How To Stretch A Truck Cab

A truck cab, also known as a truck cabin, is the interior part of the truck where the driver seats and controls the truck's movement. Stretching your truck cabin can allow more cargo or passengers, but how do you stretch it? To help you, we have consulted automobile experts to give you all the information you need to know.

Before stretching your truck cab, take out everything in the frame until it is empty.

  • Proceed to cut the existing frame with a grinder.
  • Measure the cut-out frame and hold them together with clamps.
  • Weld them together.
  • Add bolts and put back all components.

Stretching a truck cab requires a competent and careful procedure. Read further to understand what stretching a cab means and how to do it successfully. 

A stylish Isuzu D-Max Yucon, extended cab pickup truck - How To Stretch A Truck Cab

What Does It Mean To Stretch A Truck Cab? 

Stretching a truck cab means extending the length of the truck so it can conveniently carry more weight. Stretching the cabs of trucks is a standard procedure. It is always done, especially when the trucks are bought at lower prices. Stretching a truck helps its frame to be firmer than it is. 

What Equipment Do You Need To Stretch A Truck Cab?

Even though stretching a truck should be done carefully, it may not be as complicated as you think. Plus, the equipment required is not complex. 

You would need a disc grinder, clamps, bottle jacks, axle stands, and cutters meant for heavy-duty purposes. A straight edge for good measurements, a drill, a sledgehammer, and measuring tape. If you're not too competent or confident in stretching your truck yourself, you might need to get a professional to guide you on what to do. 

Step-by-Step Method On How To Stretch A Truck Cab 

Truck driver holding clipboard inspecting safety daily check the engine of semi truck

If you intend to stretch your truck cab yourself, you should follow a step-by-step procedure.

Remove Everything On The Surface

Before you stretch your truck, remove everything existing on the surface. Also, remove the wheels because the heat from the torch blaze can affect them. For safety purposes, remove every wire in your car and ensure no power source is connected to them.

In addition, remove axle joints, shock absorber, torsion bar, battery box, and driveshaft. All these can be attached back to the truck when you're done with the stretching installation.

Scratch The Surface With A Grinder 

After removing everything from the surface, the next step you'll have to take is to measure the part of the frame you want to cut out from. You need to use a measuring tape and a marker to mark out the parts. 

Turn on the grinder and remove all of the paint and corrosion from its surface once you've finished marking the cutting point. Rust can be removed with a grinder to make the cutting process easier.

Cut Out The Frame 

You must cut using a regular process after the surface is clear and clean. You can use a grinder, but you must handle it with caution. The grinder is slightly difficult to grip since excessive pressure causes your hand to move away from the indicated position. 

For proper cutting from the designated position, you must grip them firmly. A torch can also be used to generate heat and cut the pieces. You should begin by going lower and then moving higher. Cut horizontally first, then vertically, keeping the length the same as the breadth. 

Secure It Properly With Nuts And Welding

Attach the new semi-truck frame to the existing one after cutting the old one. Use high-quality nuts and bolts that will endure a long time. To avoid any complications during loading and unloading, they must also be securely fastened. 

You can also utilize welding processes to ensure that they are correctly attached to the current ones. For best results, weld both components together and add screws and nuts.

How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Truck?

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For safety measures,  stretching your truck should always be done by someone with the right expertise. So it is essential to pay for quality service or equipment. 

The basic cost of stretching a truck starts from $4,000, depending on the length or type of truck. It does not apply to all trucks, though. For some trucks with different models, you will have to spend more. Extending the driveshaft, as well as the lines and wiring, adds to the price. 

Overall, the cost is affected by the stretch length you are paying for. If you have to extend the frame more than a little, the cost of the process may quadruple. The more cutting you have to do and the more lines and driveshaft you have to lengthen, the more money you'll spend on the work. 

If you want to extend the frame beyond 24 inches, you'll need to add extra metal plates to the frame, costing hundreds of dollars. A long frame extension can cost from $5,000.  

What Are The Different Types Of Cabs?

There are different types of trucks from different manufacturers. Some manufacturers may even engrave their signature markings on the tailgate or badge to tell you what type of suspension the truck has been built with. 

Trucks come in different models and patterns specifically designed to help you with your journeys, landscaping, hauling, or even deliveries. Any reason you get a truck, it has to have enough space wide enough to carry passengers and goods. 

The cabin is an integral part of the truck because it's where your passengers and cargo stay. There are different types of cabs suitable for your needs. 

Regular Cabs 

Pickup truck Toyota Tacoma in the city street

Regular cabs are always the same because the manufacturers don't change their names. They have two doors and one row of seating. The cab weighs less than all cabs, and it has bigger boxes. It is always convenient for hauling and towing. 

Quad Cabs 

Also called extended cabs, quad cabs are cabs with four doors and four seats. The second row of seats at the back is smaller than the row of seats at the front. It has little space for leg stretching. However, manufacturers have started increasing the space over the years.  The second door only opens when the front door is opened.

Double Cab

Also called crew cab, it has two rows of seats at the back, which are quite spacious, unlike the quad type of cabs. It also has four full-size doors. It will fit you and your passengers without looking for extra room to stretch. Think of it as an SUV brand of car in the form of a truck.

It's quite easy to get in and out of because both doors work on their own. It has room for four or more people conveniently. One of the cons of this type of cab is that It has a less towing capacity. 

Mega Max Cab

Also known as an extended crew cab. Not all manufacturers produce this sort of cab. It's a bigger version of the crew cab, focusing on rear passenger capacity. Because it only comes with the smallest box, it usually has some of the lowest towing and payload capacities.

What Truck Cab Is The Biggest?

Cab space is one of the most important differences between pickups. Here are some trucks with large cab size: 

  • 43.6 inches Ford F-150 Suoer Crew 2016
  • 43.3 Inches 3500 Ram Mega Cab 2016
  • 42.3 Inches  Toyota Tundra Crewmax 2016
  • 42.1 inches Ford Super Duty Crew Cab 2015

Is Extended Cab The Same As Double Cab? 

A stylish Isuzu D-Max Yucon, extended cab pickup truck

Extended cabs and double cabs have similar features, but they are different in many ways. In terms of capacity, extended cabs have two rows of seats found at the front and back of the truck, and each row has three seats.

But the row of seats at the back is quite smaller than the double cab, which also has two rows of seats found at the front and back. Extended cabs are often the medium cab size option. They are larger than regular cabs but smaller than double cabs. 

Double cabs are often the largest cab size offered, larger than both extended and normal cabs. Another difference is the door. Back doors are optional on extended cabs. The back row can be accessed by folding down the front seats on extended cabs without back doors. Although many extended cabs include back doors, they are usually not as large as the front doors.

In double doors, you will always find full-size back and front doors. However, some double cabs have back doors that open in the opposite direction of the front doors. In terms of cost, extended cabs cost more than standard cabs but are less expensive than double cabs.

To Wrap Up

Stretching your truck cab will allow you to have more space in your truck and make your truck have a firmer grip. If you're unsure how to stretch your truck, you can always take it to an expert mechanic. 

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