Can Starlink Start Your Car?

Starlink is a service that comes with most new Subaru vehicles. It offers a variety of features and benefits designed to enhance the driving experience and improve safety. If you're wondering whether Starlink can start your car, read on. We've researched this question and have an answer.

Starlink can start your car. Starlink can communicate with the mobile app on your smartphone, allowing you to start your car remotely.

In this post, we will discuss Starlink's remote-start feature and guide you on how to set up an account. Let's dive into the main discussion and learn more about Starlink features.

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In this photo illustration the Starlink (SpaceX) logo app is seen displayed on a smartphone.

Starlink app on Apple iPhone screen. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX to provide satellite internet access.

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Can You Start Your Vehicle Using Starlink?

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Starlink is an in-vehicle technology system that provides a wide range of services, such as emergency assistance, remote vehicle services, and entertainment features for Subaru owners. One of the system features is the ability to start the vehicle remotely.

Not all Subarus have the Starlink system. If your car is Starlink-equipped, you may need a particular remote-start key fob and a Starlink subscription.

You may need to upgrade the Starlink system or install the MySubaru app on a compatible smartphone to have the remote-start function. Check your vehicle's manual or consult a Subaru dealership to see if it has this feature.

How To Register At MySubaru

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MySubaru is a platform for Subaru owners with various services and features, including Starlink Remote Engine Start (add-on), vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance schedules. To access these features, owners must register for a MySubaru account. Here's how to manually sign up:

Go to the MySubaru Website

Visit the MySubaru website. This website is the portal to all features and services available through MySubaru, including Starlink.

Enter Your Information

Click the "Register" button after logging on to the website to move to the registration form. Then fill in your personal information and car details and upload the necessary documents to prove your ownership.

Review Terms and Conditions

Before completing the registration process, review and agree to the terms and conditions of the MySubaru platform. These terms and conditions outline the rights and responsibilities of the user and MySubaru, so read them carefully.

Submit Your Registration

Click the "Submit" button to complete registration. Then check your email for a message confirming your registration and further instructions to access the MySubaru platform.

A Subaru representative will review and confirm your ownership. You will receive a welcome email with your username, temporary password, and the link to the MySubaru website.

Click the link to activate your account using the temporary password provided in your email. Enter the new password, security questions, and your unique PIN.


Click Subscriptions and Services on the menu bar. Then click subscribe now to activate a Starlink services trial, which is free for the first three years. You can add the Security Plus Plan during the activation process.

Download the App

Download MySubaru from the Google Play Store for Android phones or the Appstore for iPhones.

Then log in to your account for convenient access to MySubaru services, such as accessing the owner's manual, tracking your vehicle's service history, scheduling appointments, accessing video tutorials, 24-hour roadside assistance, and more.

Watch this video to learn more about MySubaru registration.

How To Remote-Start Your Car Using Starlink

Starlink app on Apple iPhone screen. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX to provide satellite internet access.

Remote Start is part of the Subaru Security Plus Plan, which you can add upon setting up your Starlink account in addition to your Safety Plan. After setting up your MySubaru account and adding the Security Plus Plan, follow the simple steps below to remote-start your car:

  • Go to the MySubaru app and log in. You will see different clickable buttons on the main page. Go to the Engine Start.
  • Click the Remote Start Settings. You can see the car's temperature, choose how long you want the engine to run, turn on the heated seats and defrost, and determine the fan speed. You can also put it in automatic mode.
  • Tap the Engine Start. Determine when you want your car to start and click Next. The car will ask for the PIN you assigned during the registration on the Subaru website. The remote will send a signal to the vehicle. Your PIN is vital for your vehicle's security, so keep it secured.
  • You can also remotely stop the car engine using your MySubaru app.

Watch the video for more details.

What Are The Features Of Subaru Starlink?

