How To Program Garage Door Opener In A Lincoln Car

Just because your new vehicle comes with technology doesn't mean that you automatically know how to use it. When it comes to questions on how to program your garage door opener in a Lincoln, we can help you. We researched this technology from multiple professional sources, so you'll know what steps you need to take.

To program your garage door opener in your Lincoln, you'll need to do the following:

  • Locate your Home Link button.
  • Hold your garage door opener within several inches of the button.
  • Press the garage door button and Home Link button simultaneously.

Now that you know the steps, we'll break them down, making them easier to understand. You might also be wondering what Home Link is or if you can open a garage door with a cell phone. Keep reading this post for the answers to these questions and a lot more.

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Step by step to programming your garage door opener in a Lincoln

Getting the garage door opener synced with a push button in your Lincoln is relatively easy. Earlier in this post, we outlined the steps you'll need to take. If you need further details, we'll elaborate on each one to simplify this task.

Locate your Home Link button

This one can most likely take the most time of all the steps. The location of the Home Link button will vary from model to model and even from year to year.

But you should be able to find the Home Link button fairly quickly. The Home Link button will be in three places, each accessible from the driver's seat.

The Home Link button will be either on the rearview mirror, overhead console, or center stack. There will usually be three buttons but could be as many as five.

Hold your garage door opener within several inches of the button

Take your home's garage door opener and hold it next to the desired Home Link button. Make sure the battery in the garage door opener is fully operational. You will also want to make sure that nothing is obstructing the path between the opener and the garage sensor.

Press the garage door button and Home Link button simultaneously

Using your fingers, press and hold the garage door button at the same time that you press and hold the Home Link button. You will want to hold them in place until the light on the Home Link stops slowly flashing. Some models will turn a solid color and indicate that the opener and Home Link are successfully synced.

But in other models, the light on the Home Link will not glow solid when synced. It will begin to flash rapidly. 

Whenever one of the two scenarios above occurs, you should be able to use the Home Link button you pressed to open and close your garage door.

What is Home Link?

You might have begun reading this post to learn how to use a single button in your Lincoln to open and control your garage door. But what you might not have realized is that that button is tied to an even bigger system called Home Link.

Garage door opener built into sun visor in a new car

Home Link is available in many model vehicles. This series of buttons can be programmed to control many smart devices in and around your home. Along with your home's garage doors, this could include security gates, alarm systems, interior and exterior lighting, and many other devices.

Home Link is not always compatible with every sensor. For more information, consult the owner's manual on any device you wish to pair with Home Link to verify its workability. 

What Lincoln vehicles have Home Link?

You will find the Home Link system in many models of Lincoln. Along with the 2022 model year, Home Link has been installed in Lincolns going back nearly 20 years.

Newer model Lincolns will certainly have this technology on board. But for those who might be considering an older model, we have a complete list of every Lincoln vehicle, past and present, that has Home Link installed.

  • Aviator [2007 - 2022]
  • Blackwood [2007 - 2010]
  • Continental [2007 - 2022]
  • Corsair [2020 - 2022]
  • LS6 [2007 - 2010]
  • LS8 [2007 - 2010]
  • Mark LT [2007 - 2010]
  • Mark VIII[2007 - 2010]
  • MKC [2014 - 2018]
  • MKS [2009 - 2018]
  • MKT [2011 - 2018]
  • MKX [2008 - 2018]
  • MKZ [2011 - 2022]
  • Nautilus [2019 - 2022]
  • Navigator [2007 - 2022]
  • Town Car [2007 - 2010]

Lincoln Crossover SUV in the dealership

Can I add Home Link to my car?

But what if you have an existing vehicle that doesn't have Home Link installed? Is there a way to get this technology as an aftermarket install, or are you out of luck?

Fortunately, Home Link can be purchased in the aftermarket. For less than $175, you can buy a Home Link system for installation. You should not install the Home Link device on your own, however.

It's strongly suggested that you visit your local dealer to have your  Home Link system professionally installed. The labor cost of doing so will vary from place to place. The model vehicle might also factor in the installation expense.

To view the Home Link system on Amazon, click here.

Is there a Home Link app?

Like many modern products that rely on tech, there's a smartphone application for Home Link. Home Link Connect is a way to pair your smartphone to your vehicle's features. It can also be used to connect your phone with certain devices in your home.

Download Home Link Connect, and you can start your car, open your garage, or disarm your home security system. You'll also be able to control smart lighting systems within your home, as well as connected thermostats.

Man having a video call on smartphone while sitting on a sofa

This application is free to download. It is compatible with the Apple iPhone and Android. 

Can you open a garage with a cell phone?

Keyless app smarphone open and close parking door

If you have your smartphone paired with your garage door opener, you will find that you will be able to control the door with the push of a button. 

So long as your garage door has a modern sensor, you can use various apps to operate it. Some of these apps are free, and some will cost a nominal fee. Below we've listed four of the free apps that you can consider downloading:

Tap it Open

This app offers its services on Android devices. It uses Bluetooth technology to operate. It is easy to install and is password protected.


This app is compatible only if you have MyQ Home Hardware for your home's devices. As with Home Link Connect, you can control multiple devices in your home, including lights, thermostats, and security systems.

It's a more complicated system and will require a much more detailed setup. 

Garage Mate

Garage Mate will work with any Apple iPhone or Android. It, like Tap it Open, uses Bluetooth technology to transfer information from your phone to the garage door's sensor. 

It's very easy to install and operate. But it is limited to garage doors only, and there are issues with it being compatible with older garage door sensors.

Open Sez Me

Open Sez Me doesn't use Bluetooth to operate your garage door. Instead, it uses mobile technology, making it more secure as an application.

This is another example of an app that only works with Android. But it is easy to install and use. The uses for Open Sez Me are limited and will not be compatible with your home's other smart devices.

A double garage with white doors at the end of a driveway

Final thoughts

Programming your Lincoln vehicle to open and close your garage door is easy and can be accomplished in just a few simple steps. Newer model Lincolns come with this technology, but there are plenty of older models that have it as well. If not, feel free to visit your dealer and have Home Link installed as an aftermarket device. Drive safe!

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