Can You Stand Up In A Ram ProMaster?

The Ram ProMaster is one of the most versatile and customizable cargo vans on the market. With so many options available in terms of size, it's hard to know the true dimensions of the ProMaster. Can you even stand up inside of one? We researched all of the size options for the Ram ProMaster and have the answer for you in this post. 

The Ram ProMaster comes in two different roof variations: standard or low roof and high roof. The low roof measures 5.5 feet tall in interior height, while the high roof measures 6.42 feet tall. So, you can stand up inside the high roof version of the ProMaster, but not the low roof version. 

So, it is definitely possible to stand up inside of a Ram ProMaster, but there's more you should know about the ProMaster's size. In the remainder of this post, we will discuss some of ProMaster's other dimensions. Additionally, we will examine whether or not the ProMaster makes a good template for conversion into a campervan. Finally, we will compare the Ram van to some of its competitors.

A Ram 1500 ProMaster display at a Chrysler dealership, Can You Stand Up In A Ram Promaster?

What is the Interior Height of a Ram ProMaster?

When you build your own Ram ProMaster, you have the opportunity to make selections for various sizes and specifications on the van. Among those options are frame type, model (engine size and capabilities), length, and height.

The height of a cargo van like the ProMaster is critical regardless of your planned use for the vehicle. If you want to store the van in a garage, you'll want to choose the lowest possible roof height.

But if you need to stand in your van to load cargo or are planning on making a conversion to a campervan, then you'll be seeking the highest possible roof for your ProMaster.

Ram 1500 ProMaster display at a Chrysler dealership

Standard Roof

According to the ProMaster configurations page, its roof comes in one of two available heights. First is the lower roofing option, which is called the standard roof. The standard roof size for the ProMaster measures 5-foot 6 inches in interior height.

This is no small number for the interior height of a vehicle, but it isn't quite tall enough for most people to stand up comfortably. 

High Roof

Second, the higher of the two roofing options is called the high roof. The high roof measures 6-foot 5 inches in total interior height. This spacious interior height will allow most people to stand up inside the van, even people who are up to around 6-foot 3 inches.  So, of the two options, the high roof is the better for inside standing room. 

What are the Length Options on a Ram ProMaster?

Ram 1500 ProMaster display at a Chrysler dealership

As with the height of the ProMaster, there are also multiple options available for the length of the van. According to the Ram ProMaster configurations page, there are four different length and wheelbase options available. The lengths are as follows:

  • 8-foot cargo length with a 118-inch wheelbase.
  • 10-foot cargo length with a 136-inch wheelbase. 
  • 12-foot cargo length with a 159-inch wheelbase. 
  • 13-foot cargo length with a 159-inch extended wheelbase. 

Can you Sleep Sideways in a Ram ProMaster?

If you're looking into converting a regular cargo van into a campervan, one of the more important measurements is the cargo width. To give a clear definition of cargo width, it is the wall-to-wall measurement of the interior width in the cargo area in the back of the van. So, a van with a big cargo width is more suitable for building a bed frame. 

The Ram ProMaster is one of these vans. Also, according to the configurations page on the Ram website, the cargo width of the ProMaster is 6-feet 3 inches (or 6.25 feet). The measurement remains the same regardless of roof height or length choice. 

What this 6.25-foot measurement means is that there is plenty of room to sleep sideways in the ProMaster. When we convert the 6.25-foot cargo width into inches, we get 75 inches.

According to Mattress Firm, which offers up the standard mattress sizes, a full-size mattress measures 75 inches in length. Therefore, there is exactly enough space in the back of a ProMaster to fit a full-size mattress sideways. 

Which ProMaster is Best for Conversion to a Campervan?

When you look for a ProMaster to use as the starting point for your campervan conversion, you need to ensure that you choose the right combination of size choices to get the most out of the van.

Since we discovered that the interior cargo width of the ProMaster is the same regardless of the other combination of features, we can focus on height and length. 

Height is no doubt the most crucial part of the equation. It will determine the comfort and ease of access you will experience during the use of your campervan.

For that reason, the high roof option is the best for campervan conversion. The 6.42 feet of clearance will give you the space you need to move around freely and comfortably within the van. 

Length is not quite as significant as height and is really more a matter of preference. Arguments could be made for selecting one of the shorter lengths like the 10-foot ProMaster, but with a campervan, the longer, the better.

So, we suggest choosing the longest possible length, the 13-foot option, for building your ProMaster conversion campervan. 

Combining the high roof and the 13-foot length will give you the most options to personalize your campervan. You can get creative with the interior features and layout and then enjoy a spacious conversion that will be big enough for life on the road. 

An important thing to remember when discussing cargo vans like the ProMaster is that not all height and length options are available together. Sometimes, high roofs are only available on the longer cargo length models. This is the case with the ProMaster, where the high roof is unavailable on the 8-foot version. 

Ram ProMaster Vs. the Competition 

So, we've established that the Ram ProMaster is a good candidate to be the base of a campervan conversion. But how does it compare to the other vans in the cargo category? Are some of them more suitable for conversion or easier to stand up in? Here we will take a look at the size of three of the Ram ProMaster's competitors. 

How Tall is a Ford Transit High Roof/Low Roof?

First, the Ford Transit is similar to the ProMaster in that there are multiple length and roof options. The Transit also comes in passenger and crew vans, further diversifying its place in the market. There are actually three possible roof selections for the Ford Transit: low, medium, and high. According to the Transit's specs page, the measurements for each roof type are:

  • Low roof: 56.9 inches or 4.74 feet. 
  • Medium roof: 73 inches or 6.08 feet. 
  • High roof: 81.5 inches or 6.79 feet. 

So, the high-roof version of the Transit is the best comparison to the Ram ProMaster. The maximum interior cargo height for the high-roof Transit is 0.37 feet taller than the high roof version of the ProMaster. 

How Tall is a Sprinter High Roof/Low Roof?

Next, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most common vans on the market. It has the luxury feeling that comes with carrying the Mercedes name. Consequently, it is often used as a starting point for campervan conversions. Here are the height measurements for the Sprinter based on the specs page:

  • Low roof: 67 inches or 5.58 feet of standing height. 
  • High roof: 79.1 inches or 6.59 feet of standing height. 

The high roof model of the Sprinter is close to the same size as the ProMaster. There is only a 0.17-foot difference between the two.

There are other options on the Sprinter that might make it a more favorable conversion starting point. For example, the longest version of the Sprinter is 15.78 feet long. This could give you close to an additional two feet of space to work with versus the ProMaster or the Transit. 

Before you Start your Conversion

If you're starting to plan your campervan conversion, there are a few things you should remember. The Ram ProMaster is an excellent blank canvas for creating a great campervan. Just make sure you choose a model with a high roof and the longest possible length if you can swing it.

The same goes for any of the ProMaster competitors like the Ford Transit or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. In the long run, the more interior space you have on a converted campervan, the better. 

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