Does the Honda 90 ATV Have Reverse?

For the past seven decades, vehicles from Honda have proven to be reliable to many. Honda's 90 ATV is no exception. If you are considering this model for your child, you probably wonder if the 90 ATV has reverse. We've looked closely at Honda's 90 ATV features to get the answer for you.

Honda's 90 ATV cannot drive in reverse. Honda created the 90 ATV with young riders in mind. So, this simplistic model is easy enough for beginners to operate, but an enjoyable all-terrain vehicle for experienced riders too.

The simplicity of its design, combined with its versatility, provides a well-rounded experience for riders. Keep reading as we look closely at Honda's 90 ATV to see why youngsters will enjoy this machine.

ATV rider racing with quad bike on a muddy road, Does the Honda 90 ATV Have Reverse?

How hard is it to drive a Honda 90 ATV?

This model is considered an introductory all-terrain vehicle. New owners and riders should consult the manual and participate in a training course for safety measures. Features like semi-automatic transmission allow riders to focus on the bare necessities and enjoy the ride.

Built with Honda's 86cc four-stroke engine and a simple electric starter, this ATV starts quickly to get going right away.

Not only is starting the ride easy, but the ride itself proves to be smooth even on rough terrain. Sporting two shock-absorbers with 2.6 inches of travel up front and one in the back, the 90 ATV is ready for rough riding. When ready to stop, the dual sealed drum brakes up front and sealed drum brake in the rear provide a responsive halt the lightweight ATV. 

What age should you be to drive the Honda 90 ATV?

The main reason for the simplistic design of Honda's 90 ATV is its suggested age range. While it can be enjoyable for riders of all levels of experience, Honda says the 90 ATV is meant for riders ages ten and up. Children under the age of 16 should not ride without adult supervision. Its size and easy-to-use features focus on the basics, making it a great starter ATV for young riders.

Keeping the age range in mind makes sense why the 90 ATV lacks some features on larger models but has particular functions like the semi-automatic, four-speed transmission built-in. It's designed for an educational yet fun while supervised experience. The 90 ATV also has a keyed ignition, requiring parents or guardians of young riders to get the vehicle started to assure children are riding responsibly.

With its lightweight build, easy starter, simple four-speed transmission, and keyed ignition meant for safety and responsible riding, the Honda 90 ATV is perfectly suitable for children. Though how would it compare to a larger model in its features? There are certainly differences between the two, so let's give a look at the TRX250X for comparison.

Do full-size Honda ATV's have reverse?

Honda intended the TRX250X for riders who have outgrown the 90 ATV. Meant for riders ages 16 and up, TRX250X is built larger with a larger turning radius of 9.2 feet compared to the 90 ATV's 8.3 feet, and it contains a five-speed transmission. This particular model can reverse.

The TRX250X may be designed for teenagers, but like the 90 ATV, more experienced riders and adults can still find enjoyment in this model. It even contains a keyed ignition for added security and responsible riding.

How do you engage a Honda ATV in reverse?

As we've just discussed, Honda's 90 ATV cannot drive in reverse. With that said, let's go over the process step-by-step to assure safe and proper reverse driving for those Honda ATVs that do include a reverse gear.

Before anything else, come to a full stop and then shift into neutral. As an extra safety measure, it's essential to make sure nothing is blocking the way or preventing you from reversing direction. Look for a red button on the clutch lever and hold it down. Pull the clutch lever in, release the button, and slowly release the clutch lever. Now, you've shifted the vehicle into reverse. Make sure you do not release the lever suddenly or make any quick turns.

When braking, make sure you apply both the front and back brakes because it is unsafe to use only one brake set while in reverse. Apply brakes gradually. To get the vehicle back into neutral, it is as simple as raising the shift lever just one stroke.

To Conclude

Honda's 90 ATV is proven to help young drivers who want to get into all-terrain driving. Though the latter model discussed might be larger, it still keeps beginners in mind with features like keyed ignition. Though the Honda 90 ATV does not have a reverse gear built into it like the TRX250X, it is still ideal for children ages ten and up who want to learn off-roading on a safe and easy-to-use vehicle.

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