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Redwood National Park RV Camping

Have you ever wondered where the world's tallest tree grows? You can visit it at Redwood National Park in northern California. It's the perfect destination for an RV road trip, and much less touristy than Yellowstone or Yosemite National Parks.

Redwood National Park RV CampingImagine driving or hiking through dense groves of redwood trees as coastal fog lightly hangs in the air. Or observing Roosevelt elk grazing in a meadow nearby. How about watching the sunset over the rugged California coastline? You can do all this and more at Redwood National Park.

This article will give you the basics of everything you need to know to plan an amazing RV camping trip to visit these famous trees.

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Where is Redwood National Park?

Redwood National and State Parks is comprised of 4 distinct areas: one national park, and three separate state parks. All of the parks lay along the northern coast of California, just miles south of the Oregon border.

Crescent City, CA is the closest town to the north of the parks and Eureka, CA is the nearest city to the south of Redwood National and State Parks. The distance between these two cities is 85 miles. Interstate 101, also known as the Redwood Highway, is the road linking these cities together.

You should invest some time in learning about the park's various locations. You can try the official park website or the extensive guide about Redwood National Park here.

Planning your RV trip

Now that you know where these super tall trees are located, you need to plan where you're going to stay when visiting them. Since the redwoods cover a large area of land, we suggest choosing a campground to be your "home base" while you explore all the region has to offer.

In this article, we'll cover all of the options for RV camping between Eureka and Crescent City, CA.  We'll look at campgrounds both inside the parks and outside park boundaries.

We break the campgrounds down into the following categories:

  1. Campgrounds inside Redwood National and State Parks
  2. Private RV campgrounds outside the parks
  3. State and county campgrounds outside the parks

Make sure you check out our detailed guide about how to plan an RV trip. And if you're still unsure about the whole thing, we have a list of pros and cons in our post titled "Should you take an RV trip" (yes, there are cons too!)

Campgrounds inside the parks

Camping inside national and state parks is an unforgettable experience. You can sleep under the stars, watch wildlife from your RV, and enjoy ranger programs close by.

The cost of camping inside of a national or state park is almost always cheaper than staying in a private RV campground.  Sometimes up to 50% cheaper. The downside of this is that these campsites are highly sought after, and can be difficult to reserve.  During peak season, campsites are booked within minutes of the 6-month booking window opening.

There is no RV camping available inside the part of the Redwoods that is designated as a National Park. However, there are four campgrounds for RV camping inside the three sections of the Redwoods Park that are managed by the California State Park system.

No hookups

None of the campgrounds within the state park system offer water, electric or sewer hookups for RVs.  There is access to water and bathrooms at all of the campgrounds. If you have the ability to generate power for your rig, or you enjoy dry camping in your RV, these campgrounds may work for you.

Length limitations

Pay attention to the RV length limits at each campsite.  All rigs over 28 feet will need to camp at private or state camping outside of Redwood National and State Parks.


Redwood State Park campgrounds can be reserved no more than 6 months in advance at (800)-444-7275 or online at for RV camping.

Below are descriptions of the four campgrounds located in the Redwood State Parks.

1. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

This park has one campground available which uses the same name as the state park, Jedediah Smith Campground.

  • Location:  nine miles east of Crescent City, Calif. on Hwy 199
  • Availability: 86 tent or RV sites available year-round
  • Facilities include hot showers, ADA access, picnic tables, fire pits, and a bbq grill. Food lockers are located at each campsite. Enjoy the visitor center & campfire programs in season. There is a dump station at this campground.
  • RV length limit:  25-foot RV or 21-foot trailer

See more here

2. Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

Mill Creek Campground is the only campground in this state park for RV Camping.

  • Location: 7 miles south of Crescent City, Calif. on Hwy 101.
  • Availability: 145 tent or RV sites, available May 18 through September 30
  • Facilities include hot showers, ADA access, dump station, picnic tables, fire pits and barbeques. There are food lockers and trash receptacles as well as a campfire center.
  • RV length limit: 28-foot RV or 24-foot trailer.

See more here

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

There are two campgrounds in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for RV camping: Elk Prairie and Gold Bluffs. Elk Prairie is located a little inland on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, while Gold Bluffs is on a remote stretch of beach.  Gold Bluffs is on an unpaved road, and trailers are not recommended here.

3. Elk Prairie Campground

This campground is centrally located to hiking trails, ranger programs and elk grazing. Cabins are also available.

  • Location: 6 miles north of Orick, Calif. on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway.
  • Availability: 75 tent or RV sites available for camping year-round

  • Facilities include: hot showers, ADA access, cabins, picnic tables, firepits and barbeques, food lockers and trash receptacles, visitor center, campfire center
  • RV length limit: 27-foot RV or 24-foot trailer.

4. Gold Bluffs Beach Campground

Gold Bluffs Beach CampgroundCamping here will give you beach access as well as opportunities for hiking and watching elk grazing nearby.

