Used Truck Dealers in Sarasota, Florida

Used Truck Dealers in Sarasota, FloridaWhen searching for the best all-terrain vehicle capable of handling a heavy workload and a hectic lifestyle, you need a pickup truck. But these classic vehicles can often be expensive when purchased wholesale, and newer models might not suit your needs at all when their technology. If you are seeking a location to buy a used pickup truck that is still in good enough condition to work, you need to find a dealership that will fit your needs.


A used truck dealership is a retailer of autos that specializes in buying, repairing, and selling pickup trucks. You can get a broad range of options from these dedicated dealerships, including models produced by popular manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, and GMC. Sometimes a dealership specializes solely in models manufactured in the United States, while others will stick to foreign manufacturers.

These are the typical used trucks that people look for and which could be found in one of the dealerships described below: Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Ford F150, Toyota Tundra. Usually, you'll find certified preowned trucks that have been full detailed - down to the new truck smell in them!

Let's dive right into the list.

Truck Dealerships in Sarasota, Florida

Believe it or not, but there are a ton of dealerships in town. Pickup trucks have long been popular in the southern United States because of their ability to traverse marshy terrain, luxury, and capabilities when it comes to doing outdoor work. If you look locally, you can find over ten dedicated used pickup truck dealers in the area.

Just Trucks of Florida

Just Trucks of Florida

Just Trucks of Florida is one of the oldest dealerships in the region, possessing over 30 years of experience in buying, repairing, and then selling pickup trucks of all makes and models. The company is located at 430 N. Washington Blvd. and offers to finance through local banks and other financial institutions.

Some of the numerous trucks that are currently available for sale at their lot include models from Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Ram, and Mercedes-Benz. The inventory can be browsed online and includes options such as the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT, Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat, Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie, Dodge Ram 2500 SLT, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo 2500, and the RAM 3500 Laramie Longhorn.

Honestly, it is difficult to figure out a used pickup truck this dealership does not have. It currently possesses perhaps the most expansive lot in Sarasota and is continuously updating and purchasing more used vehicles to have a more considerable inventory for its customers. If you want a less common model, then this is the first place you should go to in the region.

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The Truck Junction

The Truck Junction

This is the place to go if you are looking for a friendly expert that meets with you to help you choose your dream model. The Truck Junction has been in business for many years and combines competent staff with an incredible selection of new and older trucks from popular brands. Their lot is currently located at 4791 Clark Road, and the website frequently updates to reflect new inventory.

The Truck Junction has it all. They possess trucks from a broad range of domestic and international manufacturers, including Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Nissan, RAM, Subaru, and Toyota. However, the vast majority of the used trucks are Fords.

A couple of models you can regularly find on the lot are the 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2016 Ford F-150, 2014 Nissan Titan, 2016 RAM Pickup 1500, 2015 Toyota Tacoma, and the 2008 Ford Explorer.

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Sarasota Ford

Sarasota ford

At a company named Sarasota Ford, you might expect only to find used Ford pickup trucks. However, this business diversified its holdings and now sells a broad range of options from domestic and international designers. If you are looking for something by Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, GMC, RAM, or any other popular manufacturer, this is the place to go.

Sarasota Ford has been in business for over two decades and is one of the only auto dealerships in the region that gives back to the community. As of 2019, the business has regularly engaged in community outreach and racked up an impressive level of commitment, having sponsored over 1,000 educational opportunities and community initiatives in the area.

This company’s lot is located at 707 South Washington Blvd. The number of used pickup trucks varies but is almost always over 200. Some of the models available include a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, the 2008 Ford F-150, 2004 Chevy Silverados, 2012 RAM 1500, 2013 Ford F150, and the 2017 Nissan Frontier.

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ATA Auto Sales, Inc.

ATA Auto Sales, Inc.

At ATA Auto Sales, Inc., you can find primarily domestic used pickup trucks with varying levels of wear and tear. This company strives to combine its excellent selection of vehicles with high-quality customer service. If you are unsure of what you are looking for, the staff here can help you find a truck that meets your requirements and might even have a little extra oomph.

The business is located at 1915 12th Street and offers models produced by Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and many others. Some current options for sale include the 2008 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2008 Ford F150, and 2006 Dodge Dakota. Because the dealership is small, selection may vary.

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Florida Auto and Truck Exchange

The Truck Junction

The Florida Auto and Truck Exchange is one of the only dealerships in Sarasota to have been given an A+ rating by the BBB. This modest company is located at 6227 North Washington Blvd. and has been in business for many years. The business focuses on the customer experience and is glad to match you up with the desired model or help you find something new to add some spice to your life.

Because this dealership is a truck exchange, the type of used pickup trucks that can be found here varies based on what is available and being brought in. Some of the most popular models on the lot are Fords and Toyotas. This is a great place to go if you are looking to buy a Ford 150 or a Toyota Tacoma of the past decade.

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Casey’s Auto Wholesale

Casey’s Auto Wholesale

Casey’s Auto Wholesale is one of the few dealerships in the region that has two locations: 2205 17th Street and 5421 15th St. East. Despite the name, this company does sell pre-owned pickup trucks in good condition. Most of them were brought in by previous owners choosing to upgrade to a different make or model, which is good news for us.

The company has been open since 1995 and has managed to rack up an impressive number of sales because of its customer service and dedication to only putting the best autos forward. You can buy models created by domestic and international manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet.

Some of the most frequently seen options on the lot include the 2006 Chevy Silverado, 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, and the 2005 Ford F150.

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Blueslade Motor Cars LLC

Blueslade Motor cars

Have you ever wanted to buy a used pickup truck as a starter vehicle or to help you with a new job, but have been unsure about financing and finding a lot with good deals? If so, then Blueslade Motor Cars LLC might be for you.

This used car and truck dealership has been in business for almost a decade and specializes in purchasing and reselling vehicles with average mileage that are still in good condition. It is possible to find some of the most popular truck manufacturers here, including Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and even Nissan.

If you are looking for something specific, then this is a great place to find the Ford 150. Just remember the selection will rotate regularly. The lot is located at 2231 Bee Ridge Rd., a great location to find used autos from smaller businesses.

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When you are shopping for a used truck in Sarasota, Florida, you have a surprising number of options to choose from. The majority of businesses possess websites where they will regularly post any new vehicles they get throughout the week. After all, pickup trucks are popular in the state. If you are looking for someone where you can buy an inexpensive but reliable used vehicle without needing to look on Facebook or Craigslist, check out these great options near you.

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to go for a test drive to see if you like the feel of the vehicle!

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