vehicle.

Step 2: Prepare Essential Information

It's a good idea to have some essential information handy. This includes your vehicle's make, model, and location.

Step 3: The Advisor will Confirm Your Information and Location

They will now dispatch a nearby tow truck to your aid and provide you with an estimated arrival time for the tow truck.

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Is Towing Covered Under Onstar Premium or Preferred?

Both OnStar Premium and OnStar Preferred offer towing services. However, it's important to note that the coverage may vary depending on your plan.

OnStar Premium offers a comprehensive suite of services, including automatic crash response, emergency services, and roadside assistance.

Car being towed due to breaking down in the expressway

Towing services are included in this plan. Depending on your car's make, you can receive unlimited towing miles to the nearest GMC, Chevrolet, or Buick dealer.

On the other hand, OnStar Preferred offers a more basic set of services, including remote start, lock and unlock, and vehicle diagnostics.

Towing services are also included in this plan, but the coverage is limited to 10 miles from the breakdown point.

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How Many Times Can You Use OnStar Roadside Assistance Towing?

With the OnStar service, you can request towing assistance can be used four times a year.

Once the limit has been reached, additional charges will apply for further towing requests.

To avoid any issues, always understand the specific terms and conditions of your OnStar plan.

What Cost Does OnStar Cover For Towing?

As mentioned, when OnStar covers the cost of towing to their partner dealers.

Towing company carrying car to repair shop

You must pay for the tow if you want to go somewhere else.

You don't need to worry if you have towing and labor coverage, as your insurance company may cover the cost of the tow. 

What Other Services Does OnStar Roadside Assistance Provide?

OnStar Roadside Assistance is a reliable driver companion, offering various services beyond towing. Here are a few that we know of:

Flat Tire Service

OnStar Roadside Assistance offers flat tire service, where they'll inflate or change your tire upon request.

Empty Gas Tank

A gas guage in a car reads empty and shows the warning light to let the driver know they are out of gas and need to refuel.

Running out of gas is also not a problem, as they can help you reach the nearest gas station.

Navigational support

This is another valuable feature, as their advisors help you find your destination.

Routing to Charging Station

If you need a recharge, they can guide you to the nearest charging station for your electric vehicle.

Remote Vehicle Unlock

Additionally, OnStar Roadside Assistance can help you unlock your vehicle remotely if you lock your keys inside.

Emergency Services

OnStar's Emergency Services assist in crises such as natural disasters or severe weather.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance

Getting roadside assistance from the towing company

Another important aspect is their stolen vehicle assistance service, which helps to locate and recover your car in case of theft.

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Does OnStar Guardian Include Towing?

OnStar Guardian is part of the OnStar subscription plans, which offer various services such as roadside assistance, emergency services, and navigation.

So we can assume that it covers towing services as part of their subscription plan, even though the Guardian app does not explicitly mention it.

Putting it All Together

OnStar does offer good towing service—it includes unlimited towing miles to help you get to the nearest gas station, service station, or preferred mechanic when needed.

Remember that OnStar will only cover the cost of towing your vehicle to their nearest partner dealers.

You must pay for the tow if you want to go somewhere else.

So, check the plan in your area, and don't hesitate to contact OnStar if you're not receiving coverage or need assistance.

We hope you found this information useful! Feel free to let us know what you think, and remember, stay safe and happy travels!

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