Can I Drive For Uber In Another State? [And How To Transfer]

Are you an existing Uber driver considering a short-term Uber gig in another state? You probably have some questions about whether Uber will allow this for their drivers. We researched Uber's company policies to know for sure what you'll need to do to take rides in other states.

As a general rule, you must register in one regional area as an Uber driver. While this registration will allow you to drive for Uber all over that state, the rideshare company will not allow you to temporarily work as an Uber driver in a different state.

It will also not allow you to be registered as a driver in more than one region at a time.

Now that we know that Uber will not allow its drivers to work in another state temporarily, we'll take a more extended look at the company's policies. You might be curious about how to transfer your work with Uber to another location or if Lyft will allow you to operate as a driver in multiple states.

For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading ahead!

Uber driver holding Uber app showing on iPhone while driving, Can I Drive For Uber In Another State? [And How To Transfer]

Uber's Location Requirements For Its Drivers

To be an Uber driver, you must select a region from which you will pick up riders. Driver's set this up during the signup process. What location you choose isn't in stone, however.

Uber understands that people sometimes move within a state or to another state. While you cannot register as an Uber driver in more than one location, you can always change where you want to operate as a driver.

We'll go over how to do this ahead in this post.

As an Uber driver, you will usually be able to pick up riders from anywhere in the state that you are registered as a driver, though you are technically registered in just one region.

You will be allowed to take a rider to another state, but you will not be allowed to pick up any riders in the state that you just traveled to.

How Do I Transfer To Another City For Uber Driving?

Are you planning to move out of the area where you are registered to drive for Uber? That's ok! Switching your Uber driver registration to another location is allowed.

On your driver's app, follow these prompts:

  1. Navigate to 'Account'
  2. Click the 'Help' icon
  3. Find the 'Report Issue' tab
  4. Go to 'Account Settings'
  5. Click 'I Want to Drive in a New City'

When your new city is selected, you will be subject to the laws of that city. Some might require you to get your vehicle inspected again.

Be prepared to have this entire process take several weeks, as Uber will have to take time to verify the change and any information that you would need to send from authorities in your new location.

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What Are The Qualifications To Drive For Uber?

Uber strives to make its rideshare services as safe as possible for both users and drivers.

Some qualifications and requirements need to be met before someone can be certified as an Uber driver.

Keep in mind that these are minimum qualifications and are for Uber only, as different states and municipalities could have stricter requirements.


While Uber doesn't specify a minimum age for drivers, it has requirements for the driving experience.

To be an Uber driver, you must have had a valid US driver's license for at least one year.

But if you are under the age of 25, this minimum is extended to three years. You must also meet all of the minimum requirements to be a driver in your state and local municipality.

Vehicle Type

For your vehicle to be eligible for Uber rideshare, Uber has set forth the following minimum requirements for the vehicle you intend to use:

  • Your vehicle can be a car, truck, or SUV. But it must have four doors and be able to carry a minimum of four passengers.
  • The vehicle must be a model no more than 15 years old.
  • The title for the vehicle cannot be a salvage title.
  • Rental vehicles are prohibited unless they are from an approved Uber rental agency.
  • There cannot be any existing cosmetic damage to the vehicle.
  • Taxis, box trucks, and certain other vehicle types are prohibited.

Keep in mind that these are the bare minimum for vehicle requirements. Drivers who want to drive for Uber Black or Uber Luxury will have additional criteria that you must meet.

Also, your state or city might have stricter vehicle requirements for rideshare cars.

Driver Documentation

In this step, you'll need to verify certain pieces of information with Uber. They'll need a clean screenshot of the front and back of a valid driver's license.

In addition, you'll need to provide one additional proof of residency. This could be a utility bill, voter identification card, or something else that verifies your address matches the one on your driver's license.

You will also need to provide proof of vehicle insurance. It needs to be current and have your vehicle listed as the insured one.

The last part of this stage is to provide a clean driver's profile photo for the Uber app. It must be a forward-facing photo that includes your head and shoulders. You cannot wear sunglasses and hats.

It also cannot be the photo from your driver's license.

Driver Screening

If you've made it this far in the process, you're almost ready to be Uber driver certified. The last step is a full screening that you will complete online.

You'll need to give Uber permission to view your complete driving record to be done. As soon as this process finishes, they'll also need your consent to check your criminal history.

If you have a clean record, you're good to go. Some driving and criminal violations might not exclude you from driving for Uber, while others (like certain felonies) won't allow you to drive for the company.

Vehicle Registration Information By State

UBER headquarters in SOMA district

Something else worth mentioning is your vehicle's state of registration. Most states require that you register your car in the same state that issued your driver's license.

The exceptions are:

  • Delaware
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania

Do Uber Drivers Make Good Money?

Uber car service in New York City

If you consider driving for Uber and are wondering what you'll earn, there isn't an exact wage posted. Drivers get a good share of the fee that riders pay to Uber and 100% of the tip.

There are also frequent incentives that Uber offers to their drivers through bonus money.

Money Lion states that, on average, an Uber driver will make between $12.44 and $21.80 an hour. Time of day, location, and other variables will factor in what side of that wage spectrum you'll fall.

Those with excellent service tend to make more, as the tips can sometimes be a substantial part of the driver's income. Keep in mind that, except for California, Uber drivers are contractors.

This means that you will have to pay all employment taxes and earnings tax on every dollar you make.

Though the mileage deductions can lessen your taxable income, the self-employment taxes and the wear and tear on the vehicle should be factored in your decision on whether or not you should be a driver.

Can You Drive For Lyft In Another State?

Lyft has more relaxed requirements for being assigned as a driver to different states. Like Uber, Lyft will have you set to one geographic area.

And they will also allow you to pick up riders from outside of that area within the state.

But Lyft will also let you register as a driver in multiple states. Of course, you'll need to make sure that you qualify as a driver in those states.

And you'll need to make sure your vehicle is eligible under the laws of any state that you choose to perform rideshare duties.

Car for hire with a Lyft sticker

Our Finishing Words

Uber will make you pick only one area to work from, though it will allow you to pick up and drop off anywhere in the state where your registered geographic region is.

For Uber and other rideshare companies, drivers must pass specific requirements, as do the vehicles they wish to use.

The amount of money a rideshare driver will vary from market to market and the time of day you operate. Drive safe!

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