How To Remove State Farm Beacon From Windshield

Have you recently installed the State Farm Beacon on your windshield and are wanting to remove it? Doing so is quick and easy, and it can be done in a few simple steps. We researched this device in depth so that you'll know for sure how it's done.

You will be able to remove the State Farm Beacon very quickly. You will need to:

  1. Peel the adhesive backing off
  2. Clean the area 
  3. Uninstall the app from your smartphone

Now that we know how to remove the State Farm Beacon, we'll take a look at each step to make it easier. You might also be wondering if you can place this Beacon in your glove compartment or what percentage of savings you can expect from State Farm for using this device. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

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The Steps To Remove Your State Farm Beacon

You will be able to remove the Beacon quickly and easily. This small Bluetooth-compatible device was secured to your windshield when it was installed with a simple adhesive. There are three quick steps, and you'll be finished.

1. Peel The Adhesive Backing Off

The adhesive that your State Farm Beacon is secured to your windshield with is a durable substance. The Beacon will stay in place on bumpy roads and throughout the various temperature and humidity changes that it will experience in the cabin of your vehicle.

Gently peel it away from the adhesive. It should come free on the first try. For stubborn adhesiveness, consider using a plastic razor to get a bit of a start.

Once it begins to peel away, the rest will follow. But you'll need to follow through on two more steps to finish the entire process.

2. Clean The Area 

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The adhesive will leave a bit of a residue on your windshield. You'll want to remove this as soon as possible. The residue will attract moisture, dust, and other particles that will accumulate on the glass.

The plastic razor you used to get a start on removing the adhesive will work fine to get the tackiness off the glass. Or, you could use rubbing alcohol and a cloth.

If you have no rubbing alcohol, consider a solution of 10% white vinegar and 90% warm water. This can be placed in a spray bottle and applied to the glass and scrubbed away with a cloth or Magic Eraser.

Now that the area is clean, you have one more step. You will need to find the app on your smartphone that the Beacon is connected to.

3. Uninstall The App From Your Smartphone

The Beacon from State Farm runs off the State Farm Drive Safe application on your smartphone. If you are no longer using the Beacon, you will want to complete this process and uninstall the app.

This completes the process. But if you are wanting to keep the Beacon and its service, maybe you're looking for a different place to have the Beacon placed. If this is the case, keep the application on your phone and keep reading.

Can The State Farm Beacon Be Placed In Your Glove Compartment?

You might not want the Beacon on your windshield. It could obstruct your view. Or maybe you don't like the way that it looks. For whatever reason, there are other places you can install this device.

State Farm recommends the Beacon for the windshield. But that is not the only place that it will work. The device will also be able to transmit its signal from the glove compartment. As long as the Beacon does not leave the vehicle, it will be able to transmit accurate data to the application on your smartphone.

The Beacon can also be used on two-wheeled vehicles. If you are using it for a motorcycle, the windshield and glove compartment aren't viable options to install this device. In this case, you should place the Beacon under the saddle seat. Your device will be concealed, but it will still be able to function properly.

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How Much Money Will Using The State Farm Beacon Save Me?

If you are wondering if this system is worth it, know how it compares to similar tracking services offered by other auto insurance companies.

State Farm's Drive Safe and Save program will save a maximum of 30% for most drivers. But drivers in certain states could save a maximum of 50% off their premium whenever their policy renews.

Competitors will sometimes charge a signup fee for their service. State Farm does not charge for the service or the Beacon. It will also not increase your premium, although the amount of the discount will fluctuate based on the driving habits that it records.

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How Does The State Farm Beacon Work?

This is a pretty simple program to get enrolled in. The Beacon is part of the State Farm Drive Safe and Save program. To be enrolled, you will need to have a smartphone. Request the Beacon through your agent, and you'll be ready to get started once the Beacon is in your possession.

Text the word "save" to 78836. This will send you a link to the application you will need to download on your smartphone. Download the app and enter your driver's license information. You will also have the option of logging into your State Farm account. Here, your information can be easily retrieved. 

When you get the Beacon, install it in your vehicle. State Farm indicates that the best place is on your windshield. But as long as it stays in your vehicle, it will work just about anywhere. 

Pair the Beacon with the application you downloaded. The instructions for this will arrive with your Beacon. You will be now provide State Farm with your odometer reading through the app.

Now, all you need to do is drive. State Farm receives the data at the end of each policy period. The agency will calculate your discount. When the next policy cycle begins, you will enter your odometer reading again. The tracking and calculating process will start over again.

Consider This Program If:

If you are wanting to maximize the discount on your auto insurance policy, this program is right up your alley. There are so many things in your control that, if properly utilized, will be able to lead to a substantial discount.

Those who are driving "hands-free" will greatly benefit from this program. If your phone is out of reach, the program tracks it and rewards you with greater discounts. 

This program will work great for anyone with just one vehicle. Some insurance companies will not enroll solo vehicles. But State Farm lets anyone with a vehicle enroll. State Farm will apply a greater discount for every vehicle added.

Pass On This Program If:

If you are looking to keep a consistent policy premium, this program is not for you. The amount of your safe driving discount will fluctuate from policy period to policy period. Your driving analytics are scrutinized. This determines how much savings you will receive.

Should you be a "rush-hour" driver, you should forego this program. Driving in the most congested time of day will penalize you. If you drive late at night, you won't get as good of a discount.

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Final Thoughts

The State Farm Beacon has the potential to save you significant money off of your premium each month. Though it has many benefits, certain drivers should avoid this program. Those who use the State Farm Beacon can save upwards of 30% if they drive within State Farm's safety guidelines. Drive safe!

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