Do Car Dealerships Deliver Cars? [Inc. Shipping Between States]

When buying a new car, price is an important factor. However, sometimes the best deal isn't in your home state. If you buy a vehicle in another state, will the dealership deliver the vehicle to you? Having it delivered will take a lot of the hassle out of the buying experience.

Below we've shared our findings on how to get your vehicle delivered to you from another state.

Not all dealerships will deliver your vehicle to another state for free. However, most dealerships will deliver a purchased vehicle across states if asked. That isn't saying they may not add a delivery fee, but the delivery to another state is negotiable.

If you live in the same state as the dealership, then ask your salesperson to arrange delivery on your behalf.

If you are serious about purchasing a vehicle in another state, you might have some leverage when negotiating. Dealerships are willing to work a deal to include delivery to get the sale.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the vehicle delivery process and its costs.

Towing Truck Delivery. Shipping Modern Vehicle to Car Dealership From Auction Lot, Do Car Dealerships Deliver Cars? [Inc. Shipping Between States]

Do Car Dealerships Deliver Cars? 

Yes, they do! Dealerships are willing to deliver your vehicle to you wherever you live. Whether it's another state or just across town, having the dealership bring the car to you is convenient and beneficial for everyone involved.

Take note, though, that dealerships don't offer this service free of charge. Most, if not all, will require a fee to bring the car to you.

So why do they charge for this? The dealership has more overhead and resources than the average buyer. Plus, they need to make some money off of your purchase too!

Here are the benefits of having a car delivered to you:

A car transporter truck delivering brand new cars on a US freeway.

Convenient. You will save many hours and unnecessary hassle when you ship your car. 

Safety first! Interstates that cross America are very dangerous, so driving solo puts you at risk for serious harm to life or property, which could have been prevented by shipping your vehicle instead of taking it on a road trip alone.

Shipping can also help avoid accidents caused by stress from cramped conditions while traveling long-distance over risky roads without adequate rest.   

Save some money, too—upfront costs may be more expensive but down the road repairs due to wear and tear on poorly maintained vehicles tend not to cost much less than what was spent procuring and shipping the car in question.

Also, shipping a vehicle will save the hassle of purchasing places to stay and eating out!

How much does it cost to have a car delivered?

Riding truck with new cars

The cost of delivering your vehicle can vary depending on where you live and where you bought it.

Therefore, it's important to ask your sales associate what the delivery costs look like before committing to a purchase. First, however, we've examined the average fees associated with delivering vehicles from one state to another.

You can expect to pay an average for state-to-state delivery of $350 to $1,700.

The cost of having your vehicle delivered across states can vary depending on many factors. There are so many potential costs involved with transporting your vehicle especially if you live in a rural area. Some of these expenses include:

  • Transportation fees (gas, lodging, food, mileage)
  • Vehicle prep, including cleaning and any necessary repairs
  • Labor to complete the transport

But as we said, these costs vary depending on where you live. Destination fees are usually charged by the dealership and can range from $300-$1,500, according to Kelly Blue Book.

The dealer's responsibility is to ensure that the vehicle you receive matches the description of the one on your contract, including its accessories and all paperwork. The dealership may charge you a fee for any work it has to do, including detailing the car.

How far will a car dealership deliver a car?

A large truck delivers new cars via highway.

A dealership may offer delivery within a particular area, such as the state where you live. Or it might be willing to deliver your vehicle anywhere in the United States but will have to charge extra for that service.

It makes sense that they can do this because of their affiliation with car transport companies or simply by having an established relationship with a designated delivery service.

So the dealership will be able to get your vehicle from Point A to Point B quickly, efficiently without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

The vehicle transport industry is very competitive, so you should have no problem finding reliable dealerships who are willing to deliver your car no matter where you live.

Just don't forget that the dealer will have to cover the transportation costs, so you shouldn't expect them to deliver your car for free.

Be sure to ask about all related fees before making any agreements with a dealership when it comes to transporting your new car.

How long does a car take to be delivered?

Many factors contribute to how long it will take for a dealer to deliver your vehicle.


Obviously, the further away you live from the dealership, the longer it will take.

Since dealerships usually operate during business hours and cannot transport vehicles at night, they typically ask customers who want cars delivered during weekends or off-hours to pay for extra hours of labor.

Storage time

Dealerships may store your vehicle before delivery if they cannot transport it immediately after purchase. If this happens, you will be responsible for paying the associated fees.

Shipping time

How long shipping takes can vary depending on where your dealership is located and where you receive your vehicle.

Car transporter carries new Tesla Model Y (on the upper level) and Tesla Model 3 (on the lower level) vehicles on a freeway in San Francisco Bay Area

What If My Car Is In Bad Condition When It Is Delivered?

Driving your new car home can be very exciting for you and your family, but delivering a vehicle is serious business.

When someone buys a car, they expect it to be in excellent condition. This means that everything should work properly without any damage.

However, if the dealership cannot deliver your vehicle in the same condition as when you bought it, they will have to do some prep work before transportation can occur.

The dealer might have to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Fix damage
  • Remove dirt and debris from storage areas or interior compartments
  • Clean and detail the vehicle inside and out

The dealership will also pass on any expenses it incurs during this time to you, the customer. So always be sure that there are no defects or damages before you sign anything. Once that is done, then relax and enjoy your ride home.

Can a car be purchased in one state and registered in another?

The registration of a vehicle is how you gain official permission to drive it on public roads.

State laws govern how new cars are registered, but since this happens after the sale has been completed, it is perfectly legal for someone to buy a car in one state and register it elsewhere.

This means that you can purchase your car in one state, have it delivered to another, and then drive it back home. But, of course, you will have to abide by certain requirements, including insurance requirements, once the car reaches your residence.

Some states require that new vehicles be inspected before being registered or driven on public roads, while some don't. You should check with local authorities for state-specific requirements to be sure.

If you live in a rural area and the closest inspection station is hundreds of miles away, then this might not be an option for you. You will have to pay for extra mileage and travel time, so it is best to avoid the hassle altogether by having your vehicle inspected before it arrives.

What is the cheapest state to buy a car?

According to Nationwide Auto Transportation, New Hampshire is the cheapest state to buy a car. However, remember that buying a car is about more than just the sticker price. There are associated insurance and maintenance fees to take into consideration, too.

Fees differ by state, but New Hampshire is one of the most affordable places to buy a car because there’s no sales tax when you purchase it; this also applies to Alaska, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon.

Additionally, there's only an initial fee of $25. Insurance costs are quite low as well, so vehicle repairs won't be expensive either!

Florida is the second cheapest state to buy a car and has an excellent inventory. In fact, cars cost around 10% less than the average.

Final Thoughts

Towing Truck Delivery. Shipping Modern Vehicle to Car Dealership From Auction Lot, Do Car Dealerships Deliver Cars? [Inc. Shipping Between States]

If you live in a remote location and would like to avoid the hassle of traveling long distances to purchase your vehicle, then we recommend that you consider having it delivered.

There are many benefits associated with this option: time savings, affordability (no need for gas or wear and tear on your car), convenience (you don't have to worry about lost keys), and safety (there's no risk of getting into an accident).

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Have you had a car you purchased delivered to you? Let us know how the experience was!

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