How To Program Ram Promaster Key

Your Ram Promaster comes with an integrated key/fob system. You can lock and unlock the doors manually with the mechanical key or remotely by pressing a button on the key fob. Occasionally, a key fob malfunctions and must be reprogrammed before you can use it again. So, how do you reprogram your Ram Promaster key? We've done the research, and we have the answers for you!

To program the key to your Ram Promaster, follow these steps:

  1. From inside the van, lock the doors using your key fob.
  2. Holding down the Unlock button, insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the ACC position. 
  3. Simultaneously press and hold the Unlock and Panic buttons, then release them together.
  4. Simultaneously press and hold the Unlock and Lock buttons, then release them together.
  5. Press and release the Unlock button.
  6. Test the key fob from outside the van by successfully pressing and releasing the Lock and Unlock buttons.  

In the remainder of this article, we'll describe the process in more detail. We'll also tell you how much it costs to have someone else reprogram it for you. We will explain how to use the key fob, replace its battery, and whether you have to reprogram the key fob after changing its battery. And we'll tell you whether you can program a Dodge key fob on your own, as well as whether the Ram Promaster has remote start capability. Keep reading to learn more!

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How To Program Ram Promaster Key

Your Ram Promaster was manufactured with advanced anti-theft technology. Inside the key fob is a transponder chip that sends electronic signals to the vehicle's ignition system.

If the ignition system senses that the wrong key has been inserted, your van will not start. The chip is programmed specifically for your vehicle, so only your vehicle responds to the signal when you click the Lock or Unlock button in a crowded parking lot.   

So, what happens if your key fob stops communicating with your Promaster? First, check the key fob's battery to be sure it's not dead.

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If the battery is fine, the fob may need to be reprogrammed. You can take your vehicle to a dealership or locksmith and pay for the reprogramming or do it yourself for free.

Here are the steps you should take to reprogram your Ram Promaster's key fob: 

Step-By-Step Reprogramming Instructions

1. From Inside The Van, Lock The Doors Using Your Key Fob

Enter the van and sit in the driver's seat. Press and release the Lock button on your key fob. (If your key fob is malfunctioning, the doors may or may not lock in response.) 

2. Holding Down The Unlock Button, Insert The Key In The Ignition And Turn It To The ACC Position

Press and hold the Unlock button on the key fob. Insert the Promaster's key in the ignition. Still holding the Unlock button down, turn the key clockwise to the ACC position. Then release the Unlock button. This sequence alerts the chip in the ignition system that you are about to reprogram the chip in the key fob.

3. Simultaneously Press And Hold The Unlock And Panic Buttons; Then Release Them Together

Make sure to press the Unlock and Panic buttons simultaneously. Hold them down for 3 - 4 seconds. Release them simultaneously.

4. Simultaneously Press And Hold The Unlock And Lock Buttons; Then Release Them Together

Again, make sure to press both buttons simultaneously. Hold them down for 3 - 4 seconds. Release them simultaneously. This concludes the reprogramming sequence; you may now turn the ignition switch to the Off position and remove the key.

5. Press And Release The Unlock Button

If the van's doors were locked, they should unlock when you press and release the Unlock button. You may now exit the van.

6. From Outside The Van, Test The Key Fob By Successively Pressing And Releasing The Lock And Unlock Buttons

From outside the van, press and release the Lock button on the key fob. You should hear the door locks click shut. Next, press and release the Unlock button.

You should hear the door locks click again. If both the Lock and Unlock buttons work correctly, the programming is done! 

In the unlikely event that this sequence of steps doesn't successfully reprogram your key, go through the steps again. If your fob still doesn't work, take your van and your key fob to a Ram Promaster dealer.

Can You Program A Dodge Key Yourself?

Yes! You can reprogram the key fobs for all Dodge vehicles in the same way we described above.

How Much Does It Cost To Reprogram A Key Fob?

