Does The Lincoln Continental Have Massage Seats?

Having seat massagers in your vehicle can add luxury for you and your passengers. If you are considering the Lincoln Continental and are wondering if this vehicle has this feature, we can help you. Let's get right into this.

Yes, the Lincoln Continental will have massage seating. However, this added luxury feature will only be included in 2016 through current 2022 models, so older Continentals will not offer massage seats.

Now that you know that the Lincoln Continental has massage seats in some models, we'll take a closer look at the ones that do. You might also be wondering if massage seats work while driving or if the massaging seat feature is worth the upgrade. Without further ado, let's begin!

Lincoln Continental car, Does The Lincoln Continental Have Massage Seats?

The Massage Feature For The Lincoln Continental

As we pointed out above in this post, Continentals began having massaging seats starting with the 2016 model year. These are standard features for the front seats of this model.

The rear seats do not come with massaging seats as a standard. But they are available for an additional cost, should you want them to be added.

Car seats is it good to have a car seat massage or not

The controls for the rear seat massagers (if equipped) are easy to operate. Buttons on the sides of each door will allow rear passengers to control the massage function and the seat positions.

Below is a short tutorial on how the rear seat functions work in the Lincoln Continental:

What Lincoln Vehicles Have Massage Seats?

Luckily, there are a variety of Lincoln vehicles that have massaging seats. Let's look at the latest year's models, and what trim levels you'll need to select to get this feature.

2022 Lincoln Navigator

First, the Lincoln Navigator will offer massage seating. This model has five trim levels to choose from. Each trim level will have massaging seats for the front.

The base trim model 'Standard' does not have rear seats with a massage option. The remaining four trim levels do, however.

2022 Lincoln Aviator

Another Lincoln with massage seating is the Aviator. This model also has five trim levels to select from. Each has massaging seats as a standard feature for the driver and passenger.

None of the trim levels have massaging seats for the rear row, even as an add-on.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus

The Lincoln Nautilus also has massage seating, making it perfect for those wanting an SUV. Furthermore, this model has three trim levels available.

While the base trim model Standard does not have massage seats available, the 'Reserve' and 'Black Label' trims have them as an add-on. This is for the front seats only.

2022 Lincoln Corsair

Lastly, the Lincoln Corsair will also include massage seating. This model has three trim levels. The base trim level 'Standard' does not have massaging seats.

The 'Reserve' and 'Grand Touring' trim levels have front row massaging seats as an add-on. Rear seat massagers are not available for this model.

Lincoln Corsair SUV on display at Lincoln Company

What Are The Features Of Lincoln's Massage Seats?

The massage seats for luxury model Lincoln vehicles have been upgraded over the last few years. There are buttons on the door panels to access this feature on SUVs like the Navigator or the Aviator. You can fine-tune them on the infotainment screen.

This upgrade allows for three memory seat settings for the position of the seats and the massagers. These settings might take a bit to configure as you work your way through the 30 seat settings, but it is well worth it once you find the perfect one for your body's contours.

The combination of heat and massage in these vehicles provides a relaxing ride. They are not only available for the driver and passenger, however. The newest models will also have heated/ventilated massaging seats for the rear row.

Do Lincoln Massage Seats Work While You're Driving?

Modern car seat

What good will a feature like massaging seats do if you can't use them while driving? No one would want to sit in the driveway or parking spot after work and let the massagers work their magic then. These gadgets would only work best if they could be employed while you are driving.

The good news is that this feature will indeed work while driving your vehicle. This will work to relax you during your commute home or throughout a long road trip. And they work wonders while you are stuck in traffic.

If you get an aftermarket seat massager, these will also work while you drive. They plug into a power outlet in your vehicle and are easy to remove so that you can use them at home or in your office chair at work.

Is Having Massage Seats Worth It?

You should carefully consider any add-on to the base price of your choice of model vehicle. With some models, a feature like massage seats will come with a premium trim level that might pack more than just massaging seats.

And some vehicles will have it as a stand-alone add-on, meaning you'd be forking over a lot of extra money for just one feature.

For those who might have issues with tension or back/shoulder pain, the massaging seats are worth at least considering. This is especially true if you have long commutes. Like those who use their vehicles for rideshares like Uber and Lyft, some drivers are in their seats for the better part of a workday.

The extra expense might save you some physical discomfort if this describes you.

Furthermore, getting a trim upgrade that includes these seats can be cost-prohibitive if you are on a tight budget. If that is your situation, all hope is not lost.

Luckily, aftermarket seat covers include massagers and heat and (sometimes) ventilation.

Back pain result of not having proper sitting position

Is The Lincoln Continental A Luxury Car?

Yes, the Lincoln Continental is indeed a luxury vehicle. Though they are no longer in production, these cars were considered a top choice for many consumers for decades.

Lincoln manufactured both full-size and mid-size Continentals. A Continental was built with quality craftsmanship and had the latest comfort and technological innovations.

Whether it was the addition of massaging seats, the premium sound system, or the many other amenities for riders aboard this vehicle, the Continental proved itself a popular luxury model throughout its run.

Emblem of a Lincoln Continental Mark V at an oldtimer exhibition

How Long Does A Lincoln Continental Last?

Luxury vehicles provide some of the safest and most comfortable rides, but they are often built to outlast many other models on the road. When it comes to the Lincoln Continental, you'll be pleased to know that you can drive it for more than a fair amount of time.

A Continental can last upwards of 200,000 miles. There are reports of owners getting well over 300,000 with this model vehicle. Comparable in longevity to the Lincoln Town Car, you'll find that a well-maintained used model will still have a lot of life left in it.

Odometer with 99999 miles

 Know that how you treat a vehicle is critical regarding how long it will last. Drive it carefully, ensure it is correctly maintained per the manufacturer's recommendations, and get even the most minor repairs completed immediately.

Doing so will ensure that your Lincoln Continental will last many years on the road.

To Wrap It Up

Lincoln Continental car

The Lincoln Continental became equipped with front seat massagers beginning with the 2016 models. Other model Lincoln vehicles have massage seats for the front riders, and some of the luxury models have premium trim levels that have them as an option for the rear seats.

These seats are worth it if you ride in a vehicle all day long, especially if you suffer from back pain. Drive safe!

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