OnStar Button Not Working – What To Do?

As a car owner, you may have noticed that your OnStar button isn't working but are unsure what caused the problem and how to deal with it. Fortunately, we have consulted experts in the field, and here is what they have to say.

OnStar offers a variety of emergency services in vehicles. Following these steps if your Onstar button stops working:

  • Reset your OnStar system.
  • Check your OnStar antennas for damage.
  • Call OnStar customer service for help.

Problems with the Onstar button should be tackled as soon as possible its plays a significant role. Keep reading to get detailed information about things you can do when your Onstart button is not working.

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What Should I Do When My Onstar Button Is Not Working?

Being involved in an automobile accident is a nightmare because, after the incident, you are typically disoriented and not sure of what to do next. However, if your vehicle features an OnStar service, you don't need to worry when you get involved in an accident.

Additional features include:

  • Reading your email while driving hands-free.
  • Making hotel bookings on your behalf.
  • Unlocking your car if you mistakenly leave your keys in.

OnStar is known for its security services and had over 4 million customers as of May 2005. 

There is a lot of technology that has been developed through nanotechnologies, such as computer chips and OnStar. These features, however, are susceptible to wear and tear over time, making them less reliable. Here are things you can do when your Onstar button isn't working:

Reset Your OnStar System

When a user resets a device, most of the problems stop, giving them a fresh start with which to work. These difficulties are relatively common in gadgets and might occur for different reasons. It is possible that restarting your OnStar can fix background activities that are still operating and causing a decrease in speed.

Occasionally, your device's hardware could fail, or your device might be used to the point where it reaches its limits. Resetting your OnStar will help fix many of those problems.

Check Your OnStar Antennas For Damage

Antennas for cellular and GPS communication are installed outside vehicles equipped with OnStar. A loose connection between the antenna and the receiver is one of the possible reasons the OnStar button may not work. 

If the antenna cable is not correctly positioned in your head unit, or if any of the connectors are loose, damaged, or corroded, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for you to use the OnStar button in your vehicle. The connection between the antenna cord and the rear of your head unit should be the first thing to check while troubleshooting.

Call OnStar Customer Service For Help

OnStar's customer service can be easily reached and is available to address any of your questions, concerns, and requirements. After resetting your Onstar, if it is still not working, you can contact OnStar's customer care. They will provide the information you need to get the OnStar button working again. 

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Where Is OnStar Button Located?

Automobiles that feature OnStar have a small panel that can be found in an overhead console, on the dashboard, or in the rearview mirror. The location of this panel depends on the model of the vehicle. You can communicate with a real-life or a digital advisor by pressing the blue OnStar button. Only in a life-threatening situation should the emergency button (the red button with a cross on it) be pressed.

Does The OnStar Button Work Without Subscription?  

The OnStar button will not work without a subscription. Once your vehicle has expired, the OnStar device will receive a deactivation signal.

Your emergency button will become inoperable, and you may hear a recording that will inform you of the expired subscription. When this happens, all of the vehicle's automatic functions, including AACN and airbag deployment, will cease to operate. 

If you press the blue button, you will be connected to a new representative who can help you reactivate your account and who is not provided with any information regarding your location.

Why Is My OnStar Button Red?

When the OnStar button turns red, it indicates an issue with the Onstar System. This means that the OnStar TTY Interface Module might not function as it should. You can initiate a conversation with an OnStar advisor by simply pressing the OnStar button. The Advisor can give you the information needed to get the OnStar system working again.

What Is White Button On OnStar For?  

The white button on OnStar was once called the Hands-Free Calling button. This button had a white phone in the center of a white circle on it.

It has been renamed the Voice Command button and now displays an icon of a person speaking. The new voice command button allows drivers to make and receive calls, access a previously saved route, and access the OnStar Virtual Advisor. 

What Does The Green Light By The OnStar Button Mean? 

The green light by the OnStar button shows that the OnStar TTY system installed in the car is active and can send or receive calls. This status light flashes green to indicate an incoming personal call or if there is already a call that is being processed. 

With your TTY device, you can answer incoming calls by pressing the phone button on your dial pad. You can also hang up on a personal call by simply pressing the button labeled "phone" on the dial pad.

What Is The Button Next To The OnStar Button?  

When you press the button next to the OnStar button, you will be connected to an OnStar Advisor who has been trained to assist you.

An OnStar Advisor can be easily reached, and they can do everything from offering you turn-by-turn directions to contacting the nearest provider to providing you with roadside assistance.

Pressing the middle button will put you in touch with a live operator. You can use this to send turn-by-turn directions to your vehicle or have an advisor interpret a diagnostic code for the check engine light. 

You can access voice-activated services like the Virtual Advisor and hands-free calling by pressing the left button on the phone's keypad. You will need to press the phone button on the steering wheel to use the Bluetooth connection. 

The button on the dashboard pressed to use the phone only connects you to the OnStar phone; it does not have access to the address book on your cell phone. For instance, if you want to say "call wife at work" from the OnStar phone, you will first need to program "wife at work" into the system so that it can understand what you are saying. 

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What Happens When You Press Blue OnStar Button?  

When you press the blue OnStar button, the system will link you to the assistance you require. It is ideally suited to situations when you need assistance in circumstances that are not life or death but are significant. 

Additionally, handy voice commands can speed up the process of directing you to particular account management services, such as assistance with your Wi-Fi hotspot or other queries.

Can Onstar Find My Car Without Subscription?

Onstar can track a car without a subscription. Onstar uses GPS; they can still locate your vehicle when it hasn't been activated. Onstar continues to find your car, except you tell them to remove the service that tracks the vehicle.

For Onstar to track your car, you need to call the customer service department and give them your vehicle information like the model, license plate number and make. With this information, they can locate your car with their GPS.

Final Takeaway

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If you want OnStar services, you'll have to buy an automobile that already has OnStar technology. The "OnStar" button on the center console is all you need to sign up for one of the OnStar service plans. Calling OnStar customer service, resetting your OnStar system, and checking for damaged antennae are things you can do if your OnStar isn't working. OnStar customer service can be easily contacted.

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  1. My wife’s Traverse has an issue where if she remote starts her car and then hits the start button the car kicks in all services except for Onstar (button does not work and WiFi Data!as well)

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