How Much Does Jeep Cherokee Weigh?

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the earliest compact SUVs ever made. It is an icon of American automotive genius and continues to be one of the best choices when choosing a compact SUV. In this article, we have researched and asked the experts how much a Jeep Cherokee weighs, and this is what we found out.

Depending on the variant that you choose, you can expect the Jeep Cherokee to weigh anywhere between 3,590 lbs to 4,250 lbs. The Cherokee Altitude weighs the lightest, while the Cherokee Trail Haw 4x4 weighs the heaviest.

This is the stock weight of a Cherokee when you buy it brand new. Its weight may change when a part is upgraded or replaced aftermarket. Interested to learn more about the Jeep Cherokee? Continue reading as we discuss other details like its lifespan, maintenance, and how it compares to the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Cherokee SUV display at a Chrysler dealership, How Much Does Jeep Cherokee Weigh?

How heavy is the Jeep Cherokee?

Each trim available for the Jeep Cherokee varies in weight. This is because the higher the trim, the more features there are in the vehicle. This means that additional mechanisms and parts are added to higher variants compared to the lower ones like the base trim.

Jeep Cherokee parked on the rocks

You need not worry about the added weight of the higher trim models as this will not affect the performance of the vehicle. When the vehicle weighs more, the stock engine that comes with it also adds power to compensate for the added weight of the vehicle.

Let us take the lightest weight of 3,590 lbs of the Cherokee Altitude as an example. This vehicle with a 2.4-liter engine that has 180 horsepower. In comparison, the heavier Trail Hawk (heavier by more than 600 lbs) has a 3.2-liter engine with a maximum of 271 horsepower. 

These configuration numbers should also be your guide when carrying out any modifications to your Cherokee. If you have a lighter variant, this means that your engine is expected to have lesser power. Adding heavy accessories or aftermarket customs can affect vehicle performance. 

If your mods make you Cherokee heavier, your engine might suffer.

This is notorious with Jeep owners as the demographic for this are people who often go Overlanding or off-roading. This is due to Jeep's reputation as one of the world's leading off-roading vehicle brands. In fact, Jeep is better known as an off-road vehicle company.

Jeep Cherokee vs Jeep Grand Cherokee - Which is better?

Choosing between the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee all boils down to your personal preference and needs. The Grand Cherokee is the mid-size version of the Cherokee. The main difference between them is just size. 

Each car has its advantages. For the Cherokee, the smaller vehicle means that it has a smaller engine. This translates to better gas mileage.

The compactness of the Cherokee also makes it more agile and takes up less space. If you have a small parking space, the Cherokee is a great option. It is also great in traffic as it is easier to maneuver due to its size.

For the Grand Cherokee, its cargo space is bigger and will offer an overall better space. The legroom is more generous which can translate to more comfort, especially during long road trips. The Grand Cherokee is also the better choice for a family, mainly because of its space. 

The Grand Cherokee's 3.6-liter V6 engine has a power output of 295 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, compared to the aforementioned 2.4-liter V4 engine of the Cherokee Altitude (the Cherokee's base trim). 

When it comes to safety features and technology, both the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are also very similar. Both Jeep models are also five-seater cars, but the new Grand Cherokee L now offers third-row seating for the first time. 

Can you flat tow a Jeep Cherokee?

You can flat tow a  Jeep Cherokee as long as it has an ActiveDrive II/2- speed Power Transfer Unit. This means that any Jeep Cherokee that comes factory installed with a 2WD or any other kind of transfer case is impossible to flat tow. Here are some trim levels of the Cherokee that you can flat tow.

  • Latitude (4x4)
  • Upland
  • Latitude Plus (4x4)
  • Altitude (4x4)
  • Latitude Lux (4x4)
  • Limited (4x4)
  • North Edition
  • Trailhawk
  • High Altitude (4x4)
  • Trailhawk Elite

Flat towing is ideal when going on cross-country road trips on your RV. This makes it easier for you to move around on a smaller and more compact vehicle. This is especially ideal for running errands such as getting supplies or exploring the area you are visiting in a smaller car.

Jeeps are the number one choice for flat towing as all models of the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator can be flat towed, giving Jeep the advantage over many new vehicles manufactured by other car brands.

This is due to the phasing out of manual transmission variants. What separates the Wrangler and the Gladiator from other vehicles is that they are designed by Jeep to be flat towable, regardless of the transmission. 

Are Jeep Cherokees good for towing?

The Cherokee is only rated to tow a maximum of 4,500 lbs when upgraded with options. It might not be the best when it comes to towing, but you can tow it with a  Jeep Cherokee. 

Some trailers are only rated with a gross weight of only 2000lbs, while some are at 3,000 lbs. These numbers are the usual average weight of common trailers that we see every day on the road. With some weighing less than a thousand pounds, you can tow them with your Jeep Cherokee. 

But be mindful, though, as you can easily overload the vehicle, especially since the Cherokee is not designed for towing. If you do find yourself frequently towing objects on the heavier side, then the Cherokee might not be the vehicle for you. 

If you are on the lookout for the right Jeep for this type of job, then you can try the Jeep Gladiator which has a towing capacity of up to 7,650 lbs

Jeep Gladiator Offroading on dirt road

What trims does the Jeep Cherokee offer?

Currently, the Jeep Cherokee offers seven trims on the market. These are the variants available:

  • Latitude
  • Latitude Lux
  • Latitude Plus
  • Limited
  • Trailhawk

Now each trim has different styles or options. From the Latitude to the Limited, the Cherokee runs an option of both front-wheel drive and a 4x4 option. With the top of the line Trailhawk, only a 4x4 option is available.

Each trim has specific designs that can fit your needs and preferences.

If you are into off-roading, then the Trailhawk is for you. It's packed with plenty of off-roading amenities that you can enjoy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee display at a Stellantis dealership

If you are just looking for a plain car that can take you from point A to point B, then going with the base Latitude with a front-wheel-drive will help you get the job done. 

What are some common problems for the Jeep Cherokee?

There have been more than 1,800 complaints from owners of Jeep Cherokee over the past 20 years of production.

The leading complaints come from shifting issues. These include the shift being delayed, rough shifting, and not shifting properly have all been noted in some defected Cherokees. This means that some Cherokees also suffer from transmission problems, with the 2014 model being the worst model.

 Are Jeep engines reliable? (How long do they last)

Car speedometer with exactly 200,000 miles on the odometer

According to data, Jeep engines can last 200,000 to 300,000 miles before needing major repairs done. Assuming that the owner drives the annual average of 13,000 miles to 15,000 miles per year, you can expect anywhere between 13 to 20 years of ownership.

However. this all depends on whether or not the vehicle is well-maintained. A badly maintained one will not reach the maximum potential lifespan, especially if it is subjected to excessive use.

With Jeeps, they are naturally used for rugged and tough terrain that normal vehicles cannot traverse. This means that they are one of the most abused vehicles out there. That is why proper maintenance is important for it to last.

Driving habits also play a huge role. Careless driving increases your chances of getting into an accident. This can damage your car and result in a shorter lifespan. 

Final overview

The total weight of your Jeep Cherokee will heavily depend on what trim you choose. In general, a Jeep Cherokee will weigh anywhere between 3,590 lbs to 4,250 lbs.

Jeep is one of the most iconic and famous car brands and is especially known for making go-anywhere vehicles. Jeep is also the go-to brand when choosing a flat towable vehicle. Generally, Jeeps hold their value well. 

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