  • Location: 10 miles north of Orick, Calif. on Davison Road (unpaved, no trailers).
  • Availability:  There are 26 tent or RV sites. Call ahead at 707-465-7335 for the latest info, closures due to funding happen occasionally
  • Facilities include: No RV hook-ups, solar showers, restrooms, wind shelters, picnic tables, fire pits and barbeques, food lockers, and trash receptacles
  • RV length limit: 24-foot RV or less. The access road is unpaved, trailers not allowed

Info on both campgrounds available here

Private RV campgrounds outside the parks

Since the campgrounds inside Redwood National and State Parks may limit longer-length RVs or RVs needing hookups, we're listing privately owned RV parks.  At the time of writing this article, costs were in the $40-$60/per night range. Some campgrounds offer discounts or have a per week rate.

While these campgrounds are more expensive than the public campgrounds in this article, they also provide the most amenities for comfort and convenience while camping.

In this section, we'll highlight private RV parks as you would encounter them traveling northbound on Interstate 101 from Eureka to Crescent City, CA. The towns and areas are in order as follows: Eureka, Arcata, Trinidad, Klamath, and Crescent City.

RV campgrounds in Eureka, CA

Redwood Coast Cabins and RV Resort

  • Location: near the Avenue of the Giants in the town of Eureka, CA
  • Availability: 83 RV Sites, tent sites and cabins available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, pool/hot tub, playground, mini-golf, dog park, laundry, on-site convenience store, fire rings, and picnic tables
  • What guests enjoy here: the diversity of camping options, friendly staff and lots of amenities

RV campgrounds in Arcata, CA

Mad River Rapids RV Park

  • Location: located off Interstate 101 in the town of Arcata, CA, near Humboldt State University
  • Availability: 92 pull-through RV sites open year-round
  • Facilities include full hook-ups, 30/50 Amp, pool (in season) hot tub, showers, wi-fi, laundry, activity room, horseshoes, basketball court, and playground. There is a dump station available.
  • What guests enjoy here: convenient to highway, large level concrete pads, pool and recreation activities

RV campgrounds in Trinidad, CA

While Trinidad itself is a small town, there are many RV parks and campgrounds in this area.  Most are located north of the town of Trinidad, just off of the Redwood Highway.

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV

  • Location: In the town of Trinidad, near the harbor
  • Availability: 35 back-in and pull-through sites
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, showers, laundry, fire rings and picnic tables
  • What guests enjoy here: centrally located to all four national and state parks, easy access to conveniences in town, forest and creeks on property

Sylvan Harbor RV Park & Cabins

  • Location: One mile north of Trinidad on Interstate 101
  • Availability: 70 RV sites, open year-round
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, 30/50 Amp, pool/hot tub, showers, wi-fi, laundry, extra vehicle storage, fishing stations
  • What guest enjoy here: convenient location, boat storage, open environment

Sounds of the Sea RV Park & Cabins

  • Location: North of Trinidad off the Interstate 101, 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean
  • Availability: 52 RV sites, available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, 30/50 Amp, showers, wi-fi, laundry,
  • What guests enjoy here: hearing sea lions from the beach, paved level sites, agate hunting on the beach, tide pools
  • Other tips: if approaching this campground from the south, be sure to exit at #734 (Patrick's Point) which is north of the campground, then drive south back down to it. Other guests advise that the Seawood exit (the southern exit which GPS may suggest) is a terrible road for RVs.

Azalea Glen RV Park Campground

  • Location: Directly off Interstate 101 near Patricks Point State Park
  • Availability: 38 RV sites, open year-round
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, 30/50 Amp, showers, laundry, fire pits, picnic tables
  • What guests enjoy here: the ponds, on-site gallery, reflexology appointments available, lush landscaping, bunnies and quail, proximity to the beach

Elk Country RV Resort & Campground

  • Location: Located on almost 200 acres of land along the coast in the town of Trinidad off of Interstate 101
  • Availability: 44 sites available year-round, can accommodate large rigs
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, 30/50 Amp electricity, laundry, hiking trails, wildlife viewing
  • What guests enjoy here: large, level sites, mature landscaping, lake on the property, elk grazing in the campground, old schoolhouse on the property.

RV campgrounds in Klamath, CA

There are also many RV campgrounds in and around Klamath, CA.  The Klamath River runs through this town creating opportunities for fishing and water activities.

Klamath River RV Park

  • Location: Off the 101, right along the Klamath River in Klamath, CA
  • Availability: 112 sites, open from April 1-Oct. 31
  • Facilities include: full hookups, wifi, showers, laundry, camp store
  • What guests enjoy here: fishing on the Klamath River, river views, level sites
  • Other tips: watch out for a very tight turn upon entrance to the campground. Other travelers suggest alternate routing to stay safe upon entering.

