How Much Does It Cost to Replace An RV Awning?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace An RV Awning?Either your awning came down and you need to replace it because it is ruined, or you are looking at a new awning because the one you have is not up to snuff, and may not survive the next dose of bad weather. Whatever the case we want to help you get the best RV Awning.

Depending on how elaborate your RV Awning is, it could range anywhere from $250 at the low end, to as much as $2500 on the high end. The more moving parts you have to the awning, the more likely it is going to be expensive.

We are going to take a look for you at what the best RV Awnings on the market are, and also if there are alternatives to replacing the whole thing. If you are wondering whether to even replace it we hope to shed some light on why it’s a good idea, and how to keep it nice once you have a new one.

What Are The Best Awnings To Replace It With?

  • Acrylic awnings are made out of a type of woven cloth that repels water, and while not being waterproof, they do dry quickly.
  • Vinyl awnings are mildew resistant, but not mildew proof. They collect dust which makes them prone to mildew.

Here are 5 of the best choices for awning replacement:

1. SunWave Awning Fabric Ocean

This great-looking awning is made of 15oz vinyl, with a 16oz weather shield. You have a ¼” poly cord for the rail, and a 3/16” poly cord for the roller tube, and they have thrown in a new pull strap.

This will work with A&E (Dometic) Carefree and carter manual awnings.

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2. Solera Slide Topper Awning

This simple and stylish awning is 126” wide and a box width range of 116”. It extends a further 8” than most of its competitors. It comes complete with the awning rail and all of the mounting brackets.  The sleeve is great and blocks dust, smoke, leaves, bugs, and debris.

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3. RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric

This great replacement fabric from Shade Pro works with either Carefree, A&E, and lippert awnings. It is 13oz, 3 ply fabric, and is the heaviest fabric. It comes with Welded Weatherguard which gives you that extra protection.

It is super easy to replace, and also comes with a replacement pull strap.

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4. Aleko Retractable RV or Home Awning

This is a non-electric awning that offers great protection for your RV. It is designed to open easily and has a pull strap in the center of the awning. It will provide you with great shade and a place where you can relax while you are out on the road. It is UV and mildew resistant, so it is going to be good no matter what the weather.

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5. Carefree SunBlocker Sierra Weather-Resistant Awning

This great awning from carefree comes with a sun blocker too. It is weather-resistant and see-through and cuts out 85% of the light to keep you cool. The awning itself is woven 100% polyester with a durable vinyl coating. All of this, and it is available at a great price too.

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Does My RV Insurance Cover My Awning?

Your awning covers you, but is it covered by your RV Insurance?

Well, of course, this is going to depend on your insurance policy, and if you are not immediately sure you should check with your provider, and they should be able to tell you.

It may be that you have to take out additional protection to cover your personal belongings and the accessories that are attached to your RV, such as awnings, and satellites and such. You would have to decide whether it made sense to make a claim on your insurance for an awning, or whether it might be cheaper to buy a new one and not take the risk of driving your premiums up.

How Do I Know When To Replace My Awning?

You may be looking up at the awning that you have, and not be quite sure whether there is actually anything wrong with it. Here are some tips on how to decide if yours needs replacing.

  • The awning won’t close, and you are having to force it. Maybe the crank has stopped working, or some of the joints need oiling. If it persists though it’s probably time to say goodbye.
  • There is mildew or rot. Your awning may have some moldy brown spots on it, or the mold may have actually started to rot away the fabric. This could mean that you just need to get rid of the canvas or material, which wouldn't be the end of the world or a total overhaul may be in order.
  • There is visible damage to the hardware or any part of the awning. This could make it a danger to you, or it could cause damage to the RV, which you definitely don’t want to happen.
  • You can’t adjust the pitch or slide the arms into their channels. Not being able to do either of these easily, doesn’t just mean that it’s going to put a strain on you, though there is that. It could again end up in you getting injured or further damaging your RV.

Do I Need An Awning?

You may be sick and tired of replacing your awning, and you may be about to give up on the whole idea of having one. Sure, replacing them is an inconvenience, but it sadly a fact of life on the road and life as an RV owner. Have you thought about the benefits that your awning gives you?

  • They look aesthetic.
  • They provide shade and protection from the rain
  • They can protect the roof of your RV from debris
  • RV patio awnings extend your usable living space

Do You Need To Replace The Whole Awning?

It is worth asking this question always. Have a look at your awning and make an honest assessment - is it totally done for, or might you be able to salvage it with repairing some part of it, rather than just getting a new one or taking it down and doing without one.

Awnings are like any other piece of equipment - they break. They don’t always break completely though. Home Advisor has a great little guide to how much replacing just the parts is going to run you, and it is very reasonable. It may just be the fabric, the retractable arm, or any number of small parts, and you may be in love with the awning you have.

How Do I Keep It In Good Shape?

OK, so you have your awning - you like it, and you want it to stick around. You can't just leave it to chance and hope that it survives. In the same way that you have to keep your RV in condition, you have to make sure you keep your awning in good shape. There are things that you can do, and there are tools that you can use.

  • Do you know what fabric your awning is made from, and do you know how to look after it? It’s understandable if you don’t remember the instructions it came with, but it is worth finding out if there are any special cleaning instructions that are going to give it a longer life.
  • Keeping it mildew and dirt free is essential. Using a hose to clean it regularly is going to help immensely. You shouldn’t scrub the acrylic awning as you may remove the water retardant finish. Any approved cleaners are actually better applied with a sponge and a soft cloth.
  • Make sure that you choose a cleaner that is right for your material. No oil-based or abrasive cleaners. Most manufacturers websites for your awnings are going to either sell their own brand or make recommendations. Apply regularly.
  • You should regularly inspect your awning as part of the inspection that you do on your RV. You are going to spot things that, if you handle them then and there, will save you a lot of potential trouble and out of pocket expenses in the future.
  • Don’t ever leave your awnings unattended - and this extends to leaving them up when you go to bed. If you are asleep and there’s a big storm, you are likely going to have an issue with your awnings.
  • Keep them dry. If they get wet, take the time to dry them out, or you are going to come back to mildewed or rotted awnings.


Your RV awning is there for a reason, and having them is better than not having them.

They are not super-expensive to replace, but maintaining them is definitely a good idea, as it not only extends their lifespan, but also limits possible accidents that can happen to you, and damage that can occur to the RV.

Maintaining them is also not expensive and they are pretty easy to keep looking nice. Once you have that perfect awning you should have some ideas on how to keep it that way.

We hope this has helped you in making the best choice for your RV awnings. Safe travels!

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  1. Thank you for helping me learn more about the benefits of RV awnings. It was helpful when you said that they extend your usable living space. My parents are looking at getting an RV. They should consider adding an awning to go with it.

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