Can You Put Regular Wheels On A Dually?

If you own a dually truck, you may wonder whether or not you can put regular wheels on it. You have come to the right place. We have researched all about putting wheels on a dually.

You can put regular wheels on a dually. The standard size tire for a dually is 225/85r16. If you exceed this size, it is a good idea to install spacers.

Keep reading to learn more about why a dually has different front wheels, whether or not dually tires last longer, whether or not it is necessary to rotate the tires on a dually, and more.

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Dually Details

A dually is essentially a standard-size truck with two sets of two tires for the rear wheels. Having the additional wheels has its disadvantages and its advantages. A dually is also known as a dual rear wheel or DRW.

The extra wheels are fairly easy to spot when you are out on the road. A dually is a heavy-duty truck. It can tow more weight and is sturdier as well.

Trucks with dual rear wheels provide more power than those with single rear wheels. A dually is the best option for you if you intend to haul heavy loads.

When purchasing a truck with dual rear tires, it is important to understand you will have to purchase six tires rather than four. Duallys also use more fuel because they are more powerful.

Is it hard to drive a dually?

It is not hard to drive a dually. Doing so can take some practice, though. They tend to be more difficult to park due to the fact that they have a wider body to accommodate the extra tires.

Keep in mind that a dually is a heavy-duty truck. They have a heavier body which means they drive a little differently.

The main difference you will notice when driving a dually is that the rear tires are more powerful. The fact that the tires on a dually use more power is significant because it is more powerful than you need to have when you are not hauling a load. Driving a dually is a better experience when you are hauling a load.

The body of a dually is wider since the rear tires sit side-by-side. It also has a bigger fender so that the fender covers both wheels. Because a dually has additional wheels in the back, it is more stable.

How to Make Your Dually More Fuel Efficient

Since dually pickup trucks use more fuel than a standard size pickup, it is helpful to be aware of a few ways we can make fuel more efficient.

Manage Cargo Weight 

One way to improve gas mileage is by hauling only what is necessary inside of the cab of the truck. Heavier loads require more power, which uses more fuel. Tools, backpacks, books, shoes, sports equipment, and whatever else you have back there are heavier than you think. Stick to keeping an emergency kit and necessary tools but take the rest out. 

Additional weight can be found on the exterior of your truck as well. This includes but is not limited to bicycle racks, cargo boxes, and other roof racks.

No Idling

Another way to make your fuel more efficient is by limiting the amount of idling that the truck endures. When your truck is idling, it actually uses more fuel than shutting the engine off and restarting it. An example of one small effort that will make a difference is instead of waiting in a drive-thru, go inside and pick up your food, then restart your vehicle after you exit.

Use Cruise Control

Utilizing cruise control is yet another way to increase your fuel economy. Accelerating uses more gas than when you maintain a steady speed. When you use cruise control, it helps you maintain your speed consistently.

Efficient Route Planning

In order to make the most of your fuel, you should plan your driving in a thoughtful manner. If you know where you need to go to complete your errands, you can plan your route whichever way is the most efficient.

Regular Oil Changes & Maintenance

The effectiveness of the oil in your vehicle can make a huge difference when it comes to gas mileage. It is essential to use a lighter low viscosity oil and/or perform oil changes regularly. Changing your oil every three to five thousand miles helps prevent the oil from getting too thick.

Maintaining the upkeep of your truck is a good way to make the fuel more efficient. The harder a truck has to work, the more fuel it will use. Keep your fluids, tire pressure, brake quality, wheel alignment, and tire rotation in mind to ensure peak efficiency.

Carefully Consider Modifications

Lastly, we suggest you consider fuel efficiency when modifying your dually. Any modification that is going to make the engine work harder will also burn more fuel than it would otherwise. Installing cold air intakes and free flow exhausts are two modifications that will improve your truck's gas mileage.

Why does a dually have different front wheels?

A dually has different front wheels because they are visible. The wheels for the inside on the back are steel, and the wheels on the outside that are visible when looking at the truck are aluminum. The front wheels match the back two outer wheels.

The misconception about the tires on a dually truck is that they are different sizes. The tires are actually interchangeable. It is the wheels' rims that are different from each other, mostly because of visual appeal.

Is a dually better for towing?

Yes, a dually is better for towing than a standard pickup truck. Having six wheels instead of four has its advantages. They are more stable due to the weight being distributed across the two additional wheels.

In comparison to a standard pickup, a dually has an increased towing capacity. They also have better traction in dirt and mud. You get more than two thousand more pounds in payload capacity.

According to MotorBiscuit, the DRW option allows for 5,500 more than the single rear-wheel (SRW) option.

The most significant advantage to note is that you can use a dually truck in fifth-wheel towing. This is when what is known as a fifth-wheel hitch links the trailer and the towing truck. A dual rear wheel truck is capable of towing 14,000 pounds more than one with single rear wheels!

Do dually tires last longer?

Yes, dually tires are said to last longer. This is because the weight is evenly distributed across six tires rather than the typical four. Front tires tend to wear from the outside inward, while rear tires wear from the middle outward.

You should replace all four back tires at the same time. This keeps your truck running more smoothly by ensuring the tread on all four tires is similar.

Should you rotate tires on a dually?

Yes, you should rotate the tires on a dually for the same reason that you rotate your tires on any other vehicle. You want to rotate tires to avoid uneven wear. On a dually, it is important to be aware that the inner and outer tires can wear unevenly too.

Tires wear down differently depending on where on the vehicle they are mounted. Outside edges get more cornering wear. Front tires receive more damage on the edges of the tire, unlike rear tires which wear down from the middle.

It is a good rule of thumb to rotate the tires on your dually every 10,000 miles. You might need to rotate your tires more often if you drive on rough terrain or if you drive your dually a significant amount more than a typical driver.

Rear wheels on a dually take more damage and have more wear issues than front tires or the rear tires on a standard truck. Hauling a heavy load fairly often will cause more wear on the tires, and driving on a torn-up road can also have an effect on your tires.

Do I need spacers between my rear tires?

You will need spacers if your tires are any bigger than 255/80/17. You will need at least a one-and-a-half-inch spacer between the tires if you run 285's. If your rear tires rub against each other, they will bust if you do not run spacers between them.

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Clean Truck Tyre, black new shiny car tire. Can You Put Regular Wheels On A Dually

In Closing

Overall, the wheels on a dually are all the same size. You will need six regular wheels for each of the six tires.

You can put regular tires on a dually as long as they do not exceed 255/80/17. If they do exceed more, you will need to add spacers between the tires to prevent them from rubbing and popping. Having a dually is especially beneficial when hauling heavy loads.

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