How Much Does A 12 Foot Truck Weigh

Trucks are modern-day horses and carriages and can be rented for moving, construction, or landscaping. If you're in the market for a truck rental, it would be beneficial to understand box truck specifications. For your information, we asked the experts how much a 12-foot truck weighs. They gave us the following answers. 

A 12-foot truck with interior dimensions of 10"x 6,3"x 6" (LWH), which is 380 cubic feet, has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 10,050 lbs.

This is the standard weight. With this information, you won't go into panic mode when you see any road limitations. Continue reading for more information on different trucks and their weights when empty or full.

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What Can You Fit In A 12-Foot Truck Rental?

A 12-foot budget rental truck can carry 3,100 pounds. For a clear picture, the vehicle can carry 120 medium boxes. If you are transporting pieces of furniture, the vehicle can only handle up to five medium pieces.

The 12-foot truck is budget-friendly and is best for short, one-off trips. It is ideal for moving stuff in a one-bedroom apartment. Use a larger truck if you need to move bulkier things for long distances. This will be a cost-efficient move.

Here are several specifications of a 12-foot truck that will help you understand it. Its compact size makes it easier to pack stuff in it.

A 12-foot truck has:

  • 9'0 clearance
  • Rear door width 5'5
  • Rear door height  5'11
  • Payload weight 3,610 lbs 
  • 8-14 mpg

Do I Need A CDL For A 12-Foot Box Truck?

No, you don't need a CDL for a 12-foot truck. A Commercial Driver's License isn't necessary for trucks with a General Vehicle Weight of 26,000 lbs or less.

A CDL is necessary for trucks that carry hazardous material for commercial purposes. Such trucks usually weigh more than 26,000 lbs.

To acquire a CDL you'll need:

  1. To be 21 years and above
  2. Have a valid identification plus a social security number
  3. Submit your application with the required fee included 
  4. Pass a vision test, and you must have a medical certificate
  5. After passing the knowledge exam, you'll get a Commercial Learners Permit
  6. Wait for 14 days to schedule your road skills exam, and if you pass it, you'll get a CDL

How Much Does A 10-Foot Truck Weigh

A 10- foot truck will have a maximum GVW of 8,600 lbs (4 tons). These trucks are popular for studio or small apartment moves. It can fit a bed, sofa, and some boxes filled with household items.

Before you book any truck for moving or relocating, consult several moving companies to get the right vehicle. They can also give quotations of their services depending on labor and milage.

How Much Does A 15-Foot Truck Weigh

A 15-Foot truck weighs 14,500 lbs (GVW). Different trucks have different weights. Therefore, when you choose a truck you must know what you want.

A 15-foot truck has a maximum load capacity of 6,385 pounds. It's quite spacious and can accommodate stuff from a  one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Truck

Close up hand holding car key

Most people that buy or rent trucks use them for different purposes. Whether you need a truck for work or personal use, consider the following points before purchasing one.


Be realistic about how you want to use your truck. Access your needs before committing financially. Pick a strong truck if you want to use it for towing boats or trucks. Minimal payloads will need a less powerful truck.

Power And Engine Size

You should ensure that you don't underestimate the type of engine you need for your truck. A powerful engine is essential for a towing truck or heavy load carrier.

Passenger Quantity & Access

You should pick a truck that you can easily get on. If you intend to use the truck for moving, consider having ample space for passengers. A truck that will be used to ferry construction materials shouldn't have a lot of passenger seats.

Automatic Or Manual

An automobile can be automatic or manual, but pick the one you feel comfortable driving. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Mileage & Fuel Consumption

When always on the road, fuel consumption can be a major worry. A more powerful engine might consume a lot of fuel. Therefore, have a thorough understanding of the distance you intend to cover and how much fuel you'll use. 

Truck Color

The color of a truck might seem trivial, but it boosts your self-confidence. Especially if you are purchasing a truck to start a business. You'll spend a lot of time around your truck, and it shouldn't be an eyesore.

Although the most popular colors are silver, white, and black, trucks also come in other colors such as blue, gray, and red. The least common colors are yellow, green, and orange.

Latest Features

Trucks like any other vehicle, have fancy features with the latest navigational systems. Ensure that you purchase a truck with a good navigational system.

4x4 or 2 Wheel Driver

Trucks are not always be driven on good roads. A 4x4 truck handles a rough terrain better than two-wheel drive. The vicinity where you'll be driving your truck will dictate whether you choose a 4x4 or a two-wheel drive.

Camper Shell

A cover for your truck will help keep all that you are transporting dry and intact from thieves. A camper shell is what you need to buy to save you money and keep stuff in the truck bed safe.

How To Pack A Moving Truck

Now that you know how much trucks weigh, you might be wondering how to pack stuff in your vehicle without overloading it.

Below are several tips on how to use the space in your moving truck to the maximum.

  1. Look at what you intend to ship from one place to another, then pick the right truck size. This will help you avoid extra trips.
  2. Have your packing supplies ready. Starting from sturdy boxes, tapes, wrapping paper, tape, and blankets to a dolly.
  3. Ask your friends and family to help with loading and unloading to avoid costly labor.
  4. Ensure that you disassemble large furniture items and wrap them apart. Put smaller items in drawers and seal them.
  5. Load heavier things onto the truck and smaller things after. Arrange everything evenly in the truck and stack them well.
  6. Place headboards and tables in a standing manner. Stability is key when transporting anything.
  7. Roll-up rugs and carpets and tie them up properly.
  8. Use moving straps to hold stuff in place.

How Much Do Rental Trucks Cost

U-Haul moving truck rental

With so many moving trucks available, they also differ in prices. Before you pick a moving truck, you should be sure of how much you are willing to spend.

To get a quotation from a moving company, they will take into account the following:

  • The distances to be covered by the truck
  • Size of the truck 
  • A driver and laborers (if necessary), depending on the size of the truck being dispatched
  • Duration of the truck rental
  • Pickup and dropoff locations

For example, renting a 12-foot truck one-way from Miami to New York will cost around $1,000. Customers are allowed additional days or miles from $40 to $100. Short distances and trips within a state will cost less.

For exact information, scout around different companies to have something to compare and contrast. Always make an informed decision.

Maintaining You Truck

GMC & Chevrolet pickup trucks at a dealership

Trucks pass through rough terrains and wheel for long distances, and they need to be maintained constantly.

Do the following to have always have a truck in good condition:

  • Change the engine oil regularly and the filters too regularly
  • Have your vehicle inspected after long trips and in-between trips
  • Rotate your tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Or, after every 5,000 miles not more.
  • Clean the exterior to avoid corrosion and color peeling. Don't forget the interior will need some care too.
  • Check other fluid levels in your truck

Final Words

The bigger a truck is, the heavier it is. When renting a truck ensure that you pick a convenient one. On the other hand, when buying, ensure that you know which size of truck will suit your needs.

After purchasing a truck that you like, maintain your truck. It will serve you for a long time when properly maintained. The tips mentioned in the post are guidelines to help you make the right choice. 

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