How Much Cargo Space In A Toyota 4Runner?

If you routinely haul larger objects, you'll want to know exactly how much cargo room any prospective new vehicle will have available to you. Should you consider a Toyota 4Runner and wonder how much room they have to offer, we can help you. We researched this popular vehicle from multiple professional sources, so you'll know exactly how much cargo room to expect.

The amount of cargo space available for a Toyota 4Runner will depend on the trim level you choose and whether or not the rear seats are folded down. This vehicle has a total available cargo space of between 46.3 cubic feet and 89.7 cubic feet. 

Now that we know how much cargo room is available in the Toyota 4Runner, we'll look at the best ways to maximize this room. You might also be curious which 4Runner has the most cargo space or if the 4Runner comes with cargo covers. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've uncovered in our research.

2021 Toyota 4Runner suv at a dealership, How Much Cargo Space In A Toyota 4Runner?

Getting the most cargo room out of your Toyota 4Runner

The rear storage area of the Toyota 4Runner is quite spacious. Ranging between 46.3 cubic feet and 47.2 cubic feet, you'll find that this vehicle offers a lot of space to store luggage, sporting equipment, or smaller household appliances that need to be moved. Should you require more space than this, there is a way to nearly double it without much effort.

The rear seats of the 4Runner can be folded all the way down, which will nearly double the amount of cargo room you will have available. Depending upon the trim level, your 2022 4Runner will now have between 88.8 and 89.7 cubic feet for storage. We'll discuss how to fold down these rear seats ahead in this post. 

For even more room, you can consider adding roof racks to your 4Runner. These can be easily found and installed and won't break the bank. Having this option will allow you to maximize your total cargo capacity and let you carry more items without sacrificing the rear passenger seats.

Toyota 4Runner SUV (2016 Trail model) on a dirt backcountry road

Which 4Runner has the most cargo space?

The 4Runner has eight different trim levels, each with different specs and features. Knowing which ones have the dimensions that suit your needs the best is important in the selection process. Fortunately, there isn't that much of a difference when it comes to cargo space. 

Seven of the eight trim levels for the model year 2022 have 89.7 total cubic feet for cargo, so long as the rear seats are folded down properly. They each have the same rear seating area, at 47.2 cubic feet. These seven trim levels are the SR5, TRD Sport, SR5 Premium, TRD Offroad, TRD Offroad Premium, Limited, and TRD PRO.

The trim level with the smaller available cargo room is the Trail Special Edition. But this trim level won't have its cargo room reduced by much. With the seats folded down all the way, it still offers 88.8 cubic feet of space.

Do 4Runners come with cargo covers?

A cargo cover will extend from the back of the rear seats and sit on top of the cargo area. This will give back seat passengers a light shelf to set things upon, but it also helps with the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. A cargo cover will help hide any untidiness from the cargo area, keeping it out of sight and out of mind for your passengers.

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner comes with a factory cargo cover. This sits a few feet above the rear cargo area floor and is easily retracted or removed.

A cargo cover not only hides your untidy cargo hold but also keeps what you have stored there out of the sight of prying eyes. If you are carrying something valuable and need to leave your 4Runner unattended for a few moments, this cargo cover will help conceal it.

empty roomy open trunk of modern crossover car

How much room is in a 4Runner with the seats down?

If you need to increase the storage capacity of your 4Runner, you can do so by folding the rear seats down. This process is laid out step by step later in this post. For now, know that doing so will nearly double the cargo space.

The rear cargo hold of the 4Runner is between 46.3 and 47.2 cubic feet. Folding the rear seats forward increases the cargo space to a total of 88.8 to 89.7 cubic feet, depending on the model year and the trim level.

With the seats folded downward, you'll be reducing the seating capacity from five to two. But for those who don't want a pickup truck but still want plenty of space for hauling items, the 4Runner has proven to be a popular alternative. 

a SUV hatchback shot from rear packed full ready to depart from a weekend camping trip

Do 4Runner seats fold flat?

Having a vehicle in which the rear seats will fold flat does increase the available cargo room. Whether you are transporting goods for a remodeling job or helping a friend move across town, the ability to have more space in your vehicle is a great amenity to have. Thankfully, the rear seats in the Toyota 4Runner do just that.

Folding these rear seats down is a simple process. You'll first need to pull the front two seats forward so that you'll have room to work with. Locate the cord that's in between the seam of the back seat cushion and the seatback of the rear seats and pull it to make the seats fold forward against the backs of the front seats. Then, press a button on the top of the rear seatback to unlock it and allow for it to be folded all the way forward.

Unlock the headrests by pressing the buttons next to them and removing them, keeping in mind that the newest 4Runner models can have the headrests collapse completely forward, eliminating the need to remove them. To get the seats back into place, gently pull them back up and into a locking position.  

Can you sleep in the back of a 4Runner?

For those who want to enjoy an off-roading camping experience but don't want the expense or the hassle of towing a travel trailer behind them, camping out in a vehicle is a popular choice. So long as there is room, this should not be a problem. You'll find that the Toyota 4Runner has more than enough room for one or two persons to sleep in and is a common vehicle for this. 

Fold down your rear seats following the steps outlined earlier in this post. You'll find that the total cargo area with the seats down is more than enough to have an inflatable air mattress topped with a sleeping bag, with plenty of room to spare for your luggage, coolers, and other items needed while camping.

Just be sure to follow all local laws when taking an adventure. Some cities have ordinances about sleeping in vehicles unless they are in a designated area. Knowing the laws that are on the books is part of the planning process, and following them can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. 

Man resting in back of suv 4x4 overlanding vehicle in scenic area

In conclusion

The available cargo space in a Toyota 4Runner opens up the possibilities for what you can haul and how you might go about camping. The process for increasing the cargo space by folding down the rear seats is simple to follow and will almost double your room. Pay attention to payload capacity when attempting to haul heavier objects to avoid damage to your 4Runner. Drive safe!

2021 Toyota 4Runner suv at a dealership, How Much Cargo Space In A Toyota 4Runner?

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