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Reprogramming A Malfunctioning Key Fob On Your Own

In most cases, you can reprogram a malfunctioning key fob by yourself. Above, we described the steps you'd use to reprogram a Ram Promaster key fob.

This sequence works for all Dodge keys. If you own a vehicle from another manufacturer, you can find reprogramming instructions for free in your owner's manual or on the Internet.    

Having A Dealer Or Locksmith Reprogram A Malfunctioning Key Fob

You can also take your vehicle and key fob to a dealer or a locksmith to reprogram the fob. The cost of reprogramming a malfunctioning key fob ranges from $50 to $100 or more depending on the complexity of the vehicle's security system.

Programming A Replacement Key Fob

If you lose your key fob, it will cost substantially more. You'll not only have to pay for a new key fob but also for a dealer to program it. For security reasons, a new key fob must be initially programmed at a dealership.

The combined cost of the new fob and its programming ranges from $150 for a typical car to $600 or more for a vehicle with a high-end security system.   

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How Do You Use A Ram Key Fob?

Your Ram keyfob allows you to lock and unlock the doors remotely. To use it, you must be within about 65' of your vehicle. Here's how you do it:

  • To unlock the front doors, press and release the Unlock button on your key fob. This button has an icon depicting a padlock with its hasp open. The van's turn signal lights will flash twice to acknowledge the Unlock signal.
  • Press and release the Cargo Unlock button to unlock the side sliding doors and the rear cargo doors. Its icon depicts the back of the van and a skeleton key. 
  • To lock the doors, press and release the key fob's Lock button. This button has an icon showing a padlock with the hasp closed. The turn signal lights will flash twice, and the van's horn will emit one beep to indicate that the doors are locked. This procedure locks all of the van's doors: front, side, and rear.

How To Replace Ram Promaster Key Fob Battery?

When the battery in your Ram Promaster key fob dies, it's an easy matter to replace it with a fresh battery. You'll use a small flat-head screwdriver and a CR 2032 3-volt replacement battery. Follow these steps:

  1. Press and release the round black button at the top of your Promaster key fob. This will release the mechanical key.
  2. Using your thumb or finger, flip the mechanical key to its upright position. 
  3. Locate the screw that's now visible in the key compartment, and use the flat-head screwdriver to turn the screw one-half turn clockwise to the unlocked position.
  4. Insert the tip of the screwdriver under the bottom of the key compartment, just above the screw; pry the bottom panel up slightly. 
  5. Lift the bottom panel all the way up. The battery will become visible.
  6. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.
  7. Push the bottom panel back down.
  8. Re-lock the screw in the key compartment by turning it one-half turn counterclockwise.
  9. Fold the mechanical key back to its closed position.
  10. Test the battery installation by pressing and releasing the Lock button. If your vehicle responds by flashing the turn signals and beeping the horn, the installation was successful.

This YouTube video demonstrates the process:


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Does A Key Fob Have To Be Reprogrammed After Replacing The Battery?

Generally, you will not need to reprogram your key fob after you replace its battery. The electronic chip inside the key fob is not dependent on the battery for its programming.

However, occasionally the chip experiences a glitch after the fob's battery is changed. So, if your key fob still isn't working and you're sure you've replaced the dead battery with a live one, try reprogramming the fob. 

If you own a Ram Promaster or other Dodge vehicle, use the sequence of steps we described in the main section of this article. If your vehicle is a different make, check your owner's manual or search the Internet for free instructions on reprogramming your key fob. 

Does Ram Promaster Have Remote Start?

Although Ram Promaster's official website does not list remote start as an available option, many Promaster owners report that they could order it through their dealers when they purchased their vans.

If you did not have remote start installed as an option when you purchased your vehicle, you could buy a Promaster-compatible remote start system, like the one pictured below, online.

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In Closing

Now that you know what to do if your Ram Promaster's key fob stops working, you can save yourself some money by completing the procedure yourself rather than taking your van to a dealer or locksmith. Use the guidelines above to keep your Promaster's key fob working for years to come!

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