Klamath Camper Corral

  • Location: On Hwy 101, 20 miles north of Redwood National Park
  • Availability: 200 sites available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hookups, rental trailers, showers, ice & firewood, laundry, rec room
  • What guests enjoy here: central location to national and state parks, fishing, boating, spacious sites

Chinook RV Resort

  • Location: 17465 US Highway 101, Klamath, CA
  • Availability: 70 RV sites, open year-round
  • Facilities include: full hookups, 30/50 Amp, cable TV, boat dock, showers, laundry, rec room, and coffee shop
  • What guests enjoy here: fishing, views of the river, proximity to parks, wildlife

Mystic Forest RV Park

  • Location: 5 miles north of the town of Klamath, CA
  • Availability: 30 RV sites, available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hookups, 30 Amp electrical, cable TV, clubhouse, rec room, mini-golf, laundry, showers
  • What guests enjoy here: vegetation between sites, courteous staff, plenty of amenities and scenic place to stay

RV campgrounds in Crescent City, CA

Orman Guest Ranch & Stables

This is primarily a horse ranch but the owners accommodate RV campers.

  • Location: Off of Highway 101 on Humboldt Rd in Crescent City, CA
  • Availability: Seasonal camping from May 1-Oct. 1
  • Facilities include: no hookups for RVs, water spigots and porta-potties are available for guests to use, picnic tables, fire pits, coin-operated showers, rec room with games
  • What guests enjoy here: spacious campsites, friendly hosts, beautiful setting

Ramblin' Redwoods Campground & RV Park

(Previously known as Redwoods RV Resort)

  • Location: 6701 US Highway 101 in Crescent City, CA
  • Availability: 80 sites available year-round, tent camping and cabins also available
  • Facilities include: full hookups, 30/50 Amp, wifi, laundry, camp store, playground, hiking trails
  • What guests enjoy here: redwood trees in the campground, proximity to state parks and ocean, recreational activities

Crescent City/Redwoods KOA

  • Location: 5 miles north of Crescent City on US Hwy 101
  • Availability: 90 sites, available from March 1- Oct. 31, cabins and tent camping
  • Facilities include: full hookups, 30/50 Amp, long rigs ok, cable TV, game room, laundry, recreation hall, dog area, firewood, bike rentals
  • What guests enjoy here: 10-acre redwood forest on the property, onsite store, convenient location, pancake breakfasts

Redwood Meadows RV Resort

  • Location: Off of Hwy 199, this RV park borders the Redwood National Park and the Jedediah Smith State Park. Close to both Oregon and California coastline and the town of Crescent City, CA.
  • Availability: 110 sites available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hook-ups, dump station, showers, laundry, wi-fi, back-in and pull through sites
  • What guests enjoy here: easy access to the national and state parks, fast internet, spacious sites

State and county campgrounds outside the parks

This is our last category of campgrounds in the area of the Redwoods National and State Parks. State and county parks are more affordable than private RV parks, but they also offer the least amenities. If all you really need is a place to sleep for the night, they might work for you.  Most do not offer hookups, so be prepared to dry camp.  Use the information we provide below to help you decide if these options will meet your needs.

These campgrounds are also arranged from southernmost to northernmost traveling on Highway 101.

RV campgrounds near McKinleyville, CA

Clam Beach County Park

  • Location: off of Hwy 101, exit Clam Beach Drive
  • Availability: 15 sites, available on first-come, first serve basis
  • Facilities include: vault toilets, beach access, garbage bins, large level sites
  • Other tips: there are no hookups here, previous guests do not recommend this park as there are few amenities for the price paid

RV campgrounds near Trinidad, CA

Patricks Point State Park

  • Location: north of Trinidad, overlooking the ocean on Patricks Point Drive
  • Availability: 3 campground loops, with a total of 124 campsites for rigs 31' and under, available year-round
  • Facilities include: beach access, hiking trails, showers, bathrooms, picnic tables, grills
  • What guests enjoy here: vegetation between sites, proximity to trails and views overlooking the ocean
  • Other tips: there are no hookups for RVs at this campground

Big Lagoon County Park

  • Location: 7 miles north of Trinidad, off of Highway 101 at Big Lagoon Park Road
  • Availability: 25 first-come, first-served sites, seven night maximum
  • Facilities include: showers, bathrooms
  • What guests enjoy here: proximity to town and state parks, beach and lagoon access, kayaking available
  • Other tips: there are no hookups for RVs at this campground.  There is also a day-use fee per vehicle.

Florence Keller Regional Park

  • Location: three miles north of Crescent City on Hwy 101
  • Availability: 50 sites, available on first-come, first-serve basis only, rigs up to 32 feet only, 5 night stay maximum
  • Facilities include: no RV hookups, hiking trails, picnic area, horseshoes, volleyball court, playground, trash collection
  • What guests enjoy here: beautiful location, easy access to water, hiking trails, affordable price

Shoreline RV Park

  • Location: 900 Sunset Circle, in Crescent City, CA
  • Availability: 220 sites, available year-round
  • Facilities include: full hookups, laundry, restrooms, showers
  • What guests enjoy here: proximity to the beach, views of the harbor, good wifi signal

There you have it!  This is our comprehensive list of campgrounds where you can park your RV while exploring the Redwoods National and State Parks.  Please comment below if you know of another hidden gem we can add to our list!