How To Rotate Tires On A Dually

Some vehicles come with a single rear wheel which makes rotation easier. If you own a dually truck, you may be a bit confused about how to rotate the tires. Luckily, we did some research for you, and here is what we found.

Trucks with dual wheels wear quickly if the tires are not rotated regularly. Regular rotation needs to be done to prolong the tires' lifespan. Here are step-by-step procedures for rotating tires on a Dually.

  • Engage the parking brake.
  • Jack the truck's front up.
  • Jack the truck's rear up.
  • Remove lugs with an impact wrench.
  • Rotate both the tires and wheels.
  • Fix every wheel at new positions.

You can easily rotate tires on a dually without the help of a professional. Keep reading to get detailed information on rotating tires on a dually.

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Rotating Tires On A Dually

The process involved in rotating tires on a dually may seem complicated, but you can get the job done if you follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Engage The Parking Brake

The first step is to ensure that the parking brake is set. If the truck is automatic, ensure it is in Park, and if it is manual, ensure it is in the first gear.

Step 2: Jack The Truck's Front Up 

You can use a hydraulic jack to jack up the truck's front. It is better to start from the middle of the front axle. Inside the wheels, put two stands under the axle. Next, try lowering the axle at the front onto the stands. When you are done doing this, the wheels at the front shouldn't be on the ground.

Step 3: Jack The Vehicle's Rear Up

After jacking up the truck's front, the next thing to do is to jack up the rear by putting the jack beneath the rear axle differential. Make sure to put the jack stand beneath the axle located in the wheel and lower the truck's rear on the jack stands.

Step 4: Remove Lungs With Impact Wrench

Use an impact wrench, also called a Lug wrench, to remove lugs from all the wheels. Try removing the six wheels from the hubs. Don't forget to take note of every tire's starting point.

Step 5: Rotate Both The Tires And Wheels

This can be done by shifting the tires positioned at the outer rear to the dual-position inside on a uniform side. The wheels inside shift up to the front axle on the same channel, while the wheels and tires at the front axle become dual wheels on the outside, also on one channel.

Step 6: Fix Every Wheel At New Position

To do this, start by ensuring that the lugs are tightened in a criss-cross pattern. Use a torque wrench to make sure the lugs are tightened with the right amount of pressure if possible. This ensures that the lugs are not overly tightened, which can result in them braking or too loose. 

When you are done doing all these steps above, lift up the rear axle to lower the truck. Next, take out the jack stand to lower the vehicle on the tires. Do this for the front of the truck too. 

How Often Should You Rotate Tires On A Dually?

You can rotate the tires of your car to avoid wear and tear. You should know that it is not just the left, right, front or rear tires that might wear out quickly but also the inner and outer tires on both sides. 

Tires on dually should be rotated every 10,000 miles. Do not just rotate them the same way each time, ensure you have a fixed schedule for that. However, rotating your dually depends on how you use it. Constantly carrying heavy loads will make the tires wear more. Another thing that might affect the tires is the road's surface. 

Dually tires for a truck

Usage should also be considered. If you are using your dually more on heavy-duty stuff, then you might expect to have a faster time in between tire rotation. Frequency also plays a factor. If you are using your truck heavily on a daily usage, then you should rotate your tires more often.

Are Dually Tires Directional?

A directional pattern is one of the three primary patterns seen on a tire. The other two are symmetrical and asymmetrical. What makes a directional tire different is that it is designed to rotate in one direction. 

This does not mean that the tire can't move in reverse, but it is the direction the tire must be in when the car moves forward. Dually tires are not directional as they are designed to rotate on a circular pattern which is the standard rotation pattern for a dually vehicle.

Are Super Single Tires Better Than Duals?

A super single tire is a substitute for the dually. It is a single tire but designed to be as wide as two tires. So instead of two, it is one tire built to be used as a dually. 

One may be better than the other, depending on what it is being used for. In order to make the right choice for your fleet, let's take a look at the pros and cons of dual tires and super single tires. 

Pros Of Dual Tires 

Dual tires have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits of dual tires:

  • Dual tires are best for heavy-duty jobs and are primarily used for non-steering axles.
  • Having two tires on both sides can double your fleet load's capacity and maintain stability.
  • Drivability can be maintained in the case of a flat tire.

Cons Of Dual Tires 

As much as dually tires have their benefits, they also have drawbacks. The following are some disadvantages:

  • Space between the tires must be taken care of to avoid lodged debris.
  • Duals on a fleet cannot be upsized because of space.
  • Flat duals can cause wear on other tires.
  • They are expensive.
  • Worse fuel economy compared to non-dually

Pros Of Super Single Tires 

The following are some of the advantages of super single tires:

  • There is no uneven pressure in super single tires
  • They improve vehicle performance thereby reducing fuel consumption.
  • Super singles tires are stronger and lighter in weight compared to other types.
    • Super singles tires reduce tire pressure monitoring.

Cons Of Super Single Tires 

 Here are some disadvantages of single tires:

  • Super single tires are not designed with inbuilt backup when the tire gets flat.
  • Loads on single tires can shift during failure if the operator loses control.
  • Super single tires can rack up the cost of repair.

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Is It Okay For Dually Tires To Touch?

It is not okay for dually tires to touch each other. There should be at least two inches of space between them. No matter the type of fleet you have, the tires have to be properly installed and spaced out in case of wear and tear and for safety reasons.

How Many Wheels Does A Dually Truck Have?

A huge black Ford F 750 at a dealership

A dually has six wheels to increase safety and stability, especially when carrying heavy loads. So, if you want to tow heavy-duty loads from one place to another, you can use dually.

The extra tires help increase payload and towing capacities to a maximum level. It also gives stability to the truck, especially in windy conditions, thereby ensuring the safety of the operators and passengers when needed. 

Each tire on a dually truck can hold a certain amount of weight. Adding two extra tires to the rear allows more weight to be hauled. A secondary advantage of having a dually truck is that it improves the width of the contact surface and adds extra ground level for traction. However, driving can be challenging because of the added weight. 

Are Duallys Safer?

Regarding stability, power, and performance, a dually is more advantageous than a non-dually. Its extra tires ables you to drive even if one of your four tires in the back is flat. The braking and suspension will also be better due to the added payload and towing expected from the vehicle. 

Final Takeaway

A long bed Dually Chevy truck gassing up

It is recommended to rotate dual wheels regularly so they can last longer. To do this, you must engage the parking brake, lift the front and rear of the vehicle, remove the lungs then rotate the tires.

If you plan on getting a vehicle that can carry and tow heavy loads while maintaining performance, power, and stability, then you should look at a dually. 

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