Starlink enhances the driving experience and provides added convenience, safety, and enjoyment to Subaru drivers. The Starlink system includes free and subscription-based services, with various features you can access through a mobile app or in-vehicle touchscreen.

Safety and Security Features

Subaru Starlink Safety and Security features provide peace of mind to the driver and passengers. The safety features of the subscription include Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Maintenance Notifications, and Monthly Vehicle Health Reports.

In case of an accident, the Automatic Collision Notification feature alerts the first responders and sends the vehicle location to them. During emergency cases, the SOS Emergency Assistance feature connects the driver to a live operator who can dispatch emergency services.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance is available 24/7, and it can provide various roadside services like towing, fuel delivery, and tire changes.

Remote Services

Subaru Starlink Remote Services features allow drivers to remote control certain aspects of their vehicle. The subscription includes Remote Engine Start with Climate Control, Remote Lock/Unlock, and Remote Horn and Lights.

The Remote Engine Start with Climate Control lets drivers start the engine and set the temperature of their car's cabin using their mobile app.

Remote Lock/Unlock feature lets you lock or unlock the car doors remotely, while Remote Horn and Lights let drivers locate their vehicle in a crowded parking lot or dark street by sounding the horn and flashing the lights.

Convenience Features

Convenience features include Concierge Services, Wi-Fi hotspots, and Advanced Automatic Collision Notification.

Concierge Services offer personalized assistance to drivers by providing restaurant recommendations, travel planning, and even scheduling service appointments at their local Subaru dealer.


The Wi-Fi Hotspot can connect up to eight devices to the internet for the passengers to stay connected and occupied during long travels.

AACN Features

The Advanced Automatic Collision Notification (AACN) feature delivers thorough information about an accident, such as the severity of the crash and airbag deployment, to emergency assistance.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features provide added enjoyment to the driver and passengers. The subscription includes SiriusXM All Access Radio, SiriusXM Travel Link, and SiriusXM Traffic.

  • All Access Radio provides access to tons of channels for commercial-free music, sports, news, and talk radio.
  • Travel Link offers real-time weather, fuel prices, movie listings, and sports scores.
  • Traffic provides real-time traffic updates and alternate route suggestions for easy navigation through congested areas.

Canceling Your Subscription

Subaru Starlink offers a range of subscription-based services and features. However, if a driver decides to cancel their Subaru subscription, there are certain things they should be aware of.

Cancellation Process

The first thing to know is how to cancel the Subaru subscription. The cancellation process varies depending on the subscription, but you can cancel the subscription by logging into your MySubaru account or contacting Subaru Customer Support.

Loss of Features

The most significant consequence of canceling Subaru subscriptions is losing access to the features and services provided by the subscription. Depending on the subscription, this could mean losing access to features like Remote Engine Start with Climate Control, and SOS Emergency Assistance.


Another consequence of canceling Subaru subscriptions is that there are typically no refunds for the remaining subscription period. According to a discussion in one forum, you can only claim a refund within the first 90-day subscription.

You will receive a prorated refund for the remaining days or months of your subscription if you cancel it after 90 days and need to pay a service fee. You should understand the terms before cancellation to avoid losing any remaining subscription value.

Limited Functionality

In some cases, canceling your Subaru subscription may limit the functionality of certain features or services. If you cancel your SiriusXM subscription, you will lose access to all SiriusXM channels. You will also lose remote unlock, remote start, vehicle location tracking, and more.

How To Clean And Protect Your Starlink

Starlink is an investment, so keeping the screen clean and protecting it from physical damage is necessary. Here are some suggestions:

Electronic Screen Wipes

Electronic wipes remove dust, dirt, and fingerprints from the screen for a clearer view without leaving residue or streaks.

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Screen Protector

A screen protector will not interrupt touch capabilities or affect the system. It provides protection against dirt and scratches.

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Summing Up

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In this post, we discussed Starlink remote start and tackled how to register to MySubaru and the importance of Starlink subscriptions.

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