How To Keep A Black Car Clean

Black AUDI S4 car parked at countryside road during sunset, How To Keep A Black Car CleanOwning a black car, and trying to keep it clean is a huge task. Black vehicles are notorious for showing dirt and streaks left by the rain. Because dirt is a lighter color, any sort of smudge or dust on a black surface sticks out like a sore thumb. This makes it hard to keep a black car clean all the time. It seems like as soon as you take it to the car wash and drive home, it's already dirty again. How do you keep it clean?

To keep a black car clean, make sure you have detailing spray, a microfiber cloth, and a car duster. Use the detailing spray to make the car shine and get any water spots off it, then wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. If you're just looking to get some light dust off the car, use a car duster now and then.

To see the process of keeping a black car clean in more detail, and find answers to more questions, keep reading below.

How Often Should You Wash A Black Car?

There are many variables to answering this question. But generally, it is suggested to wash your car every two weeks or so to keep it looking clean. This should be accompanied by the other suggestions to keep your black car clean. Over time, using detailing spray and car dusters over and over would result in a less than satisfactory car cleaning. By washing your car every two weeks or so, you're making sure to wash off all the old detailing spray and any gunk that's built up over time and start fresh.

What If I Live In The City?

If you live in the city, washing your car every two weeks might not be necessary, depending on weather conditions. Your car is likely to stay cleaner if you only drive on pavement or concrete.

What If I Live In The Country?

Living farther out in the country proves that keeping a car clean to be a more challenging task. Driving on a dirt road almost immediately adds a laying of dust to your vehicle. Washing it more often than two weeks may be beneficial if you like a clean car.

What If It Rains A Lot?

Another consideration to take is if you live in an area that rains a lot like Seattle. If there's a chance of rain every day or every other day, you may have to wash your car more often to keep the rain spots off. This can also be done with detailing spray, but beware of putting too much on your car if you live in a rainy part of the country. Living in a rainy city may increase your frequency of washing the car.

What Is Detailing Spray?

Now that you understand how often you should wash your car and use detailing spray let's talk about what it is and where to buy it. Detailing spray removes smudges and rain spots to make a car shine again. To use it, just spray it on the surface you want to clean and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. It is that easy.

When you wipe away the detailing spray, it takes the smudges and streaks with it and leaves a thin, shiny layer of wax. This helps the car to stay cleaner longer.

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What Is A Car Duster?

A car duster is a type of duster meant for the outsides of cars because they do not cause any scratching or damage to the paint job. They can be used to remove thin layers of dirt you may acquire by driving a short distance on a dirt road, or any other light dust that gets on your car while driving it.

Again, this type of cleaning product is best used in mild conditions. If your car is too dirty, it may just smear the dirt and miss most of it. For bigger messes, wash the car or use some sort of detailing spray/wax or wash the car. For quick cleanings, car dusters are perfect.

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What About Car Wax?

While car wax is not meant to be a cleaning product, it can improve the look and longevity of your car's visuals. Detailing spray leaves behind a thin layer of wax to keep the car looking new and shiny. Actual car waxing puts on a heavier and more permanent coat of wax. While this shouldn't be used as a substitute for cleaning your car, it can protect against marks and scratches and keep the car shiny for longer. It is an excellent option to pair with any of the other cleaning suggestions mentioned in this article.

One of the good things about car wax is a specialty wax made just for black cars. Black car wax provides a specialized look for black vehicles, in particular, to help keep their color look as shiny as possible.

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How Do You Keep A Black Car Shiny?

As mentioned above, you can keep a black car shiny by using either detailing spray every so often or by applying black car wax to your vehicle. How often should you apply black car wax? Most people suggest applying black car wax no more than every three months. This is because car wax stays on your vehicle for an extended time, and using it too often will result in a build-up of wax and will leave your car looking dirtier. On top of that, it will make cleaning it off much more difficult.

Does Washing Your Car Remove The Car Wax?

No. Washing your car is normal, and if you use soap meant for vehicles, then your car wax is made to withstand it. Keep in mind, washing a car too often with wax on it will eventually cause the wax to fade away.

How To Keep Dust Off A Black Car

The best way to keep dust off your car is by either washing your vehicle regularly or using a car duster whenever you notice dust is on your car. Leaving the dirt on for too long will result in it sticking to the vehicle and make it harder to get off with a car duster.

Being mindful about where you are driving is also a significant factor in keeping dust off your car. Avoid parking in open areas and try parking in covered spaces such as paid parking spots, parking garages, or home garages if you have one. This keeps rain and dust off your black car, allowing it to stay cleaner and shinier longer.


Owning a black vehicle and keeping it clean can seem like a daunting task, but following each of these steps and using these products can make your black vehicle stay clean. Regularly scheduled washes and application of wax products and detailing spray will not only clean your car but make it shine for you and everyone else to see as you're rolling down the highway.

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