How To Start Lincoln Navigator [With And Without Key]

Modern cars have an increasing number of features and provide a high level of comfort, but many of these features are not always easy to use. Understanding how to start the Lincoln Navigator might be challenging, but we have consulted experts in the field to help you gain a better understanding of the process.

Starting a Lincoln Navigator may seem tricky but can easily be done with or without a key. Here are step-by-step procedures for starting a Lincoln with a classic key start:

  • Locate the Neiman.
  • Place the key into the Neiman.
  • Turn on the ignition. 
  • Check the dashboard lights.

To successfully start a Lincoln, all you have to do is follow the steps carefully. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to start a Lincoln with and without a key.

Motor car Lincoln Navigator at the interurban road., How To Start Lincoln Navigator [With And Without Key]

How To Start Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is among the top-ranking SUVs. It has a spacious cabin, cutting-edge technology, and safety features. It doesn't matter if you just bought a Lincoln Navigator, hired one, or received one as a gift—starting the vehicle can be difficult because of its features.

Even as this fundamental aspect of starting a Lincoln may be easy for some and difficult for others, the simplicity and difficulty greatly depend on the choices and the year the vehicle was manufactured.

A Lincoln Navigator is on display at the 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

How To Start Lincoln Navigator With Key

There are some processes that need to be undergone so you can finally get your Lincoln started. Follow these steps to start your Lincoln with key:

Step 1: Locate The Neiman

The first step to take when starting a Lincoln is to find the Neiman. A Neiman is a hole that the key goes into and is often located on the right side of the steering wheel, on the dashboard. 

Step 2: Place The Key Into The Neiman

After locating the hole, insert the key inside. Next, check to see if you are in a neutral position for a car with a manual transmission or in the "N" or "P" position for a car with an automatic transmission. 

Step 3: Turn On The Ignition

To turn on the ignition, turn the key clockwise a quarter turn until you have passed the first notch. Then press the starter button. 

Step 4: Check The Dashboard Lights

Check to see that the orange lights on your dashboard have gone off. 

You only need to turn the starter one more notch to the clockwise position and keep it there until your Lincoln Navigator starts. Don't allow the starter to run longer than 10 seconds or you may damage it. If the vehicle fails to start, wait a few seconds for it to cool off before trying again.

Front view of a black luxury SUV car Lincoln Navigator

How To Start Lincoln Navigator Without Key

Lincoln Navigator can be started even without the key. However, if the model of your Lincoln Navigator is later than the middle of the 1990s, it will be very difficult to start the vehicle without using the key due to the numerous security features that are installed on it. 

It is not advisable to carry out these procedures on a vehicle that is not yours. Here are step-by-step procedures for starting a Lincoln Navigator without a key:

Step 1: Remove Your Steering Wheel's Cover

To start your Lincoln without a key, you have to take off the cover protecting your steering wheel. Next, find the electric switch for your engine, battery, and ignition. You can consult your user's manual if you need help.

Step 2: Set Aside The Battery And Starter Wire

Remove the insulation, link the two ends, and disconnect the ignition and battery cables. Be careful so you don't get electrocuted during the process. 

Step 3: Attach The Starter Wire To The Battery Wire

Strip the wire leading to the starter and immediately connect it to the battery wire. Do not maintain contact for an extended period. Just one or two seconds should be enough to start your Lincoln Navigator.

Where Is The Backup Key Slot In Lincoln Navigator?  

Canadian International AutoShow, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator SUV has 3.5-litre, twin-turbo V6 engine

The backup key slot of your Lincoln Navigator can be found in different places, depending on your car. It can be found in the console storage area, cup holder, or another spot.

For the MSK Lincoln, the backup slot can be found in the glove box. It is to the distant right side below the door of the box and getting to it may be difficult.

You will not be able to start your vehicle if the battery in your intelligent key is dead or if the fundamental frequencies are disrupted. If this occurs, you will need to replace your backup key slot to start the engine.

Can I Use My Phone As A Key For Lincoln? 

You can use your phone as a key for Lincoln. Users no longer need conventional car keys to lock and unlock their vehicles, start them, or drive them after Lincoln introduced its new smartphone as a key technology (Lincoln-Way App). 

The system is compatible with devices running Android as well as iPhone versions 9.0 and others. It makes use of Bluetooth technology. It is designed to give a connection in locations where there is either Wi-Fi or a mobile network available, such as underground garages, and it can do so through the use of Bluetooth technology. 

Eleven antennae are a part of the process of establishing and maintaining a reliable connection, and the range of the Bluetooth connection extends to approximately 130 feet in all directions around the vehicle. 

The Lincoln Way app can do other things like finding your car, organizing pickup and delivery, dialing the number for roadside assistance, and placing orders with Amazon for in-car delivery of purchased items.

Driving Lincoln Without A Key

A Lincoln can be driven without a key. Without having to use a traditional key, owners can lock and unlock their vehicles, start, and drive them thanks to the new technology.

Owners can lock and unlock the automobile, open the liftgate, and most importantly, start the car and drive it using only their smartphone after the app has been configured to work with the vehicle. This is all made possible with the help of the app.

Purple Large luxury SUV Lincoln Navigator in the city

Can I Start Lincoln Navigator With A Key Card?

You can start your Lincoln Navigator with a key card. Follow the steps listed below to get your Lincoln Navigator started with a key card: 

  • Depending on the year and model of your car, you may or may not need to insert the card into a specific slot; check your dashboard to see whether your Lincoln Navigator has one. 
  • If it has one, put the card in it. if it doesn't, keep it somewhere else in the cabin. 
  • Find the "start" button, which is usually located in the typical Neiman location near the steering wheel but can also be found on the center console. 
  • Check to see if your automatic transmission is neutral. To start the ignition of your Lincoln Navigator, press the "start" button once. 
  • To start your Lincoln Navigator, press again after a few seconds when the orange lights on your dashboard have gone out.

Will A Dead Key Fob Cause A Car Not To Start? 

In some cases, yes. If the key fob for your keyless entry system is not detected within the vehicle, the engine won't start. Keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly common. If the battery in your key fob is dead, the system won't be able to detect if the fob is inside the vehicle, and as a result, it won't start the engine.

To solve this problem, you can place the fob on the start engine button and push it. Even though this will make your engine come on, it is better to change the fob battery as soon as you can. 

Final Takeaways

Motor car Lincoln Navigator at the interurban road., How To Start Lincoln Navigator [With And Without Key]

 You can get your car started with or without the key or even with a key card. To start your Lincoln with a key all you have to do is find the Neiman, insert the key, turn on the ignition and examine the dashboard lights. If you don't have a key you can take out the proter, remove the battery and starter wire, then connect the starter wire to the battery wire.

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